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Leia Loves You review

Summary: Leia is a cute teen amateur with a great ass. On her site, she teases her members with large non-nude photos and videos. It's just a shame that you have to pay extra to actually see content where she shows nipples too.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-08-24

Sologirls, Amateur, 18-23, Butts, Softcore, Photography / studio, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Access to all picture sets
- Weekly videos
- Camshow archives
- Girlfriends’ galleries
- Members-only forum
- Wallpapers for your desktop
- Free access to Cassie’s camshows!

First impression

Joanie loves Chachi, Oprah Winfrey loves seconds and Leia loves you. Well, not you, per se — she doesn’t even know you, so how could she possibly love you? And if she actually did know you, she definitely wouldn’t love you — you are unlovable, you poor bastard.

Though Leia may not love you, she certainly loves posing for the camera. And, more importantly, she loves money. Our heroine is a camwhore, you see, and she poses for money, not love. This nineteen-year-old Canadian cutie’s site is a hotbed of sexual content that includes sixty-two photosets, thirty-two videos, archives of past cam shows, wallpapers, a forum and a handful of samples from her girlfriends’ sites. Certainly that’s enough to keep an unlovable slob like yourself sated, right? Of course it is.


$24.99 for thirty days (recurring)
$54.99 for ninety days (recurring)

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Our opinion

Leia Loves You is a relatively easy site to navigate. Not being a fool, I made a beeline to the photos first and made a shocking discovery: Though there’s plenty of skin on Leia Loves You, there isn’t any actual nudity — you’ll have to purchase one of Leia’s special ZIP sets in her store if you actually want to see her topless. The ZIP sets are fifteen bucks and you can only access ‘em for three days. Did someone say rip-off? In this day and age where you can see bare ass on primetime TV in most countries, I really have to wonder how many people would actually be willing to pay an extra fifteen bucks to see some random girl’s nipples. We live in a world where even Kathy Bates is willing to go topless (not that anyone’s asking her to...), so what makes this anonymous Canadian girl so special that anyone should want to pay fifteen dollars to see her without a shirt on?! The mind boggles.

If you haven’t already spent enough money on your subscription to Leia Loves You plus those three topless ZIP sets, you can always buy some posters, magnets and mousepads featuring Leia in her store. Put simply, Leia will bleed you dry if you let her. Now is that any way to treat someone you supposedly love, Leia?

End rant. The pictures on this site are absolutely gigantic; in fact, they’re so big that they barely fit on the screen! The photos are shot well and Leia looks rather tasty in ‘em. Leia has good taste in lingerie, so there’s another point in her favor. Now if only we got to see more of her...

The videos on Leia Loves You are mostly pointless — many detail Leia’s photo shoots and one even shows her shopping at Wal-Mart. Hot stuff, huh? The videos look okay, if not a little washed out, and can be streamed using Windows Media Player. Most of the clips are under five minutes in length, so there’s not much here to sink your teeth into. Leia is a tease and there’s really nothing more frustrating than watching her take off all of her clothes and then cover up her breasts so her members can’t actually see anything. You’re killing the ones that you love, Leia!

There are currently nine videos in the cam archives. Though these videos are often much longer than the other videos available on the site for download (the first one is almost a full fifty-nine minutes in length!), they look absolutely terrible and are sometimes rather choppy to boot. The cam archives are a total waste of time.

The rest of the content on Leia Loves You is downright pointless. The wallpapers are unnecessary, the conversation on the forum is depressing and Leia very rarely makes appearances in the chatroom. The extra pics of Leia’s camwhore buddies are nice, but they’re basically just there to entice members of Leia Loves You to join her friends’ sites.


Is Leia Loves You a sound buy? Not really, unless you find Leia especially fetching. Let’s face it: There are thousands of camwhores just like Leia in this world and most of ‘em are more than willing to get completely naked for no extra charge. If Leia really did love you, she wouldn’t charge you extra to see her topless.


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