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Dare Dorm review

Summary: Dare Dorm claims to pay young college students ten thousand dollars (!) to send in videos of themselves having sex in their dorm rooms. Who knows if any of this is actually real... but it is real hot! Having said that, there just isn’t enough content here yet to justify the membership price at the present time.

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Joseph, 2010-01-12

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Intro promises

"WTF is DareDorm? Daredorm is the first site where u can make $10,000 dollars for submitting your college dorm room antics. Sheeeah... the internet rulez!!!"

First impression

Getting a college degree is certainly a good way to better oneself (and escape your parents’ house!), but acquiring higher education can be an expensive proposition. So how does one pay off all those ungodly student loans? One option might be to pursue part-time employment, which will instill in you some kind of work ethic along with the pride of a job well done. Another way might be to fuck a gaggle of hot chicks on camera. Hmm, I wonder which route would be more fun… The makers of Dare Dorm know which is more fun, thus they promise to pay young college students ten thousand dollars (!) to send in videos of themselves engaging in naughty extracurricular activities. Sounds almost too good to be true! And it probably is. Let’s find out for sure!


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Our opinion

Dare Dorm appears to have been launched in July of 2009 and is updated twice a month with new exclusive episodes, thus there are twelve episodes on the site at the present time. All the content contains group sex, usually two guys and two girls (and sometimes more!) gettin’ it on, though there are two girls on one guy on occasion, a smattering of one-on-one encounters and even a lone lesbo set. These students are getting a crash course in sex education, baby! (I sure hope they pass their oral examinations!)

Jeremy (who’s that?) welcomes you to the members area of Dare Dorm thusly: “Hey[,] dudes, welcome to the party of the century! At Dare Dorm HQ we pick the hottest college videos by the craziest amateurs on campus. These college dudes and babes submit their wildest amateur videos to us in exchange for cold hard cash! If you want it real and raunchy, you can’t get better than this. Enjoy.” Sounds good to me! Let’s dig in, folks.

The members area, with its custom Dare Dorm banner complete with a drawing of a beer keg and a declaration of “real submitted dorm room footage” at the top, is simply laid out, thus this site is a cinch to navigate even if you’re a college dropout. Under the banner is a menu bar granting access to the following areas of interest: Home, View All, “$ubmit Your$,” Get Laid (i.e., adult personals), Specials (i.e., advertisements), Live Girls (i.e., live sex chat), Feedback and a place to log out. Below all of that you will find the latest episodes that have been added to the site. There is also a menu bar on the right side of the page with Jeremy’s introduction (see above), live cam girls and more special offers for unrelated porn sites; I mistakenly clicked on one of the special offers thinking it was actual Dare Dorm content…I guess that was the idea…sneaky bastards!

I’m still trying to determine the authenticity of this site. First off, there is no fucking way these college kids are getting paid ten grand to fuck on camera…that kinda payday just doesn’t happen in porn. Ever. At all. They’d be lucky to bank a few hundred dollars. More importantly, are the participants real college students?! Some of the dudes look familiar — I feel like I saw some of these guys in numerous different videos on the site. The girls, on the other hand, look like real amateurs — they have good bodies that aren’t quite perfect. These chicks definitely fall into the girls-next-door category — they’re cute but not quite hot. Yes, Virginia, the clips are definitely filmed in real dorm rooms, which helps lend credence to this site’s claims of legitimacy; for instance, I hail from Louisiana, thus I had no trouble sussing out that the clip shot in Louisiana was shot at LSU in Baton Rouge even though all the LSU paraphernalia in the room had been cleverly blurred out in post-production.

It probably doesn’t matter how real this stuff is cos it is hot and, really, that’s all that matters. The participants film the action themselves for the most part, though there were a couple clips shot by an outside party who creepily commented on the exploits. Scenes usually begin with a party of some sort and members get to see plenty of naked chicks during these soirées (even the girls who don’t get fucked later in the videos seem to get naked!). Some clips lacked pop-shots for some reason — in two of these scenes the guy asked the cameraman to leave before the action finished. (Why?)

Each episode contains one video sized at 720x548 that can be streamed in Flash in three speeds (low, standard and HD) and a gallery full of screen captures from the video (screen captures always suck, so we’ll go over this area of the site with the quickness: the pictures are a bit small, often lit poorly, grainy and crummy; the photo galleries are not offered as zipped files). Some episodes also have trailers, but who cares about those? We’ve got the full videos here! The videos average fifty-five minutes in length, though some are longer (well over an hour) and a couple are just thirty-six minutes long. Members can fast-forward through the videos easily via three different methods: by manually mousing (not a real word) a bar found beneath the video, by clicking through a series of small scenes represented by screen caps below the video or by clicking through various random times (also below the video). Good news: there’s no DRM! Bad news: there’s no DRM cos there are no downloads available.

My only real complaint about this site is its underwhelming amount of content at the present time, a crime not remedied by Dare Dorm’s lack of bonus sites; that’s right, no bonus sites, just twelve episodes! There is a daily download limit of ten gigabytes, but I don’t even know if the entire site has ten gigabytes of content on it! (And you can’t download anything here anyway…hmm…) Also, beware of pre-checked cross-sells! In other words, be sure to uncheck additional offers to other sites if undesired when punching in your credit card information whilst joining this site.


I dare you to join Dare Dorm! Well, I dare you to join this site when it has some more content in its members area, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, the content here is fantastic, but there just isn’t enough of it to necessitate a monthly membership. And, Dare Dorm, it wouldn’t kill you to give your members some bonus sites…just saying…


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