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New all-girl sorority site: Haze Her

Hello Adult Reviews fans,

Lance here from BangBros once again. Once again I have also been blessed by my friends at AdultReviews to bring you latest in the adult community.

Haze Her sceneI have some very, very exciting news today. We have released the monster, the monster being This site is nothing like you have ever seen before. You are all seeing this release first here at AdultReviews. They are the first ones on the web to announce everything from the BangBros, HazeCash and Program3 crew. Read the AdultReviews team's review of Haze her right here, but I wanted to give you all a chance to read more about it here nevertheless!

So to start out with this special introduction, this is a hazing site. If you are not familiar with the word haze, it is short and slang for unconventional punishment usually in a frat/sorority environment. This site is comprised of a sorority environment, meaning all females. These females are not your usual porn females. They are real sorority girls, and you cannot doubt nor ignore this just by their young untarnished physical features.

Haze Her sceneSo now that you know what kind of talent and what type of site we are bringing in, I shall get to the good stuff! So when you first go to Haze Her to the enter page, you can definitely see that you are in no way in any clichť or any known niche environment right off. Donít be frightened. Once you enter you will be enlightened, delightfully surprised, and thankful you visited AdultReviews today for them to bring you this exceptional gift. So you have made it into the site. Inside you will find a collection of girls getting punished and hazed in the most extreme and intricate ways ending with soft-core/hardcore sex. Literally every imaginable fantasy of lesbian sex, hazing, and punishment you will find it here.

The site explores the darker side of sorority life and crosses it over into the best girl on girl fucking you have ever seen. These girls do things you have never seen in adult entertainment and are treated in a way by each other you havenít even dreamt of in your wildest dreams. This is a not pornstar site per say but if you are into new amateur real sites. This is the site for you. The memberís area provides long scenes, interesting situations, and madness.

Interesting situations I say this because you have never seen a scissor fuck before. This is literally what it sounds like, 4-8 girls fucking all at the same time. Have fun trying to imagine this; itís something you have to see to believe. Trust me on this. I say madness because the harsh hazing and the way they do the hazing is crazy, quite literally. Also because of the sex, the sex scenes are comparable to nothing. I was speechless when I seen the first video. And that was just a warm up as this site is incredibly versatile. I thought I had seen it all till I seen this site. Have fun. And it was my pleasure.

Lance Chris
(@Pornographers)on twitter

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BangBros news: Pornstar Spa

Hello Adult Reviews fans,

Pornstar Spa shotLance here from BangBrosNetwork coming straight to you from Miami, FL. I am new to blogging and reviewing so bear with me as I am not a professional writer. A little bit about my position here at BangBros. I am the business development for the straight development here and I thoroughly enjoy my job! Adult Reviews has blessed me with the opportunity to reach our fans. So I am going to try to introduce some new sites and some smaller cool niche sites that donít get promoted very often.

So to start my first blog/review I would like to introduce our Porn Star Spa. This is in my personal top 5 favorite sites for a lot of different reasons. The main reason being I love pornstars. I love the fake tits the beautiful faces, the perfect ass just the thoroughbred of a female that says I'm a fuckin' pornstar not an amateur. Also our Porn Star Spa has the best of these thoroughbred stars including Lisa Ann, Diamond Kitty, and one of my personal favorites Nicole Aniston.

Pornstar Spa shotSo to sum up this site itís usually a girl after working out or doing something of this nature than opting to have a massage. So they are either going to the spa or calling in a personal masseuse. So it begins by the masseuse oiling up the girl, and this is greatest part. The reasoning behind this is because when youíre oiling up a pornstar they are almost always voluptuous instead of an all-natural or an amateur girl. It is great to see the hands pressing against those big tits and big round asses and all the way up and down the thighs. Remember all these girls in this site are beautiful and the best. So while this goes on, it is one of the rare sites that actually builds up real anticipation instead of some bullshit talking for 15 minutes. The scene is automatically sexy from the beginning all the way to the climax.

Pornstar Spa shotAfter initiating the massage we get straight to the hard sex. The sex scenes are great bearing in mind the girls are oiled up and already very turned on. The best thing about these sex scenes is they are LONG! Finally a site that builds up anticipation, and a great long sex scene. The Nicole Aniston video for example they fuck for a long 15 minutes. And ladies and gentlemen this is how we roll at Bangbros we still think highly in a sex scene. Instead of other porn pay sites they may talk or foreplay and u might get to see 5 minutes worth of sex. Needless to say you will get your time and or moneyís worth with this site. Thank you for the time and have fun!

Keep it fancy,

Lance Chris
(@Pornographerz)on twitter

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So lately I have realized that it might be time to change my attitude towards something: Streaming videos vs. downloading videos.

The thing is that I have always considered streaming videos to be of far less value than downloadable videos. This has mainly been due to the fact that the quality of the streaming videos has been low compared to the downloaded versions. And the fact that you can't save a streaming video on your computer - it's simply the whole idea of streaming.

