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AEBN review

Summary: AEBN provides an extensive collection of new and old movies available on demand. Rates are reasonable, but quality options are not the best we've seen and not the most flexible either.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-04-06

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Intro promises

The Best Place to Watch Adult Movies
No Membership Fees
No Recurring Billing
Streaming Movie Rentals
Downloadable Movies
24 Hour Customer Service

First impression

AEBN, which bills itself as “the best place to watch adult movies,” is the website for porn fans with short attention spans. You pay by the minute at AEBN, which is sort of like a high-tech peepshow booth. But unlike an analog peepshow booth, you won’t have to concern yourself with the prospect of getting anybody else’s jism on your penny loafers, unless you live with an especially inconsiderate roommate (and, dude, if you do live with a guy who ejaculates all over the floor and doesn’t clean up the mess, then you should totally kick him out — it’s bad enough that he makes all those long distance phone calls that he never pays for!).


[Updated 2008-03]

$84.95 - 1000 minutes
$49.95 - 500 minutes
$29.95 - 300 minutes
$19.95 - 200 minutes
$11.95 - 100 minutes
$8.95 - 60 minutes
$5.95 - 30 minutes
$3.95 - 15 minutes

One movie - $7.95 for 48 hours

One movie - 7 days for $9.95, 30 days for $12.95, Own it for $19.95

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, online checks, Epassporte, PayCash

Payment processor: AEBN

Our opinion

Get a free account at AEBN and you’ll have a few options to choose from: you can download the videos for seven days, you can download ‘em for thirty days, you can rent the movies for forty-eight hours (which will allow you to stream them as many times as you want for two days) or you can pay by the minute to watch ‘em. If you choose to stream the videos instead of downloading ‘em, be prepared to get frustrated. As is the case with all streaming videos, you will have to wait for the videos to buffer before you can view them and, as if that’s not bad enough, you will most likely get kicked off while trying to watch the clips. A lot. If you try to fast-forward through the clips, you’ll likely lose your connection, so it’s in your best interest to just sit there and watch the clips in their entirety no matter how boring the clips might be or how much you’re paying to watch ‘em. Basically, you have to have the patience of a saint to stream these videos. God forbid you should try to use this site on a dial-up!

Each pay-per-minute video is cut up into clips that can be viewed with Real Player or Windows Media Player. If you use the Windows Media Player to watch the clips, then you can choose from four speeds to stream: 56, 225, 512 and 2048. If you use Real Player or try to stream some of the older videos on the site, you won’t have the option of using 2048, which is probably for the best — although the picture is bigger and better when you use 2048, the videos tend to be VERY choppy and almost unwatchable (though, to be fair, my connection may not be fast enough to handle 2048). I found that 512 is generally the best speed to utilize. Regardless, the movies look alright, but are streamed in pretty small boxes, especially if you choose to use the slower speeds to stream ‘em. On the plus side, there are a ton of videos on this site. Most anything you can think of is here, from ‘70s classics to anilingus; Christ, there’s even amputee porn on this site, for crying out loud! And if you have a favorite starlet, she’s probably here too, from Aaliyah Jolie to Zsolt Walton and everyone in between. Hell, I searched for Joann Angel, an alt-porn queen whose first video came out in 2005, and found six of her features on AEBN! Not too shabby.


If you can cum really quickly (and I mean REALLY quickly), then streaming pay-per-view videos at AEBN will probably save you some major dough (it would certainly be cheaper than renting or buying videos at the store). Many of us, though, can’t blow a load in two minutes, so AEBN probably works best for most as a Consumer Reports of smut — the clever consumer can watch a few minutes of a video on this site and decide if it’s worth buying at the store. In that respect, AEBN could save you a lot of money and heartache — never again will you buy a video and be disappointed with its contents! Won’t that be nice?

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