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Hardcore Training review

Summary: Hardcore Training is a hard-core reality site with amateur content. There are 300+ videos and video screen cap images.

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J., 2004-03-10

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Intro promises

Weekly updates, DVD quality downloadable movies, "The Beginning of Tomorrow's Pornstars"

First impression

An older man named Yvon (who looks a little like my dad if he let himself go) is surrounded by beautiful women. He claims that he "trains" these girls to be the pornstars of the future. How noble of him. He boasts the "making" of a few stars, only one of which I recognize, and even has the support of Ed Powers and Peter North right there on the front page. He appears to have a lot of content, but you'd have trouble convincing me that this guy is the first person a hopeful porn actress would turn to. I suppose that says nothing about the possible content of the site, but I'll admit that such bold claims bother me a bit.
Maybe I should call him and ask if he could train me as a porn cameraman.


Our opinion

The opening members page is a little bit busy. There are some advertisements on the right side that are a
little annoying, but all the important on-site links appear to be there. The "Training of the Week" is front and center, as are a few other of the most recent updates, which is pretty handy. Also on the front page are a set of links to the other content available on the site, from live video to games and whatnot. I'll get to that stuff later but, for now, let's get us some training.

The training videos are available in multiple formats in both high and low speed. In high speed, you can choose from WMA228 (at 352X240 resolution), MPEG650 (312X240), and WMA700 (352X240). None of the high speed formats really hold up well at full screen, with even the high end WMA blurring out pretty significantly. Low speed formats are WMA56 (144X96), WMA128 (180X120) and WMA128 (216X160). These formats are essentially pretty worthless. There is significant frame droppage in the lower two, not to mention barely audible sound at 8kHz. The speed of the high speed downloads was pretty damn good. So even if you have a dial-up connection, I'd stick with the high speed vids, as these low speed ones look like animated GIFs.

The style here is, more or less, reality. One cameraman and less-than-professional lighting and "sets" (actually, most of the shoots take place in Yvon's office apartment). Most of the girls are Canadian and sometimes she and Yvon speak in French for a while. Being an undereducated America, I don't speak French, so I don't know what they're saying. I actually don't see a whole lot of "training" going on here. There are no tips or tricks of the trade given out. Basically, this guy gets a blowjob for the first training and fucks them for the second. A nice contructive criticism would be interesting and would help stick to the topic. However, it's basically this guy just getting some ass. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but there's just nothing to indicate these girls are receiving the training for which they allegedly signed up.
One problem I have with the videos is that they are of a pretty random length. The first video may be one minute while the next is 9 minutes. there's usually a reason for it (first video is an interview, second begins the action, etc.) but if that's the case, I wouldn't mind some video-specific thumbnails to let me know if I should bother with the first video. It should also be noted that, although these girls are here for "training," none of them exactly seem like amateurs. There are over 100 video sets here (making well over 300 videos available) and, I must admit, the girls are of above-average looks. There's not a whole lot of variety, though- ocassionally a black or hispanic girl shows up, but they're rare (it's Canada, after all). Each set of videos has a corresponding set of pictures. These are essentially mid-quality (720X480) vidcaps from the video and are nothing to write home about unless your connection speed is so slow that downloading a video is a night-long task.

Apart from the "Regular Trainings," there are links on the front page for "Special Trainings" and a "World
Tour" which are all just a few videos and behind the scenes stuff that, for the most part, don't include Yvon personally. Also there is a photo section that has some third party pictures of varying quality and content listed very unorthodoxically. More importantly is the Video Feeds section that includes free access to well over 80 hardcore, softcore, cartoon, and everything else video sites. There's seriously an unending amount of content on these sites. None of them are all that professional, as they're simply outlets for third party content, but it's an impressive amount of it for sure. You get access to the well-reviewed BrunoB and Lesbo101 sister sites, as well as countless feeds from Holio and the like. On top of these recorded feeds, you can also find some live feeds as well. Personally, I think most of those are a waste of time because they're usually just a scheme to trick you into paying for private time. Also included is access to tons of hardcore games and magazines sites. But, again, the real draw here is the enormous amount of video content you get along with your subscription.


When it comes right down to it, Yvon's hardcore Training is just another site of some old guy having sex with young beautiful women. Ocassionally, he has a lesbian "training" session, but he usually ends up joining in at the end of those anyway. If you're looking for a variety of exclusive content, Yvon may not be the guy to see. Some minor cosmetic navigational errors (after switching the video navigation system to alphabetically, the front page shows the "updates" way out of order) also turn me off to the site, coupled with the fact that there's no actual "training" going on here. With a new "training" every week, Yvon may eventually change his style which, let's be honest, is pretty played out right now.

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