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Brazzers Network review

- 1st revisit

Review Update

Brazzers network complies of 20 exciting sites, and they continue updating on a daily basis. They have a huge library of top-quality porn, 9,462 moviesiIn Full HD, and they have thousands of high-resolution photo sets and over 1,870 models. This is a great site, and is easy to navigate. Pay for one site, and the rest come for free.

Score 90.0 /100
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Summary: WE HAVE A NEWER BRAZZERS REVIEW VERSION THAT YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON THIS NETWORK.. Brazzers Network offers 20 reality porn sites with often funny storylines and well carried out porn scenes. Almost all popular porn stars and all body types are featured here, especially big asses and big boobs. Updates are daily and videos come in a variety of formats in good quality. Highly recommended for reality porn fans.

Tamesin, 2019-11-18

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Intro promises

- Multiple sites
- Full scenes are at least 30 minutes
- Multiple video formats
- Updated every day
- Thousands of scenes
- 100% exclusive
- Fast downloads

First impression

As soon as you see Brazzers, you'll feel as if you've died and gone to porn heaven. The mega site consists of 20 quality produced sites in several different genres. There's literally something for every hardcore porn fan. When I reviewed this before, it left an indelible impression, and I'm glad to be able to take a look inside again.


Our opinion

Oh my! There's a huge amount of content here. I really think that no matter what type of woman you like, you'll find her here. There's skinny, lithe babes to chunky, voluptuous women. There's also a variety of ages - from teens to MILFs; body parts - from big fake boobs to all natural big boobs to perky, tiny tits; asses galore; and hardcore everything. There's also a huge amount of categories - too many to count. Let me just list the top and bottom genres on the three very long columns: 69, dominance, double penetration, oil, orgy, voyeur. I'm sure whatever hardcore porn gets you aroused, you'll find it in this exhaustive list. Next to each of the categories is how many scenes are within that genre, with a link to another list which features all those scenes. These are laid out in a 350x234 thumbnail and description.

Each of the 20 sites has its own theme and concept for the videos. Whether it is unfaithful wives, girls with big asses, big tits, school girls etc. they are all built around a scenario of some sort which is actually carried out well all the way from the initial acting part where the whole situation is established. The settings and props are very convincing and considerably more energy has been put into them than we are used to from other reality sites. And a large number of the scenes are quite funny too - including spoofs of mainstream movies like Kill Bill, American Psycho and others.

The videos themselves are good quality and highlight exactly what site niche they're shooting for. For instance, if you're looking for big, all natural breasts, the camera will focus on the pornstar's big, natural boobs. There are a lot of close ups during these videos and, fortunately, the camera doesn't get out of focus when that happens. In some instances, you'll feel like your face is right where the camera is!

There is just so much to see in Brazzers! Thankfully, their navigation helps you ease your way around. Menu choices at the top include Home, Scenes, Pornstars (over 1,800), Our Sites (over 20), Bonus Content, Meet Girls, Live Cams Girls, and Help. There are also menu items along the side where you can browse through the various Brazzers World offerings and Scenes (such as upcoming scenes, highest rated scenes, most viewed scenes, and categories). Proudly displayed on the Home page are the latest Brazzers scenes, and they're quite eye catching. The thumbnails are big enough for you to know exactly what's going on and are definitely designed to tempt you to investigate further. Below these are thumbnails to several of the most popular Brazzers pornstars.

You can stream the videos in Flash player or download in 1 minute clips or the episode's entirety in WMV (around 277 MB), Mpeg1 (around 389 MB), Mpeg4 (around 249 MB), and iPod/PSP (around 128 MB). The older movies don't have as many video formats, however. Each of the video episodes has a trailer, which helps you decide if you want to watch the entire thing. The newer videos open to a 640x480 (1.37 Mbps) sized screen, whereas the older videos I watched opened to a 384x288 sized screen. The visual and sound quality of the videos are very good.

There are plenty of pictures in Brazzers. Some are stand alone photo galleries, while others are posed galleries and screencaps from video episodes are offered too. The pictures I saw opened to 600x900 and 682x1024. They're pretty good quality, so you'll appreciate that they're zip downloadable. There's also a slide show option for hands free viewing pleasure. There's no set amount in each photo gallery, but in fact there's a considerable amount in many of them - I saw one gallery that had nearly 2,000 photos! They seem to just be posting every single photo they shoot during the scene.

As to the tour promise of updating every day, I didn't see that. Under "Scenes," the latest few days all had between 1 and 3 updates posted per day. That's still a sizable amount of updates per week, which is definitely worth the price of admission.


Brazzers is a great site to join if you like hardcore reality porn with a twist. You'll have your choice of all kinds of body types since just about every popular porn star is in here. There's also a reason why these women are popular porn stars. They're very professional and act their parts superbly, with a whole lotta sex appeal thrown in.

Additionally, there's a variety of porn action in Brazzers, with a plethora of categories to tickle your fancy. The updates are several times a week and are very good quality. The only problem I see with this site is that you just won't have time to view all the content within a month! And I'm sure some of it you'll want to watch over and over again.


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Total average: 93.5/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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