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Yummy Mama review

Summary: Mindy aka. Yummy Mama is a great looking self-proclaimed housewife who has a thirst for cum. Unfortunately the site's content doesn't match Mindy's sophisticated looks. Videos are good, but the photos lack higher resolution and more frequent updates.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-08-22

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Intro promises

"Cum thirsty young housewife, blonde hair, blue eyes, great tits, tight ass"

"Only at do you get the hottest little cum thirsty young housewife, showing you her slutty side. See her taking huge cum facials, mouth wide open, group sex, orgies, and great girl on girl action! All the footage is super hot, large pix and explicit videos. It's all real, all amateur, with lots and lots of new updates coming in all the time! Enjoy this hot little nympho, some live Webcam shows and one-on one-chats are also available - check the online schedule!"
-- These are the intro promises in "Yummy Mama's" (=Mindy's) own words. There is an overview (only thumbs) over all of Mindy's updates for each of the last years and an indeed HDV-sized video for free download. No example pictures in their original size are provided.

First impression

A nice and professional looking site design welcomes you. There is an overview of quite a lot of updates at first page and a list of the stuff that the site provides. Anybody having checked out the free HDV-intro video (with the impressive resolution of 1280x720 pixel) will look there first. When I downloaded and checked both the last actual vids ("Shower Surprise" and "Dick on the Deck") I was disappointed: the "widescreen" labeled movies only have 640x480 resolution - what's up with that? I looked for the photos - there are two flash-files (.swf) which I looked at first - great pics and great size. But the normal jpg-picture series below are only 640x480? With the intro promises in mind I felt puzzled...


24.95$ 30 days recurring
34.95$ 30 days non-recurring
89.95$ 180 days non-recurring

Payment processor is CCBill.

Our opinion

Anyway, what about that yummy mama? Well, I think Mindy wasn't exaggerating. She is a great young slender blond lady with a beautiful body indeed and, well, a marvellous vulva if you want my opinion. She's indeed the girl you would like to see doing hardcore. And well, that's what she does: sucking, fucking, blow jobs, orgies, lesbian sex, light bondage, very nice facials, peeing and so on - there's not much hardcore left out.

Well, I think the movies are the main content of this site, so let's start there. There are quite a lot of movies around - I counted a grand total of 164 movies. The action is as described above - nearly all of them are fully hardcore and any type mentioned above. Each of the newer movies can be selected from a choice of eleven different types (small, medium, big, wmv, mov, rm, pda large, pda small) and as dvd or dvd-scene. The big ones have a resolution up to 640x480 pixel (which definitely is NOT HDV - that would be at least 1280x720 as shown correctly in the free demo video), a bitrate of a good 1400 kbit/s, filesizes up to 165 MB and thus a good and crystal clear quality. Their playtime is up to 15 minutes. The older ones are not comparable to that (Mindy's site has an uptime of several years!) - they are 320x240, have a bitrate of 350 kbit/s, much smaller files (about 5 MB) and of course shorter playtimes of about a few minutes. All files are set up for download. There is no DRM.

The pictures at Yummy Mama go two ways: At first there are the traditional jpg-files. There are 60 photo-series each with 20-60 photos. Their content is as hardcore as the videos. They were done over several years - but even those being denoted as newer only have a really weak resolution of 640x480 pixel. Their quality is nevertheless ok as far as the newer ones go and not so good for the older ones. There are also 12 screen shots of cam shows done as jpg. The second way are pictures as flash (=shockwave .swf) shows. There are two of these shows among the picture series. As opposed to the jpgs their resolution is high (~670x1000 pixel) and their quality is great. You can't load and play them as single images, only as a slideshow. Mindy uses the same technique with the pictures from some of her newer camshows. They contain many more single pics than the two shows mentioned above. The picture quality of these recordings is not as good as with the single shows, but still alright. Shockwave scales very smoothly, so I can't determine exactly the basic resolutions of these files, but I strongly doubt that they have HDV-resolution.

Since this is a fully specced amateur site, it has a cam-show section as a directory of amateur friends. As a bigger cam system Yummy Mama incorporates the "Camz"-system with lots of daily cam shows where you can see Mindy doing shows. I remember having seen a show of hers some time ago. It was also hardcore and it was great! She does shows on ifriends too and furthermore offers the opportunity of private shows.

Her friends list contains quite a lot of links to different amateurs on the net, but also to some bigger sites like those of the Nastydollars-system. These links need a rework - there are some outdated ones among them.

The site also includes a shop, where you can buy Mindy-DVDs. Viewing her site I sometimes had the impression that it's meant to do commercials for those movies - should a pay-site be treated as a commercial for other pay content - I don't think so!

I already mentioned the nice design of the site. The site is easy to handle and to navigate without getting lost. Its layout and colors are done well and look professional. Pictures and movies can be downloaded one by one - zip-files are not available. The shockwave files have two significiant disadvantages: Even people with slow internet connections have to download the whole file before you can see anything - that's not good. Single pics would be better. The swf-files of the cam-shows can only be downloaded using tricks - a button for that would be nice.


Well, I state that there's a gap between the promises in the free part and the real contents of the site. While the free parts talk about HDV it's not available on the site. They promise big pictures, but 640x480 is not big - rather outdated. They promise lots of updates, but I was a member about one year and found there to be only a few real updates especially among the movies and with the shockwave content, but nearly nothing among the normal pics.

Comparing the site to such great amateur sites like Sammy4U, Naughty Allie or Bruce and Anna, Mindy's site can't keep it up with them - the biggest gap in my opinion is the quality issue, but the mass of contents of these sites also is significiant higher. Yummy Mama's site in fact needs quite a lot of substantial rework and investment in higher quality. It's a little bit sad to state this, since Mindy looks great and also is a great hardcore performer. The price is too high for the contents - other amateur sites offer more bang for the buck.

Screenshots from Yummy Mama

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