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Hot Movies review

Summary: Hot Movies is one of the leading Video on demand sites. It features a very extensive archive as well as the newest adult titles available for streaming and in some cases download. Ideal if you prefer viewing only the good parts of a movie.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-03-20

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Intro promises

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First impression

Can it be true? Can Hot Movies really have over sixty thousand movies from over fourteen hundred studios in its enormous archive of hot movies? And can you really download all of this smut for only eight cents a minute?! Yes and yes! Hot Movies, like many other DVD download sites, is like an adult video store right in your computer (how convenient!), thus insuring you may never have to leave the house again, except to buy food, unless you just order pizza each day, in which case you may never have to leave your house again! However, unlike most porn sites, Hot Movies is a pay-per-view video site, meaning there is no monthly membership fee; instead, you sign up for free and buy time to watch the movies.

You see, Hot Movies is a video-on-demand site, one that contains a gargantuan selection of dirty movies in a wide variety of niches, genres and categories. Granted, most of the content on Hot Movies isnít exclusive to Hot Movies. This is not to say that everything on the site is stuff you can easily find elsewhere; for example, there is an exclusive section on Hot Movies with three hundred and sixty-six titles so far as well as a lot of hard-to-find amateur and fetish titles available for viewing. Also, all the new titles from Anarchy Films and Elegant Angel get cyber-released on Hot Movies before you can see them anywhere else. In other words, the amount and variety of content on Hot Movies is excellent and is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.


[Prices updated Sep. 2008]

1000 minutes $86.95*
515 minutes $49.95*
300 minutes $29.95*
200 minutes $19.95*
120 minutes $14.95
69 minutes $9.95
25 minutes $4.95
10 minutes $2.45
Pay-As-You-Go minutes $0.15

*Includes Free Phone Sex

Certain titles are actually available for purchase on individual basis. The purchased movie can then be downloaded and viewed for either a limited or unlimited period of time.

Our opinion

Though Hot Movies is a truly massive site, it is still somehow relatively easy to navigate. The site is well designed, so itís easy to browse around and find movies and scenes to watch. You can search for content by category, studio or star. You can also browse by series, directors, most popular, recently added, etc. Not only is Hot Movies easy to navigate, but itís also easy to manage, as thereís a handy account center that allows members to buy time, view downloads and rentals, browse favorite clips and catalog content by personal preferences, all in one convenient spot.

It should be noted that the hot movies on Hot Movies are not actually downloadable and can only be streamed in decent quality Windows Media. I realize this may be a deal-breaker for some folks and I probably shouldíve mentioned this sad fact earlier in the review (sorry). And though the newer movies are being encoded at one megabyte/minute a piece, I canít honestly say that the clips on Hot Movies look that great. I mean, they look okay, but they are a bit washed out for my tastes and playback tends to be a bit herky-jerky. The real benefit of joining Hot Movies is having the ability to sample countless skin flicks to purchase on DVD later.

If youíre a quick shooter (and, really, arenít we all quick shooters in our own way?), then this pay-as-you-go (or is it pay-as-you-come?) jazz can end up saving you some major dollar bills. For the cost of a membership to an average movie site you can get yourself about three hundred minutes at Hot Movies. Hot Movies also offers free porn star interviews and movie specials where certain videos are available for around five cents a minute instead of the regular eight to fifteen cents a minute price. Each movie can also be rented for forty-eight hours for about six bucks, meaning itís yours to stream and watch as many times as you want for two whole days. Obviously, the renting option would be far better if you could actually download the movies to your hard drive to keep forever, but visitors to Hot Movies will just have to make do with the streaming movies for the time being.


Iíll point out again that Hot Movies really pays off if you use it as a way to sample movies that you already want to pick up on DVD ó paying a handful of pocket change to get a taste of a movie is obviously a better idea than buying the DVD on a lark and getting burned. The benefits of a pay-per-view system really come down to how much time you are going to spend online watching porn. If you watch a fair amount of porn for lengthy periods, a paid membership to another site would be more beneficial to you; however, if you donít watch often or you only watch for short periods of time, then pay-per-view is for you and Hot Movies is a great place to start.

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Jessica D.
2010-01-05 15:23:55

Hi Jessica D. from here - just wanted to update you that we have met and surpassed 135,000 movies at this point. Thanks for the kind review of course!