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Alternadudes review

Summary: Alterna Dudes is one of the only sites out there that focuses on the alt guys in gay porn, and when it comes to picking up the guys they do a great job. The collection itself needs to be much larger, and the updates need to be a bit more consistent. Other than that, it is definitely worth the look if you get off on these kind of guys, because you aren't going to find them easily elsewhere.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-09-02


alt gay guys, amateur emo guys, goth gay guys

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First impression

Alterna Dudes takes on the world of alt guys, skaters, surfers, punks, goths, emos, and pretty much any guy that doesn't fall into the 'normal' spectrum. These guys range all over from looks to body types, and are sexy amateurs through and through. There's body art and piercings galore, along with some of the wildest hair colors and styles that you'll ever see.

There's certainly enough goth and emo guys out there in the music circuit to make you wonder why there aren't more representations of this particular demographic in gay porn. Alterna Dudes is doing its best to fill up this hole, and right off the bat they certainly have the style down. The main member's area has a dark and very alt style design, and the latest updates greet you.


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Our opinion

Alterna Dudes is a very unique site, and given that I love alt guys with a passion it's great to see a site with nothing but. There's a tag cloud at the very bottom that allows you to search with fairly good accuracy, and the main navigation gives you a few sections.

The first place I took a look at was the model directory, in order to see whether they have all of their promised alt boys in here. There looks to be plenty of variety, and all of the guys seem to have that certain attitude that holds them apart from your typical amateur gay porn crowd. There are 19 episodes currently at Alterna Dudes, but it does not appear that they are updating at quite the rate they promise. There are certainly updates, but they seem to be on the slow side.

The action varies between solo masturbation, hardcore fucking, and even a threesome here and there. The guys are definitely into it, and although they might be amateurs they take to the cameras very quickly. The videos come in two versions there's your standard video, and then there's a music video. It's a neat touch that goes great with this niche.

There are four different qualities that you can watch the video in, and two different formats. The formats you get to choose between are MP4 and WMV. The MP4 is given in two qualities, Ipod at and large quality at 640x360 and 1 mbps, with the Ipod a bit lower at 900 kbps. The WMV is given in HQ, large, and medium, and these are shown at 640x360 and 1.72 mbps, 640x360 and 1 mbps, and 480x270 and 544 kbps respectively. The downloads are full scene only if that's a bit much for you to want to download, there is a Flash streaming option available in qualities low to high. You can save scenes to your favorites, but honestly with as small of a collection as they have, I daresay that you won't have much of a problem finding your way back to what you love.

Each video has a screencap set that will be useful to look over as you wait for your downloads to finish. There are over 50 photos per set, and you can browse through them with the standard gallery or a slideshow. Although they are caps, the quality is such that you might find yourself thinking these are actual photos. They did a great job on them, and they are shown at 959x540. You can download all the photos in one shot with a zip download, which is handy.


Alterna Dudes is a great and unique site that services one part of the gay porn world that few touch the alt world. The big problem is that the update schedule seems sporadic, and the collection is small. It is one of the only places you can find this kind of gay hardcore, however, so if you like what you see on the tour it's worth checking out.


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