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Backstabbing Sluts review

Summary: Backstabbing Sluts is a reality site based on the theme of a girl fucking her friend's boyfriend. The models do an okay job of trying to convince us but movie and picture quality is lacking a bit, and updates don't appear to be all that frequent.

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Mephistopheles, 2006-12-10

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Intro promises

Watch Sleazy chicks taking advantage of these guys, sure hope their innocent girlfriends don't find out about these horny bitches screwing their boyfriends behind their backs.
Have you ever wanted to fuck your girlfriend's best friend or how about her sister? Wow you're a dirty pervert and this site is made just for you...

First impression

Back Stabbing Sluts specializes in sexy cold hearted women who'll do anything to get their hands and mouth on their girlfriend's lover. The bulk of their episodes invovle a girl betraying her close friend by sleeping with her boyfriend/husband. It's basically cuckold in reverse. The first page opens up to a collage of several (mostly) hot models performing various sex acts. Below each set of pictures is a description usually explaining how the girl in the photo is wronging her friend by stealing her lover. Human frailty, I love it! I can't wait to see what's going on inside.


Our opinion

Finding your way around Back Stabbing Sluts couldn't be easier. All of the site's episodes are laid out on one page(the member's page). There are two large still images for each episode with a brief description (few paragraphs) below. The image on the left hand side has a caption that says movie, the one on the right says pictures. Clicking the images will take you to either the movie of picture section for the episode. Naturally, I had to check out the video section first.

Now I must admit, at first glance the amount of episodes just isn't that impressive (only 19 in total). But, it appears the site is still growing, and they do offer access to four bonus sites with your membership. In fact, you could probably run through all of the main sites material in a single month. Thank god for the bonus sites! So, I think the lack of material is made up for that. Hopefully they update often and the site grows.

All of the videos at Back Stabbing Sluts are seperated into five chunks, each averaging about 4-5 minutes. All of these are in the WMV format with a screensize of 320x240 with an average file size of about 20 mb. You also have the option of downloading the episodes in their entirety in the WMV format with a screensize of either 320x240 (100 mb) or 640x480 (280 mb). But, if you want the best quality possible download the full length episode in the MPG format(400mb). Unfortuantely the only option, so far, is to download the videos directly to your harddrive. Sorry guys, no streaming vids here (yet?).

I'm impressed with the video quality. Even the WMV's are very clear (not grainy at all) unlike some other sites. I'm also impressed with the bulk of the models. There aren't really very many (only about 20) but the majority of them are VERY attractive, young girls. One of my favorites is Harlee. This foxy brunette is left alone with her best friend's boyfriend. She blackmails him into having sex with her saying if he doesn't she'll tell his girlfriend he did anyway. While the acting is mediocre at best (what do you expect? It's porn, not Gone With The Wind!) the little scenarios they setup are still very sexy. I've noticed in most of the episodes on the site the whole setup of 'talking him into it' lasts for the first clip of two. I like this because they don't just jump straight into the sex. They give it about 8 minutes or so to build up to it. Hey, it beats straight out hardcore for me anyday. So, if you like your porn to have a plot these vids might do it for you. I might add - I was also impressed with the use of multiple camera angles. Adds an almost cinematic feel to it (other than the shitty sound quality).

Each episode has its own photo gallery which consists of around 200 still shots taken directly from the episode. Usually they have about 200 photos spread out over several pages. Each picture is in the high quality JPEG format and averages about 150kb in size. They are all very clear with vibrant colours. To enlarge a picture simply click the thumbnail image. If you wish to save the picture right click and hit 'save-target-as' on the drop-down menu. The galleries aren't bad but I think they'd do better by allowing members to download them in their entirety, compressed in a ZIP file. They do, however, have a nice little rating system. Members can rate each pic on a scale of 1-5 for its 'hotness'.


Overall, I'd say Backstabbing Sluts is worth a look. Although there isn't a lot there currently it does do a good job of sticking to its niche and hopefully it'll expand in the future. Couple that with the bonus sites and the fact that the material seems to be 100% exclusive and I'd say this is a nice little site.

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