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Bang Bus review

- 1st revisit

Summary: You have probably already heard of Bang Bus - the original and legendary reality site where a team of guys tour the city and pick up cute girls. The girls are then convinced to take of their clothes and later fuck one of the guys.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-10-17

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Intro promises

“Yes, boys and girls, you have reached the one, the only, For 2 years we have gone out in our van with camcorder in hand, in search for every girl’s inner slut. We have driven all over the country, and over the past year, all over the world. We have returned with footage that your brain will not want to accept, but will have to. It is undeniable. It is debauchery. It is human behavior brought to frightening is the bangbus, and the bus rides on... The world wasn’t ready, but we fucking rode on...”

First impression

The premise of the immensely popular Bang Bus, which has been online since 2001, is deliciously simple: Three guys, armed with a video camera, drive a bus around town and pick up chicks to fuck in the back of their ride whilst their camcorder captures every sinful moment of ecstasy. Why didn’t I think of that?! Okay, I know they’re not really picking up actual citizens (these girls are definitely ringers, if you ask me) and, yes, I realize they’re driving a van and not a bus, but the premise of Bang Bus is still compelling if you’re willing to play along. Besides, what’s most remarkable about Bang Bus is the quality of women these goofballs get to fuck. The women who ride the Bang Bus are genuinely very hot, unlike the usual skanks seen in porn. Yeah, I’d take these luscious ladies for a ride anytime...


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Our opinion

Bang Bus is remarkably easy to navigate — the site is broken up into episodes which contain the meat of the site’s content. Currently, there are one hundred and seventy-seven episodes on Bang Bus, which is updated every Wednesday with a new adventure. All the episodes are roughly the same. Our heroes drive around town in search of fresh meat and the boys banter back and forth while they prowl the streets of Miami. They find a victim, offer her a ride and convince to show off her goods. Almost every girl they pick up is braless and wearing a thong, which gives me the feeling that Bang Bus is probably picking up babes in the business and not amateurs like they claim. Anyway, the boys offer money to the girl in exchange for sex and the girl complies, usually after a few minutes of hesitation. One of the guys fucks the gal in the back of the van while the driver and cameraman offer inane commentary. Fucking complete, the girl is dropped off in the middle of nowhere, far away from her original destination. High-fives are exchanged and the episode is complete.

Each episode on Bang Bus contains a single movie, a trailer for the movie, a number of “high quality” pictures and hundreds of screen captures from the movie; the trailers and screen captures aren’t really that great, thus we’ll take a look at the pictures and the movies instead. The pictures are in fact “high quality” as promised; The photos are extremely sharp and you’ll have no problems seeing every little detail (I even saw a bruise on a model’s ass!). As good as the pictures are, the movies are even better. Each movie can be downloaded or streamed as MPEG files or WMV files. The movies are offered as a whole and as smaller clips. The clips come in two sizes: big and small. The big clips are broken up into 4 three-minute scenes while the small clips are broken up into 15 or more one-minute scenes. The small clips are your best bet as they load very quickly and are easier to search through — you probably won’t want to watch the first and last few minutes of each video as they mostly only feature pointless talking and no fucking. The movies look good no matter how you choose to view them — all the videos on Bang Bus are clear and in focus. Granted, the older videos are a little shaky, but there’s plenty of quality videos to go around.

As if the hundreds of videos and thousands of photos on this site weren’t enough, a membership to Bang Bus gives you access to every website in the Bangbros network with the following sites. Oh, and did I mention there’s also Bangbros Comics to enjoy? Indeed there are!

Big Mouthfuls (amateur cum swallowing, supposedly the best on the internet),
Bang Bros World Wide (the hottest girls around the world),
Fart Hammer (apparently, some guy who farts when he fucks girls),
Big Tits Round Asses (girls as aptly described get fucked),
Monsters of Cock (girls willingly take on the monsters),
Spring Break Spy Cam (girls fuck without knowing they're on camera),
Mom's Anal Adventure (MILFs take it to the next level),
Tug Jobs (girls give handjobs and sometimes more),
Boob Squad (fucking girls with fucking huge tits, and tit-fucking them),
Bait Bus (stupid guys tricked into gay sex),
Ass Parade (girls with great butts get fucked, sometimes in the butt),
MILF Lessons (those hot moms know their stuff and show it off),
Mister Cameltoe (pants and panties folded into pussy cracks),
Ball Honeys (Latin and Asian girls get fucked).


There’s a reason why Bang Bus is so popular — it’s good! The site has an amusing premise and is filled to the gills with beautiful women doing the ugliest things. This single site has spawned an entire network of equally good Bangbros sites and we should be thankful for it. Ride on, Bang Bus, ride on...


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