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Man Hunter review

Summary: Man Hunter seems like a great concept - two girls hunto down a man and take advantage of him sexually until he can barely walk. Unfortunately the site doesn't come through. No new updates are added and the video quality is too poor.

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Joseph, 2006-11-08

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Intro promises

“Welcome to the site where no man is safe! Imagine going about your daily life, then out of nowhere you are attacked by two of the hottest babes you have ever seen, whose only intent is to fuck and suck you better than anything you have ever experienced!

Once the ManHunters have you in their sights there is no escape! Consider yourself their next victim because these ladies never miss! Just take a look at the lucky guys that have been ‘tagged and bagged’ by this band of wild women who settle for nothing less than total control!”

First impression

Be careful, men! There are beautiful women prowling the streets in search of fresh meat to fuck and you might be their next victim! (Perish the thought!) Yes, the tables have turned on Man Hunter, where the men are the prey and the women call the shots. These ladies don’t take no for an answer and they’ll force you to fuck ‘em in every position imaginable — or else… (Cue thunderclap.) No man is safe! No cock will be left unsucked! Okay, so the premise of Man Hunter is completely absurd, but it’s definitely a welcome relief from all the fake reality sites that have adopted the patented Bang Bus shtick as their own — at least the makers of Man Hunter had the good sense to put a slightly different spin on the old formula even if the site is basically just Bang Bus with girls tricking guys into fucking instead of the other way around. Of course, no man in his right mind would ever need to be coerced into fucking two beautiful women at once, but we’ll play along with Man Hunter’s bogus premise anyway.


Our opinion

Currently, there are sixteen episodes on Man Hunter. None of the episodes are dated, so it would normally be impossible to say how often this site is updated, but I did a little research and discovered that Man Hunter hasn’t actually been updated in over two years. It’s clear that the makers of Man Hunter have no intention of adding new content to the site as the only trailer in the “upcoming trailers” section is for an episode that’s already on the site!

Each episode begins with two women going on a manhunt, during which the gals find a suitable victim and force him to fuck. Manhunt complete, the women leave their victims behind. Most of the acting in these episodes is stilted and forced, which shatters the illusion of Man Hunter being a bona fide reality site. Each episode is documented with high resolution photo galleries and videos, both of which are broken up into three parts (“the pick-up,” “the oral” and “the fuck”).

Each video on Man Hunter is broken up into clips (even the full length movies are cut up into three parts!). The clips be downloaded and saved to your hard drive or streamed. All videos can be viewed with Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The quality of the videos is far from impressive — the picture is small (320x240) as well as grainy and the streaming is choppy.

The pictures on Man Hunter are much more impressive than the videos. The photos are large (usually about 700x1000) and clear. Honestly, I can’t believe how good the photos are when compared to the videos — usually the videos look great while the pictures look like shit. There are roughly two hundred photos in each gallery.

Members of Man Hunter are promised access to ninety-five extra sites, but I only counted about fifty bonus sites myself. Almost half of the bonus sites are reality sites and the rest appear to be video feeds. The content on these bonus sites isn’t that great, but at least it’s free.


Man Hunter is an average reality site that doesn’t appear to be updated anymore. The site’s somewhat quirky and totally bogus premise is intriguing, but Man Hunter just doesn’t live up to expectations. Men need not fear the wrath of Man Hunter, unless they are foolish enough to join this site.


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