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Melone Challenge Review

Summary: Gorgeous porn star Mea Melone wants to challenge you to a 30 minute long session of hardcore sex. She'll stroke and suck your cock, let you fuck her however you want, and swallow your cum - if you can stay hard and fuck her well from start to finish! You can watch other guys fuck her and see if they win the challenge or even contact her and give it a shot yourself! The site has a good amount of content, offers Full HD downloads and the scenes are a lot of fun.

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Jerry Fritz, 2016-05-19

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Intro promises

"Challenge me and show your sexual skills!"

- HD Video
- Real guys getting a chance to fuck pornstar Mea Melone
- 100% exclusive content

First impression

Do you think male pornstars have it made? Do you daydream about how great it'd be to bang hot porn stars with perfect tits from 9 to 5? Well if you think it's that easy, think again, or better still, go challenge porn star Mea Melone to a 30-minute hardcore fuck session and prove you got what it takes!

This site takes challengers onto the set for some fun, messy fucking - some guys do themselves proud, others can't keep it hard with so many cameras on them. Hows will YOU fare?


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Our opinion

Everyone knows the idiom about the grass always looking greener, but when it comes to comparing your day job with guys who fuck porn stars for a living, surely the grass really is greener, isn't it? Mea Melone invites you to find out just how tough it is by submitting yourself to her site and accepting the Melone Challenge: take out your cock and fuck her hard for 30 minutes on camera. If you live up to her high standards, you win.

Being a male pornstar is one of the best jobs in the world, who can deny it? But you do need a special sort of mentality to make it. Taking out your dick, staying hard for long stretches of time on set, pausing mid-thrust for the photographer, holding back your load when a beautiful porn star is riding you hard and her big tits are bouncing in your face. This stuff is not easy!

Pornstar Mea Melone had the brilliant idea to let ordinary or even other amateur porn guys fuck her and see if they have what it takes. But for Mea, just keeping your dick hard isn't enough. She wants to have fun and more importantly, get fucked very well! There's a mixed bag of results here, sometimes the guys who at first glance seem least likely to win end up being Mea's favorite fucks, and no matter how the guy does it's always a pleasure watching the raven-haired beauty getting naked and nonchalantly sucking cock while the other guys waiting to fuck her watch on, stroking themselves and getting ready to feel that wet mouth and tight pussy squeezing their dicks.

There are 137 movies so far. Most are of Mea with one guy or a few guys. There are also some foursomes and there's a playful girlfriend who likes to get involved - getting fucked by guys Mea has finished with, or just laying on the couch nearby ready to share the cum shot.

You can stream her movies or download them in Full HD (1920x1080; 11 mbits). The playback quality is excellent and the productions are professional. There are a few hi-res teaser pics of Mea posing and stirpping naked with each update too.

There are no dates on the movies so it isn't easy to tell how often she updates, but the site has grown steadily in size so she seems to be pretty active. Members also get a Multipass that gets them free access to several other sites on the network like Teen Playground and POV Bitch.


There's something exciting about watching a hot porn star babe fuck real world guys like you and me, and it's even more exciting when she gives you a chance to contact her and actually fuck her on camera for a future update. Mea is a babe and these HD hardcore scenes are as entertaining as they are hot.


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And Bang Bus occasionally has porn stars ride along and pick up dudes to fuck in the back of the van.


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