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Bruno B review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Bruno B is the original POV site where you watch cute Canadian girls getting fucked by Bruno mostly point-of-view style. The action is hot, but at some point the updates seem to have stopped though.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J., 2004-03-12

Videos, Reality, Amateur, Movies


Intro promises

Weekly Updates, Access to several other sites, downloadable full-screen quality videos

First impression

Nice start here - everything seems kosher. Lots of sample pics right on the front page. A free sample video never hurts. The design is simple but not tacky. There's a real "Mike's Apartment" feel to this site based on the front page. But who knows, maybe Mike ripped off Bruno's schtick (no pun intended).


Credit Card, Online Check, Phone, Mail

3 Days - $4.95
1 Month: $29.95
3 Months: $69.95

Our opinion

Bruno B is a very frat-boy looking kind of guy who has sex with women for his website. How noble of him. He claims the models are from nightclubs and newspaper ads, but if that were completely true, we'd all have websites. Or maybe Montreal, Canada just has looser women than anywhere actual people are from. Hard to say.

The front member's page is layed out nicely. The most recent additions are one click away and there's a little somewhat useless news section right up top. A concise and complete toolbar maintains position at the top of the screen. The only blemish is the vertical row of advertisements for other sites on the side. Do I need volume pills? No, I need larger thumbnails of the recently updated girls instead.
But, alas, by this time Bruno has your money and he might as well try to make another buck on the side as well. I guess capitalism is a North American-wide endemic.

Getting straight to the business at hand (man, these puns are just getting easier), clicking on the "Bruno B Girls" link on the toolbar brings up page one of the videos. Each video is described (not inaccurately, but a little sensationalist) and has 4 thumbnails that give you the feel of the scene. 9 videos per page, 14 pages of videos. Do the math and that's a lot more girls than you've ever had sex with, let alone on camera. Maybe there's something to this frat boy look... Anyway, there are both low and high speed versions of each video set and also a photo section (containing mid-quality 720X480 vidcaps- no seperate photo shoots here). The low quality vids clock in at the following resolutions: WMA56 (144X96) is awful. Barely an animated .GIF. If you find a real way to masturbate to this, you should get some sort of prize. A sad, sad prize. At this size, a three minute video is 1Mb. WMA128 is about 6Mb for a similarly-sized (180X120) 7 minute video. Slightly improved framerate and more audible audio still don't make this one worth your time. You'd be better off making a flip book.

MPEG350 runs about 13Mb for a 5 minute video at 213X160 and, while the quality still isn't killer, it's also not completely worthless. If you've got a slower connection, I'd say it's worth it to stay on the higher end of the low scale here. Blowing it up to full screen unleashes a hoarde of ghosting and digital artifacting, but you should be able to stretch it to a reasonable size.

The high quality videos come in the following flavors: WMA228 runs at 352X240 resolution and holds up relatively reasonable to a full screen stretch at 4Mb for a 2 minute vid. MPEG650 is a significantly larger download at 37Mb for a 7 minute video and only 312X240 resolution. It holds up moderately better at full screen, but there is still significant softness. The WMA700 video runs at 352X240 resolution with a 4 minute video running about 27Mb. The quality here is much improved, though I'd be hesitant to call it "full screen quality." It will do, though. Please note that the "Content Quality" rating for this site is actually "Video Quality" as the pictures are hardly worth mentioning.

Content-wise, I must say, Bruno leaves something to be desired. Okay, so he has sex with girls and someone else tapes it. So what? What's the hook? There really is none. In fact, a lot of the dialogue between Bruno and his girls is in French and, as I'm a tragically undereducated American and speak only English and Spanish, the dirty talk is lost on me. There is an extreme lack of variation here. He talks to the girl in French for a few minutes, phones in some cunnilingus, gets his dick sucked, then fucks them and cums on her face.
Not exactly genius, but I guess some people like to stick with the classics. Occasionally there's a threesome or foursome and some anal, but other than that, expect some pretty vanilla sex here. Again, there's nothing wrong with that, I just don't see anything here that would turn my head.

The real genius of is not the exclusive content, though. On top of his own stuff, you get complete access to the amazing sister site Lesbo 101 and the pretty okay sister site Hardcore Training (both of which have been previously reviewed here). On top of those premium sites is an absolutely huge list of third party stuff, from Holio, DVDtv, and pretty much every major third party content provider. It's an absolute goldmine here. On top of that there's a good number of live feed sites (which, to be honest, are pretty much all scams to get you to pay for private time, as usual). A page full of interactive sites adds to the fun and a wealth of third party pictures is at your fingertips as well.


The exclusive content, as I mentioned, is pretty vanilla. While I'd love to tell you that the third party content makes up for the run-of-the-mill exclusives, that wouldn't be quite fair. What the third content adds is value, not quality.
Let's face it, without the third party content, Bruno B is just another guy taping himself having sex with some decent-looking chicks. There's really not much special about that.

However, the sheer volume of said original content is a boon to its lagging originality. I don't want to be too hard on ole Bruno here, as the physical quality of the content is acceptable and this vanilla format is very popular these days. I just would like another flavor in his arsenal.

In defense of Bruno and his format, it should probably be mentioned that he was an originator of this type of site. His format has been copied for many years now (see Mike's Apartment, etc.) and he's never really gotten credit for it. That being said, I would like to think that Bruno's ingenuity and creativity are of such a level that he can go beyond the limits he set for himself and blaze a new trail, just like he did a few years back with this current format.


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