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Cruelty Party review

Summary: Cruelty Party is where male strippers are sexually abused by cruel women at parties. This site is like a CFNM site on acid where wild drunken women blow and have sex with the male stripper. Video comes in HD quality and photos are equally great quality. There are currently only 13 episodes, but the site is part of Porn Pros network with a huge amount of pornstar content in multiple niches.

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Joseph, 2010-03-04

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Intro promises

"Welcome to the Ultimate Party Girls website! These are some fucked up chicks fucking up dicks. Bachelorettes let loose for one last wild night. You've never expected girls to get so depraved!"

First impression

Cruelty Party is deceptively named. Naturally, I was expecting this site to document all the wild parties that people are no doubt throwing in celebration of me recently publishing a book called The Arcade of Cruelty (still in paperback!). I also figured it might have something to do with domination or abusing women, but it actually has something to do with "party girls and their slave stripper boys;" think of this as the CFNM version of Girls Gone Wild. Essentially, women throw (cruelty) parties and hire male exotic dancers to perform at the (cruelty) parties in question... and then the women fuck the shit out of the strippers!!! The bitches!

If that's cruelty, then sign me up! I'll take that kinda cruelty over the kind I experienced at the hands of my evil classmates in middle school any day! (Rotten little bastards!) Oh, sure, the women humiliate the men while fucking them, but the dudes are still getting laid with hot chicks, so it can't be that bad. Look, I'm not saying it's not humiliating to be forced to wear a woman's bra like a mask while a group of bitches taunt and fuck you, I'm just saying it's not quite as humiliating as being depantsed during gym class while your crush looks on and laughs at your flaccid boyhood as it dangles in the breeze for all to see. (Goddamn those little monsters!!! I wish to God I could go back in time and kill them all!!!) Ahem. Perhaps I've shared too much here. Let's get on with this review... I may have to visit my therapist later this afternoon... (We have so much work left to do...)


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Our opinion

First things first, this is not a reality site, per se. Oh, sure, the webmasters take great pains to make the action on Cruelty Party look like it's real, but I assure you everything here is totally staged. These parties are not real, though the videos of said parties are presented to look like genuine footage shot by the partiers themselves. Don't be fooled!

Log into Cruelty Party and you'll find yourself in the members area of the Porn Pros network (oh, cruel fate). This network seems to have a strong BDSM slant and includes the following sites (please make note of how hilarious most of these names are): College Teens (niches: college, teens, amateur), Cum Disgrace (niches: cumshot, cumplay, BDSM), LOLCumshots (niches: cumshots, hardcore), Massage Creep (niches: massage, teens, amateur), Squirt Disgrace (niches: squirting, BDSM), Cumshot Surprise (niches: cumshot, cumplay), Disgraced 18 (niches: teens, BDSM), Freaks of Cock (niches: popshot, big cock), Freaks of Boobs (niches: popshot, big boobs), 18 Years Old (niches: teens, hardcore), 40oz Bounce (niches: ebony, ass), MILF Humiliation (niches: M.I.L.F.s, BDSM), Real Ex-Girlfriends (niches: amateur, real girlfriends), Jurassic Cock (niches: old guys, teens), Deepthroat Love (niches: deep throat, oral), Pimp Parade (niches: ebony, gangbang), Flexible Positions (niches: big boobs, flexible), Cock Competition (niches: popshot, big cock, teens), Shady PI (niches: voyeur, hidden cam), Euro Humpers (niches: European, teens), Asian Fuckies (niches: Asian, hardcore), Hungry Cougars (niches: M.I.L.F.s, hardcore), Big Handfuls (niches: big tits, hardcore), Cum Martinis (niches: cumshots, hardcore), the delightfully named Mexicunts (niches: Latina, hardcore) and Clusterfuck Whores (niches: gangbang, hardcore). You also get access to Porn Pros Live, the network's very own live cam station. Phew, that's a lot of bonus content! Which is good cos there are only thirteen episodes on Cruelty Party at the present time. D'oh.

The members area of Porn Pros displays today's updates, recent updates and a smattering of advertisements for other sites. Members can get around this network with ease, as there is a number of browsing and search options -- browse by models, sites and categories or just punch a keyword into the search engine and hope for the best. You can also check out top rated videos. Huzah!

But back to Cruelty Party. Like I said (wrote) earlier, hot chicks hire male strippers to humiliate and seduce. They write things on the dude in marker, make him wear blindfolds, pinch him, choke him and fuck him. How mortifying! By and large, these male strippers usually only fuck one of the girl partiers, though the other gals misbehave a great deal as well. The babes share their victims' cock, sometimes stripping in the process, sometimes just pulling their tits out. Each episode contains video clips, high-resolution photos and screen caps.

Let's talk about the videos first. They have a running time from thirty to forty minutes and can be streamed as FLV files or downloaded as full-length videos (WMV HD, MPG HD) for DVD/CD, iPod, iPhone, PSP and Xbox or in eight parts (WMV Standard and MPG Standard or MPG HD, WMV HD or MPG SD, WMV SD). You can also browse one-minute clips. Sizes/speeds are 1440x808 pixels for Windows 2500 Kbps (downloadable) and 1440x808 pixels for MPEG.

The high-resolution photos on Cruelty Party are amazing! They most of the action seen in the movies but also include different poses and activity not seen in the videos. They're huge (2250x3000px!) and clear and the opposite of the screen caps, which naturally look shitty despite also being very big. Both kinds of photographic evidence can be downloaded one at a time or in a convenient zipped file.


My therapist can squeeze me in this afternoon, so I need to wrap this up. Cruelty Party, where male strippers are sexually terrorized by cruel women, is like a CFNM site on steroids. Most women are cruel enough as it is, so you can only imagine how vicious they can be when they put their minds to it! And they put their minds to it at Cruelty Party. (I may need to discuss my issues with women with my therapist today.)


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