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Pepes Adventures review

Summary: Pepe is a latino guy who keeps hitting on girls without much luck. It is always his buddies that get the chick. Entertaining videos, but video quality varies and there is only 10 episodes so far. And the price is steep!

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CB, 2006-02-04

Reality, Hardcore, Movies, Videos, Mega-Sites


Intro promises

“I love to show the ladies my burrito”

- Wacky “reality” adventures
- Full access to 20 bonus reality sites

First impression

Well, the first thing out of my mouth when I was checking out the preview for this site was “Oh Christ”. Things look really silly here. Basically, Pepe is a crazy Latino dude who gets himself into all sorts of nutty situations that end up with him fucking some hot chick. This could actually be really funny. There's a trailer for one episode where he's pulling off a break and enter with a friend at some house, and his friend ends up banging the girl that lives there. Hilarious! The price tag on this site is pretty steep ($40!), so it better be worth it!!


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Our opinion

At first glance, the site looks very confusing. There is a menu bar on the left of the page, but the links it contains are all for third party content such as picture galleries and streaming video. There are links to the bonus sites included with membership located below the menu bar. On the right of the page are more links to I don't know what. More bonus content, I guess. The very bottom of the page features “membership extras”, and what I assume is the original content is in the middle of the page.

So, the original content is literally surrounded on all sides by licensed content.

Let's check out the original stuff. Clicking on one of the original content links takes you to another page where just the exclusive content is featured (although that menu bar full of licensed content is still on the left margin of the page). I would have much preferred to be taken to this simple page FIRST instead of being hit in the face with a whole shwack of third party content right off the bat, especially seeing as how the menu bar of licensed content is on this page anyway.

There are links to ten episodes featured here, all with pics and movies and a little description of each scene. Clicking on an episode link takes you to a page with an interesting design. There are a bunch of thumbnails in the middle of the page that link to video clips. On the right margin there is a frame that contains thumbs that link to pictures from the same episode.

The videos vary in quality. The first one I checked out was 320x240/450 kbps with 44.1 Khz/64 kbps audio. The second one was 640x480/1496 kbps with 44.1/128 kbps audio. Obviously the second option looked and sounded much better than the first, but unfortunately almost all of the video offered here is at the lower resolution. All of the videos are WMV clips, and vary in size from 6 to 22 MB. There is no option to download the whole episode as one file. Normally I don't really care about this feature, as I personally prefer smaller clips, but for these movies I wish there was the option. It sucks when you're getting into the storyline and the clip suddenly ends. Wow, I can't believe I'm actually drawn in by the story. I guess there usually isn't a story, so it's something of a novelty.

Clicking on a thumb in the frame with the pics takes you to another page of thumbs that link to the photos. There are several pages of thumbs for each shoot, and there are easy navigational features to take you to the next page or back to the main page for the episode. The pictures are all very good, with sizes of 800x1067 or 800x600. Although the photos are of the same action that happens in the their related movies, they are definitely not screen captures - the quality is just too high for that to be the case. Very crisp and clear.

The episodes themselves are amazing. The stories are incredibly comical and entertaining, and Pepe plays up the dirty Mexican schtick as much as possible. He never does get laid, 'cause the chicks always pick his good looking friend. Poor Pepe. When the funny stuff makes way for the action, things get even better. Very good content indeed, and I really wish that the quality of the video was better so that I could fully enjoy these priceless episodes.

The bonus content is chock full of pics and streams, but nothing really all that great. Even the so-called 'full access to exclusive sites' only features streaming content, and you all know my motto:

“If I can't download it, I don't want it!”

If you could actually download the content from the exclusive bonus sites, things would be looking up, but as it is I'm unimpressed.


The original content of Pepe's Adventures is both entertaining and very sexy. The funny parts are funny, and the sex is hot, so it's a cryin' shame that the quality of these videos isn't quite up to par. They don't look terrible, but they could definitely be much better. The photos, on the other hand, are quite nice. There is also a ton of bonus content, but it mostly just adds an immense amount of clutter to the main page. I can't justify the $40 price tag for what you get here, but things show a lot of promise so I hope that Pepe gets his act together in the quality department sometime soon.

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