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NIP Activity review

Summary: NIP Activity delivers authentic nude in public content where German girls walk around in public parks, shopping malls, market places and more. So far there's 9 girls on the site. Each girl has several scenes with both pictures and videos. Unfortunately the quality of both could have been better. Good site for exhibitionism lovers though.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-03-26

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Intro promises

"Our content is exclusive and unique! In our member-area you will find thousands of high quality pictures with resolutions of 1280 x 960 or higher. Our films are provided to you with resolutions from 320 x 240 up to 720 x 576 for larger and smaller download sizes, in WMV, Quicktime and DIVX. If the demand is high enough, we will offer the films with an even higher resolution. Our films usually have a duration of 20-55 minutes and are published 100% uncut. This way you experience 100% Reality Public Nudity ...whether it be amusing catcalls, applause, abuse or the intervention of the police.
We show everything!!!

Our "NIP-Shootings" always take place when the crowds of people in the streets and cafes are the biggest. The girls don't walk along streets where no one is around. No, the girls are where there is plenty happening. Perhaps YOU will find us on the street and experience "live" the girl's thrill and fear of being caught out by the police..."

First impression

This site caters to voyeurs and manages to provide an interesting spin on reality porn. And, as with any good democracy, the majority rules. Members have the opportunity to vote on various things which should, in theory at least, prove the videos aren't bogus, e.g. public locations the model will appear nude at, as well as the physical actions she commits. I can't say that I've come across anything quite like this in the past. It's certainly piqued my interest, and I look forward to telling you about the member's area.


$24.95 - 1 Month
$39.95 - 2 Months
$69.95 - 6 Months
$99.95 - 1 Full Year

Pay by Credit Card(Visa, Master Card, JCB, Discover) or Online Check.

Our opinion

Upon logging into the member's area, you may become overwhelmed with numerous rows and columns; however, after closer examination, I'm sure most of you will figure it out. The setup of the page actually about as basic as it gets. You needn't bother concerning yourself about finding your way around with complex menus.

Topping the page you will find information about the latest update and a photo of a nude girl casually strolling down the street. Below that you'll find the previous updates, both video and picture, all of which are extremely well-organized.

Judging from the content, this site really lives up to its name. These girls certainly appear to be 'nude in public.' I've seen them casually stroll through areas that are heavily infested with pedestrians. I've seen them making purchases in stores. And, of course, I saw them do all of these things totally, bare-assed naked.

This looks totally legit to me; though, I've been fooled before. If this is an elaborate hoax, however, it's a damn good one. The people's reactions and the locations all seem very legit. I only wish I could understand what people are saying. It would have helped me better weed out any bad acting.

To me, the language barrier really killed quite a bit of the turn-on factor. For example, in one of the most recent updates a girl purchases gas and is, obviously, totally nude. While that's pretty damn kinky, I think I would've enjoyed it much more if I could understand the relatively long exchange between her and the man behind the cash register.

Honestly, I was too busy being distracted with wishing I were fluent in the language to maintain an erection. I'm no expert, by any means, but judging from the signs, accents, and the flag I spotted on the tour, this looks to be a German-based site. Bratwurst, anyone?

The videos themselves are available in a wide variety of formats and resolutions: Quicktime (320x240), Windows Media Player (384x288 or 720x576), and DIVX (640x480). While the WMV format sports the larger resolution option, I'd still have to say the DIVX edges it in quality. Hell, even with the smaller resolution, it still looks clearer full screen than the WMV file.

All in all, the video quality isn't the best. While the 'gritty' look of the quality does add a bit of charm and 'realism', I still think they need to work on fixing this issue. Certainly it has to be their video equipment. These clips are only 55 seconds, after all. There'd be no need to compress the hell out of them.

Speaking of clip duration, I'm actually not too bothered by how short they are. I suppose you have to chalk this up to the fact that they could get arrested for what they're doing. They likely do not have time to play around.

The photos clock in at around 280kb, and come in two resolutions: 1280x960 or 1600x1068 pixels. They're actually adequately sized images and hell, they're a lot clearer than the videos. They are a bit grainy and suffer from digital noise though. My other complaint is that there's not more of them. On average there's less than 30 images contained within each gallery. It's a shame, too; there were quite a few eye catching shots in these.

The site, as you probably guessed, is fairly interactive. At the bottom is a section, aptly titled "Play Direct." This is where you get to place your votes. There's currently 9, which look to effect this month's next update. They range from things like choosing where the girl will appear, what activity she will perform, and which girl it will be.

They also have a few polls which seem to have nothing to do with how the videos play out at all, but are still useful. For example, they have one which asks whether or not you'd like to be able to download videos in the Ipod format. The most active poll has 127 votes. If these numbers are accurate, there's quite a few people voting.


I think it really comes down to one simple question for NIP Activity: does the thrill outweigh the lack of content and language barrier? If you're an avid voyeur, I say go for it. It's a neat concept and they do seem to pull it off. Within time, and keeping with their current update schedule, I'm sure they'll amass an impressive amount of material. Should be a real treat for any of you voyeurs who are fluent in German.


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