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Lusting after fresh faced, new to the porn scene gay guys? In our gay amateur category, you'll find the sexiest amateur gay guys who might be a bit shy at first. Before long they're warming up to the camera though, opening up their pants to reveal eager cocks, looking around for another guy to suck off, and spreading their asses open for the ultimate amateur gay pleasure.

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Total 21 reviews
  • Now: $19.95 Was: $29.99
    Boy Fun Collection screenshot
    Boy Fun Collection
    Date: 2021-01-25

    Summary: There are so many twink and gay amateur sites out there that it makes me want to scream sometimes, but Boy Fun Collection makes it all better. This is THE go to site for those gay porn niches, and you are going to have to check it out at least once. They do everything right, the collection is almost all exclusive, and daily updates mean that you will never, ever get bored.

  • Chaos Men screenshot
    Chaos Men
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Chaos Men might sound like an odd name, but these lusty, manly gay amateurs are going to knock your socks off. The content quality is excellent, they have a great site setup, and the collection is gigantic. There's no reason not to join this site.

  • Now: $17.99 Was: $29.95
    Czech Hunter screenshot
    Czech Hunter
    Date: 2021-05-24

    Summary: Amateur Czech Guys get stopped on the streets, they're asked if they need money and they always do, and then they are asked what they are prepared to do for it. They always end up at least blowing the guy if not letting him fuck them. That's Czech Hunter content right there, and there's plenty of it, in HD and with easy and low-cost access. If you want Euro reality and straight to gay, gay for pay POV, then this is the site for you.

  • College Dudes screenshot
    College Dudes
    Date: 2021-01-26

    Summary: College Boys doesn't feature dorm room cams or anything like that, instead it's a college amateur site that features 18-21 year olds getting themselves into plenty of solo and hardcore action. The collection is large with frequent updates, and while it doesn't make a great first impression it ends up being solid overall.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Cody Cummings screenshot
    Cody Cummings
    Date: 2021-05-25

    Summary: Cody Cummings is a hunky, muscular bisexual guy that tends to walk on the man side way more than the times he hooks up with girls. There's just something about cock he can't deny. This HD solo gay pornstar site features a lot of action, and a lot of content. There's a few bumps in the road, but overall it's a very solid experience.

  • Now: $14.99 Was: $24.95
    Sean Cody screenshot
    Sean Cody
    Date: 2020-09-23

    Summary: Amateur porn doesn't have to be about grainy videos shot in hotel rooms where the camera tips and all you see is a pair of legs. You can get pro-quality porn from sites like Sean Cody where the cast are amateurs, but where the crew are not. This combo gives you hot videos, first-time porn boys, some more experienced and top-quality results. Check out or recent review and take a look; it's got over 2,679 videos to get you going.

  • Now: $17.99 Was: $29.99
    Reality Dudes screenshot
    Reality Dudes
    Date: 2020-09-17

    Summary: Amateur gay porn used to be a case of hiring someone who didn't mind being filmed fucking and then bunging up a video on your site. These days it's much more of an art and many sites pretend to film amateurs, but the movies you get are cleverly worked out and staged pro-movies made to look amateur. Meh. I like the read deal and at Reality Dudes, you find it. This seven-site offer in one network, gives you, among others, Dick Dorm where a guy holds a cam and tells his straight and gay mates what to do. They haze and party, drink and hang out and then they get sexy, intimae, into each other's asses and covered in cum. It's perfect reality porn and, via Reality Dudes, you can find its 1,051 movies.

  • Defiant Boyz screenshot
    Defiant Boyz
    Date: 2019-12-30

    Summary: Defiant Boyz is all about skaters and other amateur guys that you'll see right next door, getting as nasty as you could want. This site is run by Defiant Productions, who has been at it in the amateur gay porn scene for 10+ years and now they bring everything online. The collection is massive with a great update schedule, and the only real downfall is the fact that they need more browsing options.

