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My Pickup Girls review

Summary: My Pickup Girls is a reality site based on the well known theme of guys picking up random girls and fucking them. Video quality is good, and pictures are offered as well. Overall not a bad site, but not that spectacular either.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-09-24

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Intro promises

“See your dirty fantasy lived out! Our professional hunters find yummy babes in the streets and talk them into a fuck session in a public place or in the car. Wait for a couple of minutes and see those sluts having all their craving holes stretched by hard throbbing dicks!”

First impression

If you’ve looked at any Internet porn in the past eight hundred years, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve probably seen countless sites with the exact same premise as My Pickup Girls; yes, My Pickup Girls has something to do with picking up girls off the street and fucking them in public. Yawn. Sorry, My Pickup Girls, but I am forced to deduct points for unoriginality. I know this is a fairly popular fantasy, but the continued use of this tired premise really makes a mockery of the concept of reality porn. The tour for My Pickup Girls brags that the site has “no planned plots and professional shootings;” I guess they let amateur assassins handle all their shootings… The tour also claims that “everything is unprepared and damn hot and natural: sultry babes picked up in the streets, horny guys with mighty cocks and their camera filming gag-inducing blowjobs and heavy jerks!” Sadly, that’s not the only mention of “mighty cocks” in the tour for this site… Sorry, My Pickup Girls, but I am forced to deduct points for corniness.


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Our opinion

Enter the members area of My Pickup Girls and you’ll be taken to a magical world full of dazzling rainbows, beautiful unicorns and rent-controlled housing. Just kidding. Instead, you will find a bunch of advertisements to other sites made by the makers of My Pickup Girls. These sites are not bonus sites, mind you, and they are not included with your membership to My Pickup Girls. What a cock-tease! Scroll down and you will see a link imploring you to “click here to view the content;” click there and you’ll arrive at the actual members area of My Pickup Girls. The exclusive episodes are all listed here with a handful of preview images, a description of the action, the running time of each movie, the size of the clips in megabytes and links to the various different download options. My VCR manual didn’t come with as much information! And that’s why I haven’t been able to tape Gilmore Girls for the past three weeks. :(

Currently, there are twenty-four videos of girls sucking cock and getting fucked outdoors on My Pickup Girls. The videos are fifteen to thirty minutes in length and each one can be downloaded to your hard drive in two formats: AVI or MOV; the AVI clips can be played in ye olde Windows Media Player while the MOV clips can be viewed in QuickTime. The movies must be downloaded in full before you can play them — no streaming videos or bite sized clips here, kids. This is kind of a drag, as the videos take forever to download — you’ll be begging for streaming videos by the time you actually manage to download one of these gigantic files. Seriously, it took hours to download a single twenty-minute video! Thankfully, the videos are well worth the wait — the quality of each movie is excellent! The movies must have been shot with a high definition camera to produce such crystal clear videos (so much for the tour’s assertion that these videos were not professionally shot). Multiple girls are fucked on motorcycles. Just thought I’d mention that.

Each video on My Pickup Girls includes a set of accompanying images. These pictures feature lots of “nice pussy close-ups and cum shots,” or at least that’s what I read on a review site — I didn’t bother to download any of the sets myself, thus proving once again that I am the worst reviewer in the history of the world. I didn’t download any of the pictures because the picture sets, like the movies, must be downloaded before you can view them and, quite frankly, I don’t have enough space on my hard drive for that kinda shit. Each set contains around one hundred to two hundred images in a ZIP file. Hey, how ‘bout some image galleries, My Pickup Girls?


I have mixed feelings about My Pickup Girls. First, I think its premise is stale. Second, I wish there were more download options, preferably ones that didn’t make downloading the pictures and videos a total chore. And how about some bonus material?! On the plus side, the quality of the videos is great, even if it takes a million years to download ‘em. So… proceed with caution, friends. Personally, I would pass, but I get to look at porn all day for free, so maybe I’m just jaded…

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