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Real Sex Scandals review

Summary: Real Sex Scandals claims to provide authentic footage of real people caught in the act by cameras. In reality though, it doesn't seem real. The acting simply sucks, and there isn't enough content. Part of All Network Pass.

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Tamesin, 2007-10-15

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Intro promises

There's no tour promises, per se. It's just "Real people... Real footage... Real scandals."

The scandals allegedly come about because real people secretly film their significant others to see if they're cheating. Sure enough, they catch their cheating ways on film. The tour states they receive new videos every day, so I expect there to be lots of scandalous videos inside.

The network promises include: access to over 50 sites and over 15,000 movies; exclusive content; movies available in clips or full length; and no DRM.

First impression

Real Sex Scandals promises "Real people...Real footage...Real scandals." If you doubt their videos are real, you're told to "go suck a cock." "Secondly our site isn't staged up shit like all that other BS out there. We have advertisements all of the internet looking for people who want to expose their cheating mate. It's that simple. These are NOT FAKE VIDEOS taken by PISSED OFF PEOPLE wanting to catch their mate in the act!" Well, okay. It's not fake and the videos are not fake, and they're not taken by pissed off people. I certainly get the idea of what this site is about: this is the real deal, and if you don't believe that, then the webmaster has a lot of anger to direct at you.


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Our opinion

It's a bit confusing as soon as you enter, because you're entering the All Network Pass, and not directly into Real Sex Scandals. The menu is simple enough, considering the amount of content found. Current network statistics boast 45 exclusive reality sites, 110 bonus sites, 4,100 DVDs, and over 15,000 movies. Menu choices include Home, Exclusive Content, DVD Content, Recent Updates, Upcoming Updates, and Support. There's also a handy drop down menu that lets you jump to the site you want to visit. I'm a little confused about a box that lists the "Latest News and Updates;" the date noted is almost three weeks before this review.

Exclusive content just links to all the network sites; Upcoming Updates links back to the most recently added sites. Below all of this are a few thumbnails to the most recently added sites, as well as thumbnails to all their exclusive reality sites. Towards the bottom of the Home page is their DVD section, divided into various categories, such as Amateur, BBW, Lesbian, Salad Tossings, Milfs, and more.

Heading on over to Real Sex Scandals, a thumbnail to a scene entitled "Realtor" notes that it was added August 7th. That is two months ago. Plus, considering that Real Sex Scandals was one of the most recently added noted on the network home page, I'm wondering just how often this whole network is updated. It also appears that there are only 9 scenes in this site. Below the Real Sex Scandal scenes are thumbnails to the other bonus sites. All 9 scenes are dated August 7th, and each clip states it's 6 minutes and three seconds long. That's a mistake, because each clip varies in length.

I'm still baffled by just the 9 scenes shown. I'd like to know where all the content is that was advertised on the tour, is. Perhaps this is within the network of porn sites, because I do not see it in Real Sex Scandals.

The videos play in Mpeg or WMV. You can watch the movie in clips; or as one full movie. The clips are usually a few minutes in length. There is also an option of watching the movie in one minute clips. The videos play in a 720x480 screen. The quality is decent, especially considering these are reality scenes shot with a stationery camera. The acting, however, is pretty lame. Oh dear, I guess the webmaster will go tell me to suck a cock. Yes, the sex looks gritty and real - no posing for the camera and faking that part. But the reactions of "getting caught" are not well acted and actually pretty pathetic and laughable in some parts.

Another disappointment is that each scene has a link to the picture section, but when you try to view the photos, you're told it will be available soon.

Incredibly enough, the site is a complete duplicate of Revenge Cams which we have previously taken a look at.


The only scandal in Real Sex Scandals is the site itself. It's not well acted, and it isn't updated very often. Since the actors are pretty lame in their acting abilities, it's too bad that the videos couldn't at least be better quality. There's nothing real about this acting or the acrobatic (and sometimes never before seen - at least to me) positions these models get in to. There's not much content; only 9 scenes - all uploaded on the same date a long time ago. Considering their boast they "get new amazing vids sent to us every day," you'd think there'd be more content inside. The site also doesn't appear to be finished, since the options to view the picture sets and the ability to download the movies are met with "coming soon." My advice: pass up Real Sex Scandals.

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