  • Eric Deman screenshot
    Eric Deman
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: Any sort of gay porn or straight guy sneak peeks you can think of are shown at Eric Deman, but they take a particular delight in showing off athletes and celebrities in compromising and just damn sexy positions. The navigation and layout is a bit of a mess, but you are going to forget that once you see the size of this collection.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Next Door Pass screenshot
    Next Door Pass
    Date: 2010-10-05

    Summary: Take 8 of the hottest exclusive amateur gay sites out there, and offer them for one price. If you think that sounds like a winner, you're looking at a site that did just that. Next Door Pass features all of the Next Door Studio offerings, and you'll get to enjoy each and every one of these sites. The network setup itself is a bit odd, but it won't detract too much from your browsing experience.

  • SeeMyBF screenshot
    Date: 2009-12-23

    Summary: There are only a few gay amateur sites like See My BF out there, and I don't think any of them come close to the entertainment and collection that this site has. For amateur and self submitted photos and videos the quality is good, and the consistent updates give you plenty to look forward to.

  • Club Amateur USA screenshot
    Club Amateur USA
    Date: 2017-03-15

    Summary: Club Amateur USA is more than just amateurs - it features straight guys curious enough to explore their gay sides. This is a large site on the Bad Puppy network, and it has a good collection of videos, gorgeous amateurs, and a great network to back it all up.

  • Laughing Asians screenshot
    Laughing Asians
    Date: 2014-08-30

    Summary: Laughing Asians combines Asians of all shapes and sizes, tickling, and gay foot fetish to provide a unique, refreshing, and arousing experience that is truly unlike anything I've ever seen before. This is a must for tickling and foot fetish lovers, and if you're an Asian chaser that's the cherry on top.

  • Spunk Starz screenshot
    Spunk Starz
    Date: 2016-04-30

    Summary: Spunk Starz features cute first time on film gay amateurs sharing their most intimate of moments. The collection is a decent size, the updates come fast and furious as the guys, and the video quality is above average. If you're in the mood for some great first time action, stop through here.

  • His First Huge Cock screenshot
    His First Huge Cock
    Date: 2018-05-05

    Summary: His First Big Cock takes you on an adventure with plenty of massive dongs going right for these asses. The collection is available primarily in HD, with older episodes getting converted over. Along with the large collection, you get bonus access to Male Spectrum Pass for even more gay hardcore action.

  • Male Spectrum Pass screenshot
    Male Spectrum Pass
    Date: 2011-03-14

    Summary: Male Spectrum Pass is a gay hardcore megasite that has a good thousand episodes featuring all sorts of sexy amateurs and pornstars who are in the mood for a reaming. This megasite has a good sized collection and bonuses, but it does suffer when it comes to an easy to use layout for getting around the massive collection.

  • M2M Club screenshot
    M2M Club
    Date: 2011-01-11

    Summary: M2M Club is an amateur gay porn site that delivers plenty of content variety for a good price. You'll see pretty much every amateur gay porn niche around, but this collection is hampered a bit by a clunky interface and relatively low quality videos.

  • Gay College Sex Parties screenshot
    Gay College Sex Parties
    Date: 2011-04-01

    Summary: Gay College Sex Parties is the wildest ride through higher education that you've ever seen. These naughty gay amateurs enjoy the parties every chance that they get, making sure they're sampling a wide variety of dick. The HD videos look good, but the update schedule is remarkably slow as of late.

  • Gay Blind Date Sex screenshot
    Gay Blind Date Sex
    Date: 2009-07-28

    Summary: Gay Blind Date Sex under delivers in every aspect, from video quality to misleading tour claims. If you're looking to get into the bonus network you should stop by, but if you're just after the content from this site, you should look elsewhere.

  • Alternadudes screenshot
    Date: 2020-06-30

    Summary: If you want to know where all the really interesting men are in gay porn, you'll find them at Alterna Dudes. These guys come from all over, the goths, the emos, the skaters, the punks, the surfers, and while you won't see them very often on mainstream gay porn sites, they're kicking ass and taking names in this HD porn extravaganza.

  • Boys First Time screenshot
    Boys First Time
    Date: 2009-10-14

    Summary: When these guys decide to have their first gay experience, they don't want to do it behind closed doors. They want the world to know what they're doing, so they go ahead and go for it on camera. That's the best idea ever, and Boys First Time captures over 300 of these experiences. With a big collection, a long running site, and frequent updates this one is a real winner.

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Total 21 reviews