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Adult Rental review

Summary: Adult Rental is one of the better Video-on-demand sites out there. Variety is good from mainstream porn to fetish flicks. Movies are available as streaming in bandwidth from dialup to 2 mbps broadband.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-05-16

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Intro promises

“Welcome to Adult Rental! Are you ready to experience the net's most comprehensive Adult Video collection? You will enjoy crystal clear movies featuring the world's hottest and latest xXx action.”

First impression

Adult Rental is a video on demand site that offers you the opportunity to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it; in other words, you virtually “rent” the movies at Adult Rental, a cyber-video superstore where you can stream full movies for seventy-two hours at a time or pay by the minute to view the flicks (movies are not downloadable) — you purchase your desired block of minutes and they are immediately applied to your account upon successful completion of your transaction. Once you select and begin watching your favorite movie(s), Adult Rental will automatically deduct the minutes you watch from your account — minutes are deducted to the second and your account balance will reflect your remaining total in real time. You can see your balance on Adult Rental as soon as you log in — detailed account information can be found by following the link underneath your balance. Minutes never expire or run out on Adult Rental, so you can take your time exploring the site’s cavernous archive of content. If you purchase the price package with the most minutes (six hundred and twenty-five minutes for fifty bucks), then you’ll be paying just eight cents per minute! And, best of all, there are no late fees at Adult Rental cos there are no videos to return! Goodbye, video store — hello, Adult Rental!


625 min for $49.95
350 min for $29.95
225 min for $19.95
125 min for $14.95
70 min for $9.95
25 min for $4.75
10 min for $1.99

Payment options include credit card, check, EuroDebit, Direct-Pay Europe and mail.

Our opinion

Open up Adult Rental in your browser and you’ll have three options: enter straight videos, enter gay videos or enter eZine. Being an illiterate homophobe, I entered the straight videos area of Adult Rental. The members area of Adult Rental displays new releases and popular videos. The left side of each page on Adult Rental has a navigation bar which allows folks to search for movies on the site. Movies can be searched by star, category and studio (there are close to sixty-five categories, over two hundred studios and hundreds of performers). Did you find some movies you like and want to revisit later? No problem, you can add your favorite movies to a special area of Adult Rental for later use.

Adult Rental is better than your local video store in the respect that it has many more movies available for viewing than your local store could possibly fit in its dark back room behind the beaded curtain and “adults only” sign. It is impossible to give you the exact number of movies available for download on Adult Rentals, but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that there are over twenty thousand full-length DVDs in the site’s archive; though none of the content on the site is date stamped, it looks to me like multiple titles are added to Adult Rental every day. While the vast majority of the DVDs are non-exclusive, Adult Rental has bought the rights to about four thousand of the twenty or so thousand titles available, so there is some stuff here that you won’t find on any other site.

Click on a video that looks promising and you’ll be taken to its homepage, which provides interesting facts about the flick (running time, performers, director, etc.), displays a handful of screen captures from the video and presents the front and back cover images of the DVD in question. For the most part, each movie has been divided up into scenes and each scene has been divided into three or four segments for your viewing pleasure. The movies can be streamed in a number of different speeds (ultra, high, medium, dialup and high definition) and automatically open in a new window in Windows Media Player. The videos look great (especially in high definition), but they do tend to be a bit pixilated. Playback is a bit choppy and it seems like the videos are constantly buffering depending on your connection.


Adult Rental is certainly one of the better video on demand sites I’ve seen. If you’re looking for a place to download movies, then Adult Rental isn’t for you (you may want to check out a DVD download site instead); however, if you don’t want to pay a monthly charge for content that you aren’t going to be checking out regularly, then Adult Rental and its pay by the minute price is definitely for you. Adult Rental is the perfect site for premature ejaculators.

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