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Fuck For Dollars review

Summary: Fuck For Dollars relies on the grand old principle of paying a girl to perform sexual favors. The content consists of pictures and video in decent quality. Action is pretty much standard hardcore, and the site doesn't really rise above average.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-11-22

Reality, 18-23, Videos, Movies, Hardcore


Intro promises

Step into our world of poor hotties that are desperate for cash

Thanks to the Greedy crew, the streets will never be safe again. These are the stories of girls picked up of the streets and offered some cash -- To fuck and have it taped. Find out what happens when these girls stop being prude, and start getting paid. Because after all, some girls will do anything for a buck!

And take our word for it... what a difference a dollar makes!

First impression

ďSome girls will do anything for a buck,Ē declares the tour for this site. And if youíve seen any pornography made in the last twenty years, then you know this statement is true. Also, if youíve seen any online porn made in the last five or so years, then youíve already seen countless websites with the exact same premise as Fuck for Dollars, which involves a group of horny dudes cruising the streets in search of women to pay to fuck on tape. Excuse me while I stifle a yawn.

This time our heroes are a couple of male coeds on the lookout for sexy chicks in Los Angeles and blah blah blah, youíve heard it all before. Iím warning you right now: Donít expect to see anything new or groundbreaking on Fuck for Dollars, kids.


$24.95/30 days

Credit card billing handled by Epoch. Online checks also accepted.

Our opinion

The Fuck for Dollars members area is incredibly simple to navigate, for you only have a few options: a menu bar at the top of the page with links to various hotspots (Home, View All the FFD Girls, FFDís Top Rated, which are picked by members), some links to advertisements on other sites, a small selection of recent updates, links to bonus material and a dropdown menu that lets you select a scene by model name. The models who get paid by Fuck for Dollars to fuck (for money), like Bree Olson and Mya Hills, look like pro hos to me, so there goes the reality angle... Eh, itís a tired premise anyway.

Currently, there are twenty-four episodes on Fuck for Dollars. Sure, twenty-four scenes isnít much and Fuck for Dollars doesnít appear to be updated very often (though none of the content on the site is date stamped, my extensive research [i.e., I read a review of this site] has revealed that six updates have been made available over the last four months), but, thankfully, there is an impressive selection of bonus material, including two exclusive sites (I Film Myself and Busty College Coeds), eleven reality feeds and forty-one third party miscellaneous feeds. Each episode comes with a movie gallery, a photo gallery and a video capture gallery. Each episode also comes with a phony-baloney set-up, as if these girls werenít paid in advance to fuck on camera.

Movies on Fuck for Dollars can be streamed or downloaded in your choice of RealPlayer or Windows Media. The RealPlayer clips are only offered in one speed in a series of three-minute long segments, but the Windows Media clips come with a full-length download option as well and their three-minute clips come in three speeds. The Windows Media clips look much better than their RealPlayer counterparts, though, to be fair, all of these movies are average-looking at best.

Though the site claims the photos are high-resolution, they arenít quite high-res as promised, though they are rather crisp and clear. While many of the hardcore shots feature content from the videos (and Iím not even talking about the video captures here), there are also a number of photos of the girls posing solo, stripping and masturbating. Photos can be downloaded in ZIP files or viewed one at a time. I didnít even bother looking at the video captures, thus I canít tell you how lousy they looked; letís just assume they looked like shit and finish this review already.


Fuck for Dollars has a trite reality premise, average content and a whole lot of standard bonus material. Ho-hum. Would I pay money to join Fuck for Dollars? No. Would I advise you to pay money to join Fuck for Dollars? No. Would I like to go take a nap now? Yes. Yes, I would.

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