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Adult Rental review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Adult Rental is a large VOD site representing titles from more than 100 studios. All video scenes are streaming only and is charged per second from a prepaid account. Formats are either Windows Media or Flash video, and MP4 downloads are available at an extra fee, as well as rentals. The site's variety and size are its strong points. The pricing and viewing options are rather average and don't stand out much from what other VOD sites offer.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-05-18

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Intro promises

-Over 50,000+ full-length adult DVDs
-Over 100+ niches
-HD downloads
-Major studio releases available form names like Pink Visual, Wicked and Adam and Eve

First impression

Adult Rental is basically an open book in the sense that you can dig around and look for models, DVD series and scenes without creating an account. You can experience just about full functionality, trying out search tools, browsing their categories and seeing what sort of range is available. You will need to create an account and buy minutes to view content, however, but that's as it should be. I took the time to really nose around the collection here and so long as things don't change after login they seem to have at least made good on promises for over 50,000 DVDs and the range of niches they cover. I got a membership and some minutes to see if the other promises, like the HD downloads, were true as well.


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Our opinion

Before talking about Adult Rental specifically, I want to talk about Video On Demand (VOD) porn sites in general. If you're already familiar with the concept and know that it's the right system for you as a porn consumer, skip the following paragraph. If you want to read more on what VOD is and who it's good for, read the following paragraph.

Video On Demand sites only charge you for the actual time you spend watching the videos, versus conventional subscription-based websites that charge you a flat fee per month and give you unlimited access to all content. In almost all cases, a subscription site is going to work out best if you watch and download a LOT of porn, we're talking more than 30 minutes of viewing a day--actual viewing time, that is. Don't count the time you spend surfing the site, looking at preview thumbnails and finding scenes. If you watch less than that, or just want to have a good place to go to grab a porn flick or a full DVD when you're in the mood, VOD works well. Even if you only need 10-20 minutes of porn to watch a day for a quick jerk session, VOD can save you a lot of money. Since you only pay for the minutes you spend actually watching the scenes, you end up spending much less. If you're watching more than 30 minutes a day, EVERY day, then VOD may not be the way to go.

At Adult Rental they actually charge you by the second, which is a great feature. Some sites will charge you a full minute, even if you only watched 5 seconds of a scene. The system keeps very good track of time use based on my testing. The cost per minute isn't too expensive, either. If you buy for $29.95 (a standard subscription fee for most sites) you'll have 350 minutes to use, which works out to just $0.08 per minute, roughly. If you watch 10 minutes of a video each day, this plan gives you more than enough time for a full month. If you end up only watching something a few times a week, you end up saving money, since you can save those minutes for the next month. Personally I'd go with the $49.95 package and grab the 625 minutes all at once up front. That drops the cost by about a half cent per minute, which adds up in the long run.

So far so good. I've already mentioned in my First Impressions that the site has a huge selection, and logging in nothing changed. You still find just a massive volume of DVD porn here. There are over a hundred Studios, among them big names like Hustler, Evil Empire and Adam and Eve. DVDs range from recent releases to classic porn collections. You are able to browse the site by pornstar, studio, top rated, new releases and even add on filters to show only DVDs with Flash videos, downloadable scenes or that are new.

When it comes to media options, Adult Rental leaves something to be desired. This is their one weak spot, in my opinion, though in the VOD market in general options tend to be less than ideal. When I'm going to be streaming porn per-minute, I want to have a Flash player, something that lets me fast-forward in the scene instantly and not have to wait for it to download, or watch minutes of action that I'm not interested in to get to the parts I am. Some of the DVDs here have Flash streaming capabilities, but it appears to be mostly older DVDs, not the newer releases. Why they don't just provide a Flash video option for all scenes is beyond me. Another negative is that some scenes didn't seem to have the right aspect ratio meaning that a widescreen video was stretched into a regular 4:3 video. That is a major bummer.

The Flash videos look great when set to High-Definition, though they aren't really HD. They play in a 520x390 window. You can expand to full-screen and they still look pretty good though. The rest of the streaming options you'll find will be in Windows Media Format, either embedded in a pop-up window or in your Windows Media Player if you prefer. If you're on a Mac computer these do work, but pop up in a separate window. On Mac you need a special QuickTime plugin to play the WMV files, too. These have various settings: WMV 'HD' Stream 506x369, playing at 519 kbits; WMV Ultra 512x384,playing at 159 kbits; and WMV High Speed 512x384, playing at 36 kbits. There's a low quality Dial Up option, too.

Some scenes have download options. You can download scenes from the DVDs separately that play at 640x480 pixels and have a 1.61 Mbps bit rate. These are in MP4 format, optimized for use on iPods and PSPs. These you have to pay seperately for, $4.95 each. You can't apply your minutes to them. Same goes for renting DVDs, which vary in price.

There are no photographs or bonus sites. It's all about the DVD porn here, and watching it on a per-minute streaming basis or renting it for up to 72 hours.


As far as VOD sites go, Adult Rental has one of the better selections and websites. In terms of price and video options they are rather average. A few flaws such as not having Flash streaming options for all movies was a real bummer, especially since the newer ones are mostly WMV-only. Still, for those seeking a VOD solution, this is a pretty good option.


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