However, recently a lot has happened in the streaming technology and streaming videos can now in many cases compete with regular downloaded videos.

Another advantage to streaming videos is their whole concept - they stream and don't need to be downloaded to play and don't take up space on your hard drive. And especially for huge sites like Brazzers, Premium HD Videos, Reality Kings and others who add several new scenes daily, it makes more sense to watch a scene through streaming than to download it because you most likely don't watch that scene again afterwards. Unless it's an especially great one - in which case you can always just stream it again or simply download it.

The three sites I mentioned above all recently have implemented super high quality video streaming. That is of course the first and foremost important aspect when it comes to streaming - it needs to be great quality! You don't want to see the stream while being frustrated about the poor video quality with lots of compression artifacts and a 400x300 video size. You want the quality to be so good that you don't even consider that this is streaming video. This brings a potential problem given that good quality video streams require large server capacity and lightning fast internet connections.

All this doesn't mean that I think sites should only offer super high quality video streams. I think it should be the main focus for the site, but they should also provide a lower quality streaming version of the content as well as a downloadable version of it. All of the sites I mentioned above do just that luckily. And to illustrate how nice streaming video looks at the year 2011, take a look at the samples below.


This is a standard quality preview of their scenes which is 630x420 pixels. Inside the members area the best quality option is 980x554 pixels.

Reality Kings

Again this is only a standard quality preview. The best quality inside the members area is 960x540 pixels.

Premium HDV

The standard quality sample found below is a 640x400 pixel version. The members area holds 1230x690 pixel versions of all scenes. This is probably the closest you can get to streaming true HD quality video.

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Julia Ann - Queen of the MILFs

MILF Julia Ann from BrazzersIt is with slight embarrassment that I have to admit I first discovered one of the hottest MILF porn stars, Julia Ann, about two years ago. And that is despite both a profound fascination for MILFs & cougars and working in the adult business for almost a decade now. But up until then she simply was not on my radar. The reason for this: Through much of her career she was a Vivid contract girl and later until 2007 a Wicked contract girl. It wasn't until after this point I started seeing her in content from various sites.

But why you might ask. If you are not familiar with Wicked and Vivid, they are some of the most acclaimed porn film producers and have created countless big budget and high-end porn movies featuring extremely beautiful porn stars. The thing is that their porn is too soft and "erotic" for my personal taste. They put a lot of effort into story line, building sets and setting light. Personally I am more into gonzo porn where the girl is in focus all the time with plenty of close ups and explicit views.

And since Julia Ann started to appear in such movies from that point on, I eventually noticed her when a friend of mine sent a link to a scene with her in it. Since then she has become one of my favorite MILFs and I think she is easily one of the top 5 most beautiful women in porn.

What made me write this post about her was a recent update found on Day With a pornstar which is a site in the Brazzers network. Her chemistry with her male co-star Johnny Sins is simply extraordinary and the scene is simply highly enjoyable from start to finish with a S T U N N I N G looking Julia Ann worshipping Johnny's huge cock followed by an intense and passionate pussy licking for Ms. Ann leading up to a serious fuck session. See for yourself in the trailer below.

Busty MILF Julia Ann from Naughty AmericaI have collected a few links to see content starring Julia Ann on various sites that we have reviewed:

Brazzers (11 scenes -- including anal!) | Read our review of Brazzers

Naughty America (9 scenes plus 10 archived live shows) | Read our review of Naughty America

ZTOD (15 scenes) | Read our review of ZTOD

Third Movies (11 scenes) | Read our review of Third Movies

VideoBox (10 scenes) | Read our review of VideoBox

Aziani (5 videos and 5 HQ photo sets) | Read our review of Aziani

Reality Kings (2 scenes) | Read our review of Reality Kings

Bang Bros (2 scenes) | Read our review of Bang Bros

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Interview: Homegrown Video

A while ago we posted a series of interviews with webmasters of different pay sites. Here is another one. This time with the guy from the hugely popular amateur porn site, Homegrown Video.

Question: First off, I wanted to ask how did you come into the adult genre?
Answer: My wife and I started out as submitters to the original Homegrown Video in 1992, when the internet was still just a bunch of bbs'.

Question: What made you decide to launch your own adult site?
Answer: We started as a way to publish all the content that was archived by Homegrown Video since 1982, when the company was originally founded. It was our way to show all the pix and the UNCUT versions of the videos that had been submitted to us by people sending us their homemade sex movies from all over the world.

Question: Do you operate any other sites?
Answer: Just two sites: Homegrown Video and Homegrown Wives.

Question: You've been in the business for over 20 years. Could you share your insights regarding the niches that you cover?
Answer: We are entirely dedicated to preserving the integrity of REAL amateur content, but we have also launched a bunch of niche themed content based on what our fans love the most. For example, every Wednesday is "cream pie" Wednesday. We also have video series dedicated to hairy bush, deepthroat, horny over 40, barely legal lesbians, and more.

