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Street Ranger review

Summary: Street Ranger is the alter ego of a typical online nerd who decided to make his own paysite that would stand out from the crowd. In real life though, this is a typical POV reality site like most other, where girls are picked up and talked into sex.

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Joseph, 2007-01-28

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Intro promises

“Welcome to I must confess, I am a typical online nerd. I like to surf the net all day. I like to play video games. I like to check out the occasional adult website. But I find most of them are, well, lacking. So I did what any good man would do. I got a camera and I decided to roll with myself. Well, after a few failed attempts I realized that this might be a bit harder than it looks, and that some changes may be in order. The first one, with me. I realized that I needed to become a new me. A better me. And then was when he came. Then is when I changed. I became...The Streetranger.”

First impression

The Street Ranger wasn’t always the Street Ranger — he used to be “a typical online nerd” until that fateful day when, bored with adult websites that he found “lacking,” he decided to get a camera, hit the streets and make his own porn. However, our hero knew he was going to have to become a new person to be successful in his thankless task of creating porn that wasn’t “lacking,” thus the Street Ranger was born. The Street Ranger is kinda like Spider-Man, if Spider-Man fucked women at the park instead of saving them from the kinda men who would fuck them at the park. And, let me tell you right now, “the Ranger bangs only hot babes. No porn girls. No phonies.” Good—like Holden Caulfield, I hate phonies!


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Our opinion

Street Ranger is yet another reality site from the guys at Bang Bros, thus a membership to Street Ranger gives you access to every website in the Bang Bros network, including Big Mouthfuls, Monsters of Cock, Mr. Cameltoe, Ass Parade, Tug Jobs, Mom’s Anal Adventure, M.I.L.F. Lessons, Big Tits Round Asses, Ball Honeys, Bang Bus and Boob Squad. I guess Street Ranger is technically a reality site, though it’s quite dissimilar from the kinda reality sites from the Bang Bros that we’ve come to know and love. On Street Ranger, our hero hits town with a camera in tow like most reality sites, but the difference here is that the whole scene plays out from his point of view and, unlike most reality sites, there is no mention of the camera during any of the episodes — on Street Ranger, the girls just talk to the camera as if they’re talking to the guy and the camera isn’t really there. Pretty freaky!

Street Ranger is remarkably easy to navigate — the site is broken up into episodes which contain all of the site’s content. Currently, there are thirty episodes on Street Ranger, which is updated every Thursday. Each episode on Street Ranger contains a single movie, a trailer for the movie and hundreds of screen captures which look truly awful and are not worth downloading. And where are the high-resolution photos, Street Ranger?

Each movie on Street Ranger averages about thirty-five to forty minutes in length and can be downloaded or streamed as MPEG files or WMV files. The movies are offered as a whole and as smaller clips. The clips come in two sizes: big and one-minute. There are four three-minute big clips and fifteen or more one-minute scenes. The one-minute scenes are your best bet as they load very quickly and are easier to search through — you probably won’t want to watch the first and last few minutes of the movies as they mostly only feature pointless talking and no fucking. The movies look good no matter how you choose to view them — all the videos on Street Ranger are clear and in focus.

Warning! The three-day trial membership to Street Ranger only gives you access to the pictures and the first two clips of each episode — you’ll need to get the monthly membership if you want unlimited access. Got that, tuff guy?


I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: The girls that the Street Ranger picks up are paid to fuck him. Shocking, right? Sorry to burst your bubble there. Also, there is no Santa Claus. Anyway, Street Ranger is more of what we’ve come to expect from the world-famous Bang Bros — solid reality porn. Though Street Ranger isn’t the brightest jewel in the Bang Bros crown (again I ask: “Where are the high-resolution photos?”), it’s still shit-hot, a term I’m pretty sure I just made up.

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