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Wave Hos review

Summary: Wave Hos is a reality site about girls from the beach being picked up and then fucking. Unfortunately there is not much good to say about the content. There's not much of it, the video quality is poor and pictures are not impressive either.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-03-13

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Intro promises

Straight off the beaches, clad in their bikinis with some granules of sand up their ass, these girls are ready to show you how naughty they can be. On Wave Hos they promise to bring you trim and tanned babes that have soaked up enough rays to be a bit on the horny side, and then they will take them the rest of the way. There are claims that this site carries hundreds of girls in beautiful bikinis, a full length beach porn video archive, high resolution picture galleries and bonus sites as well.

First impression

Iím all for anything right now that reminds me of summer and takes my mind off the snow. From the advertising shots included through the tour of this site these girls are as pretty as they promised, and who doesnít feel a little frisky after showing off your body parts all day on the beach? The layout of the tour is really nice, I hope it continues within the membership area.


30 day $29.73 (recurring)

Credit card, Phone, Check

CCBill, PayCom, GXB

Our opinion

The membership area did indeed open up to a nice, clean presentation, well, except for the dirtiness of the sex that is. They offer a model index showing some screen caps of the action held in the sub pages along with the list of bonus sites available down the left, so everything is pretty easily accessed. They do offer links as well to the most watched girls, the top voted girls, a movie library, webcam girls, local girls and a members plus area. Unfortunately it looks as though the numbers wonít be astronomical on this site, when going into the exclusive photo gallery area, there were just 9 choices to open.

Presentation isnít the best for the thumbs in my opinion, they have different sized images that just look a little hod-podge like, not uniformed and neatly presented. At first I thought maybe these might be screen caps, but in going through the enlargement process, they are exceptionally clear, so Iím ruling that option out. They do give some really nice hard-core shots, including a deep throat picture that has her taking his dick clear to his balls. She is a very talented girl indeed. There are close to 100 pictures per folder and the enlargements bring you a pixel size of 750x499. There is a slide show action offered with the sets, and they would appreciate you voting as well.

The sum of the videos isnít much higher, you get 12 choices, and all of them are accessible from large screen caps with a lot of blurriness to them. You can choose how you want to watch the movies here, there are clips broken down into smaller pieces for slower connection speeds, or you can view the entire clip in a high speed option. They do let you know that an approximate size of the videos comes in around 25MB, while the full episodes are 200MB. The video pieces carry a run time of around 3+ minutes and they are only presented in a 320x240 video size and 696Kbps. They definitely held some blurriness to them. Unfortunately, there was no difference in the full length, high quality offering. They were just as blurry with the same video size and Kbps. Nothing there changed, the only difference was the length, which for these came in around 22+ minutes. You do have the option of streaming or downloading.

They do give some great footage of the ocean, the waves, the foam, itís great, if it had just been a bit more clear I would have enjoyed that part the most. Yes, they show pretty girls in bikinis, but Iím not sure where they came up with the ďhundredsĒ that was promised through tour, not when youíve only got 12 videos and 9 picture sets. Yes, there is a lot of bonus material to Wave Hos, but weíre more about what this site offers of its own, and thatís not good. They have a movie library that offers DVD quality movies that you can download and also a place to stream movies as well, with updates done there and additions daily. The webcam area is a third party feed of sorts, so the most you are going to get from this site comes in the form of the bonuses. Cali Teens, Unlimited Access Pass, San Diego Latinas, Night Invasion, I Love Black Girls and Insane Coeds are the sites given as extras.


Well, this is one of those, where you have to make your choice as to whether membership is worth it or not. Yes, you do get a lot of bonus material, which helps, but as a stand alone Wave Hos just doesnít cover high numbers or quality. They do have a few pretty beach bunnies and you enjoy girls clad in bikinis doing naughty things, then maybe you can over look the issues Iíve raised.

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