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Hot Movies is colossal. It now has 1,153,405 scenes taken from 231,039 Videos, and these are all from 2,300 different studios. They also have 125,000 models and they continue adding multiple time a day, every day. In fact, just in one week recently, they added 200 scenes to this already mega-huge site and it seems they are growing bigger by the hour. New releases can be streamed in 1080p HD which is a great quality improvement.

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Summary: Hot Movies is a massive VOD Porn archive with over 1,153,405 movies to browse and watch. You'll find thousands of pornstars, lots of variety and new material added daily. The streaming Windows Media and Silverlight videos could be better quality and they are really the only area of the site that needs to be improved. Regardless, the selection is going to make up for it and this site will be worth joining if your viewing habits match those described below.

Jerry Fritz, 2019-02-06

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Intro promises

- Over 1,153,405 Videos On Demand
- No monthly fees
- Streaming videos
- Download videos

First impression

Hot Movies is a massive VOD Porn site where you'll be able to have your pick of over 1,153,405 videos according to the tour page. I really love sites like this because you don't even have to sign up to nose around and see what's what. That's because the site is 100% transparent. You can browse through the entire catalog, check out which scenes are available and much more, then sign up and buy minutes when you find something you like and want to see. VOD sites aren't the best solution for all surfers but they are a great way to go for many, so let's see if this site has a good deal to offer and if it suits your porn watching ways.


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Our opinion

Before diving into what Hot Movies has to offer you as a surfer, I wanted to just briefly touch on how VOD sites work and who they work best for. VOD means Video On Demand, and instead of paying a monthly fee for access, you're only going to pay for the minutes of porn you actually watch. This is really an ideal setup for those that really only watch limited amounts of porn in any given month. When I say watch, I mean watch. How many minutes are you actually viewing a video that is loaded and playing? If the answer is just a few minutes a day (not counting browsing time) then a VOD site is something worth considering as you'll get more selection and pay much less than a flat monthly fee based site.

Now, let's settle in and have a look around Hot Movies. The site promised us access to over 1,153,405 and that was no exaggeration. Compare this to 231,039 DVDs that the typical DVD Archive site has available. There is an ungodly amount of porn here to be viewed. There are literally thousands of famous pornstars appearing on this site and most of them in multiple series and videos. Recent bombshells and classic porn Divas are both included. The variety doesn't end there. These beautiful bunnies can be found in just about every type of action, from bizarre fetishes to intense hardcore sex. You'll find anal, teen sex, double penetration, group sex, lesbian sex, orgies, BDSM, emo girls, oil fetishes, foot fetishes, legs and nylons and so much more here.

It's really a good idea if you come in with some idea of what you're interested in, because you'll need to give the site some direction as to what you want. There are a couple ways to get started. You can type in your own query, like a girl's name or a sexual act, and get a list of scenes and DVDs that apply (you can choose to list results by title, star or "any"). You can go to a more advanced search option where you can plug in longer queries and look within certain categories, certain directors, certain studios, etc. Basically you can get really finessed. If you don't know all that well what you want you might just jump into browse by category, studio, star, series or tags. If you're open to anything, just jump into the scenes and browse by top rated or most recent. It's as nuanced or as open as you want it to be.

Thanks to all the great search functions the huge library doesn't feel quite as massive as you can get a leg up on it and find what you want fast. Once you do you'll get a few quality options to stream it, with the default being 1280x720p, with newer content coming in at 1920x1080p.

If you want to download a file then you have another set of options, but they all cost money apart from the minutes you've purchased. You can rent it for a few days for a few bucks or purchase it for all time. When you rent it the videos are DRM Protected so after the seven days are up it won't work. If you purchase it to keep, then you won't have to worry about it. I really only recommend buying a DVD if you find yourself revisiting the scenes over and over, otherwise just sample the bits you like and pay for the minutes as you go. It will be cheaper.

Updates are made daily to the library as the selection expands further so you have no worries of running dry of material, new or old.


Hot Movies is a massive VOD porn site with one of the largest selections to choose from that I've seen online. The WMV streaming movies don't look too hot and the Silverlight streams could be better too, but overall I think this will be a great deal thanks to the competitive prices and sheer bulk of material to choose from.


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