Question: In this industry members are generally considered as the lifeblood of the business. What is the best thing about your members?
Answer: Our members realize that we are "real," and they know the difference between authentic amateur and the so-called amateur being pushed by most other sites. Our fans are the kind of discerning audience that loves to give us feedback. In return, we love to cater to what they truly like.

Question: What do you dislike regarding the members?
Answer: There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about our members. We literally have fans that have been with us since 1982. That is dedication!

Question: The competition in online porn is growing tighter by the day. What makes your Homegrown Video different from your competition?
Answer: Homegrown Video is unique in several ways. We have exclusive content going all the way back to 1982. In fact, Homegrown Video is THE ORIGINAL company to distribute authentic home sex videos and today has the largest library of amateur porn on the planet. We update daily with vids and pix. The fan following for our content is very dedicated, and we enjoy an active community that participates in our site through reviews and message boards.

Question: Let's change the gears a bit and talk about what goes on behind the scenes of Homegrown Video. How do you choose the themes?
Answer: Our members tell us what they want to see, and we try our best to accommodate them as long as it is legal.

Question: What about the story lines? Who comes up with them?
Answer: We don't typically have story lines. Our content is primarily amateurs having fun sex with an occasional interview.

Question: Content updates are really important in this business. Just how often do you shoot photo shoots?
Answer: We get new content delivered every day of the week from people all over the world. We try hard to use as much as possible.

Question: Have you worked with different photographers?
Answer: We work a huge variety of people that submit videos to us.

Question: What about the models? How do you choose them?
Answer: We choose content based on enthusiasm of the performers. We would rather have an average looking couple having a lot of fun than a super beautiful couple who looks bored. Our fans know the difference between the real and the fake.

Question: What more can we expect from Homegrown Video?
Answer: Homegrown Video will continue to expand and develop its community. We are going to increase the frequency of our updates, add a member to member cam system that will allow our members to have private cam sex in addition to our existing cam system, and launch a mobile version of Homegrown Video.

Read our Homegrown Video review

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Hot Video Box scene of the week: Katja Kassin

In this week's free porn scene from Video Box, we explore the German vixen Katja Kassin who is a legendary porn chick with a big ass and sexy curves.

She stars in no less than 165 scenes on Video Box. Most of these feature hardcore anal sex. That is also the case for this scene from Destination Dirtpipe vol 1. In addition to anal sex, it also features anal play with whipped cream.

Get more Katja Kassin pornon VideoBox

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Hot Video Box scene of the week: POV fucking

In porn there's a few different shooting styles. For example one is known as POV (point of view) ie. lets the viewer feel like he is the part of the movie and that the girl(s) perform their sexual acts on you.

This technique can work very well if done correctly and it can work pretty bad if not. And some guys are actually pretty great at doing this kind of porn. One POV series I like is Fucking Me POV.

On Video Box there is 226 DVDs with 1676 scenes with a POV theme.

Today's scene is from Fucking Me POV #3 and features Carmen McCarthy.

Get more Carmen McCarthy pornon VideoBox

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Hot Video Box scene of the week: Japanese porn

I think we have all heard things about Japanese porn. Some say that Japan is home of the most twisted and strange porn and ironically many Japanese porn movies are censored with mosaic patterns covering the genitals.

Video Box has a whole lot of Japanese porn on the site. In fact there is 125 complete DVDs with 748 scenes on the site.

I have found a good illustration of what typical Japanese porn is about. They seem to have a fetish for nurses, cream pies and playing with girls' pubic hair. At least all those elements are part of this scene.

The scene is from Pure Idol #8 and stars Rena Morikawa, a sexy chick with a hairy pussy and is up for anal and other things. She has 3 scenes on Videobox.

Get more Rena Morikawa pornon VideoBox

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Hot Video Box scene of the week: Lisa Ann

For this week's hot clip from Video Box, I have found a true MILF porn icon for us all to enjoy. Lisa Ann is one of the most popular MILFs in porn because of her incredible looks and stellar performance in all her scenes. And she has that elegant mature look to her that we all love. Her bubble butt and huge boobs probably hasn't hurt her either.

So this scene with Lisa Ann is from Momma Knows Best and she gets a decent fucking from Mr Pete.

Get more Lisa Ann pornon VideoBox

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Hot Video Box scene of the week: Sara Jay

In this week's hot VideoBox episode it's all about the ass, baby! Big asses to be specific. The badonkadonk. It stars black porn star Pinky and "white woman in a black woman's body" Sara Jay. Both girls have bubble butts that will impress most ass fans.

In this scene they play around with each other and a huge strap-on dildo. And show why they both have a reputation for being capable of handling even the largest black cock.

The scene is from Nuttin' Butt Pinky which is one of the 7,498 DVD's available for VideoBox members.

For even more Sara Jay check out the official Sara Jay site.

Get more Sara Jay pornon VideoBox

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