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Public Invasion review

Summary: Public Invasion is a reality site where the action takes place in Eastern Europe where the girls are always hot and often willing. The girls suck and fuck our camera guy in public. Movie quality is okay but could stand an improvement.

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Joseph, 2006-08-12

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Intro promises

“Welcome to Public Invasion, one of the only websites on the Internet with real public sex this [sic] is not staged. The girls are hot and the settings are in public places, many times I must move or else I get caught and arrested! Many times police almost catch me hehe.”

First impression

The ominously named Public Invasion bills itself as “the land of sex in public places” and its premise is a fairly common one: an anonymous man approaches random beautiful women in mostly deserted areas and pays ‘em money for sex. Yes, every other porn site in the known universe labors under the same exact premise (see Bang Bus and countless others for further proof), but what sets Public Invasion apart from the herd is the fact that all the fucking is done in public and not in a van or some sleazy guy’s apartment. Though Public Invasion claims to be “one of the only websites on the Internet with real public sex [that] is not staged,” it is clear that these women are professional sex workers who have been hired by the makers of the site long before being approached by our anonymous friend on the street. C’mon, a woman you’ve just met is gonna let you fuck her in the ass without a rubber in a grimy alleyway? I sincerely doubt it, though it is a nice fantasy...


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Processed by Jettis (JetBill)

Our opinion

The staged action on Public Invasion takes place on the streets of Prague, home to some of the most arresting women in the world. Currently, there are forty-three of these stunners on this site, which is updated with a new girl every Friday. Like most women in European porn, these ladies are smoking hot — many of these gals are definitely attractive enough to be models and why they’re doing porn is anybody’s guess (I'll keep my guess to myself).

The scenes are all the same. First, our anonymous friend approaches his victims and woos ‘em in broken English (hell, even the scene descriptions are in broken English: “She seem [sic] horny so I give her money to suck me. Then she let me fuck her in the ass for a while, but I like to make her feel good too, so I fuck her pussy longer. I sperm in her mouth and she love it!”). He starts off slow, innocently convincing them to show him their tits for cash. Breasts viewed, our man on the street ups the ante by asking the women if they’ll have sex with him for more money. They all say yes. Our nameless friend will usually usher the women into a more secluded spot to do the deed, which is often unremarkable. Our hero isn’t the greatest lover in the world and he doesn’t deliver too many amazing money shots. Ah, well—can’t win ‘em all.

The draw of Public Invasion is its movies, but there are also a number of picture galleries housing hundreds of crummy screen captures on the site. The screen captures aren’t worth dwelling on, so let’s discuss the movies instead. Each movie is cut up into twenty MPG clips that clock in at around one minute a piece. The brevity of the clips insures that you’ll never be able to pop off to any of ‘em; thankfully, the whole movie can also be downloaded in WMV format in three DVD quality parts. The movies can be viewed in Windows Media Player and, honestly, they’re a little grainy (not exactly DVD quality, are they?). None of the movies look terrible, mind you, but they could always look better.


Public Invasion is like Bang Bus if it were driven by a man who spoke English as his third or fourth language. If you’re not bored shitless by this site’s completely commonplace premise, then you’ll probably be able to get your rocks off to it. If not, you might be able to get off to the five other sites that members of Public Invasion are granted access to, almost all of which star our anonymous friend or his girlfriend in adventures that involve handjobs, big asses and lesbianism. Meh.

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