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American Daydreams review

Summary: American Daydreams is a reality movie site that holds screen captured images and movies in clips and also full length.

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Melissa, 2006-01-13

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Intro promises

Ok, how many of you have daydreams about a luscious blonde spread out naked on a bright red lounger? Just as I thought, most of the male gender falls under that heading, well, then you will enjoy the intro pages of this website. It's laid out with pictures of pretty pizza delivery girls, postal service females, a cheerleader, prom queen and real estate agent that all promise to deliver more to your door step than just what you might expect. They go above and beyond the all of duty they say to make your naughty day-dreams come true.

First impression

My first impression of American Daydreams was a good one. The intro pages weren't something loaded down with links to this site and that one, it was strictly about the site at hand which is always a plus in my book. There are images and write-ups that explain how hot and horny these girls are to wet your whistle by. There are offers to download trailer and watch full movie, so once we delve into the membership area, it should hold some girl-next-door-nookie searching-nice girls that are sure to give you a released rocket type ejaculation!


*) 3 day $1.95 (recurring)
*) 7 day $4.95 (recurring)
30 day $24.95 (recurring)

*) Trials may be limited to only parts of the site's content.

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Our opinion

The membership doors on American Daydreams swing wide open to introduce you to a model index of the 28 females that get frisky on this website. Along with other site offers, and also other money that's needed to obtain entry into them, there are 9 other websites that you get with your monthly fee to this site, they include, Naughty Bookworms, Fast Times at NAU, Latin Adultery, My Friends Hot Mom, My First Sex Teacher, My Naughty Latin Maid, My Sisters Hot Friend, Naughty Office, and SoCal Co-eds. So the 10 total titillating sites offer you an extra incentive for the bang you get for your buck.

Out of the 28 models my favorite after scanning through was Mrs. Stevens. There's just something that sounds naughty about that. All of the other girls are introduced in image by their first names, multiple names for multiple play partners, but Mrs. Stevens stood alone in her quest for being a formal fuck. All I could think of was the old "Leave It To Beaver" show when Eddie Haskell always came over and said, "Good morning Mrs. Cleaver," now how dirty would it have been for Eddie to bend Mrs. Cleaver over the spotless kitchen table and rip her knickers off to make her his before Ward got home from the office? So Mrs. Stevens it is for our first choice of exploration...

After clicking on her image I found a very easily navigated area for pictures and videos. I've seen a lot of websites laid out exactly in this same style, it's sort of a template I think with little arrows that must say, "Insert nudity here," but there's a lot to be said for mass production especially when it follows the form of ease and good content. The picture galleries are offered in a view gallery mode, view high resolution and download zip files as well. Nice offering of pictures don't you think?

Mrs. Stevens greets us with 8 pages of images on the normal view of gallery, each one holding 25 pictures. The thumbnails reminded me of a sheet of negatives in their layout, they are very uniformed and neatly bordered, but the thumbs are a bit smaller in size than what I would have liked seeing. The pixel size came out to be just 80x60. Yes, they're large enough to see what is being offered in the erotic image, but it's always nice to have a bit to nibble on before you start the big chew with the orignials. Speaking of which, the blow up of the blow-job image didn't blow me away either. They all seem to be video captures and 640x480 pixels is the largest we were offered, and although it did show the action nicely, the lighting could have been a bit better in quite a few of the images and there was a slight fuzziness that I noticed in some of the frames. There seems to be a large amount of content in the image department, but I don't think I can give a raving high mark for quality on these pictures.

But don't give up hope yet, because the high-resolution images redeems my faith in this website. This is a completely different crop of images with thumbnails measuring 80x120, a bit larger in size and there is a much better lighting and over-all quality that made me happy to have opened up this option. The originals still weren't huge by any means but came in at, 389x600 pixels without the fuzziness that the first set held. You are getting a lot of pornographic pictures on this website folks.

As for the videos, you can watch the full movie in 56K, 512K, MPEG and approximately 4 clips are each offered in WMV and MPEG format. So, their promise on the tour pages of full-length movies has held up once into membership. They are offered in streaming and downloadable options, and of the clips/movies that I explored, none were restricted in any way, so you don't have to remember your login and password one more time when streaming them. The WMV clips averaged between 16.9 MB and 20.1 MB in size and were 480x360 in resolution - their bitrate was 464 kbps. The MPGs are about 10 MB a minute and 320x240 in resolution. The full length movies were approximately 83MB in size and held a lot of hot, horny action. There are a half dozen still shots to give a glimpse of the action the movies hold, so be aware that you will see a lot of finger-scooping, tongue-licking and dick-probing action in these movies, I would consider these to be hardcore but not really anything along the lines of fetish play. Just some good ol' girls that are working hard for a living trying to make you that way....hard!


American Daydreams was a nice site, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that sent off rockets in my panties, but it was well laid out, easily navigated and since it does offer 9 other sites for your same membership fee, then that is always a plus. Their promises held true on the full length movies and there really are a lot of pictures to make you start the friction factor a bit quicker. The lay-out was a bit generic, meaning that compared to some this was like grade school where a lot of other sites offer graduate school pages. But, again, there is nothing wrong with that, it made the ease of going through it much nicer.

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