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Eric Deman review

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Eric Deman used to update 5 times a week, and although they now update only 3 times a week, they have 90,464 scenes that are mainly in HD. They also have 172,250 high-resolution photo galleries. This site is huge and expect some problems with navigating as its slightly messy, but you will get there. There are no bonuses with this site, but there aren't enough hours in the day to watch anything else.

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Summary: Any sort of gay porn or straight guy sneak peeks you can think of are shown at Eric Deman, but they take a particular delight in showing off athletes and celebrities in compromising and just damn sexy positions. The navigation and layout is a bit of a mess, but you are going to forget that once you see the size of this collection.

Tiffany, 2018-05-05

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Amateur, Hunks-and-muscle

gay amateurs, naked male athletes, nude male celebrities

Intro promises

Military men
Male celebrities
90,464 videos
Updated six times a week

First impression

When I first looked at the name, I figured that Eric Deman was going to be a solo amateur gay site. Instead it looks like it covers pretty much every type of guy imaginable, with a focus on those hard to get guys such as celebrities, homemade straight boy videos, military men, and sports locker rooms. The content count on the tour is quite impressive, and makes me pretty excited to login.

The member's area has a very amateur feel to it, with a big ad splashed across the top, a whole mess of navigational options in the sidebar, and the latest updates below. They don't spend a lot of effort on being splashy, but they do avoid making the main page too busy while still making more than enough options available.


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Our opinion

Eric Deman is a real hodge podge of gay porn, jumping from military men to celebrities and all over the spectrum in between. There are 17 different genres that they feature, and the collection is a mix of non exclusive and exclusive material. They certainly do seem to be spot on with their update schedule, with multiple updates hitting the site 6 days a week (it looks like they take a break on Sunday). The sheer amount of content they add with each update makes that 90,464 + video claim very credible, however the way the video listings are set up makes it pretty difficult to get an exact count. The one thing that makes this much content manageable is the fact that you have a handy keyword search right on the main page.

The video category pages are about as bare bones as you can possibly get it's just a big list of file names. Needless to say, this isn't the most attractive or user friendly setup. The video pages aren't much better you have a link to the file, either links to screencaps or a zipped photo set, and a screenshot of the video. Given that you don't really gt a descriptive title to go along with the videos, you will be hard pressed from time to time to figure out what's going on.

The video formats are also a bit over the place you can never tell what format or quality you're going to get. You'll run into plenty of WMVs, but there's also Real Player, MPGs, Quicktime, AVIs, and even Flash thrown in there. The video lengths tend to be pretty small, since a big part of the collection are paparazzi snaps and nude parts from movies. There are also real amateur videos, reality TV guys, and a big focus on candid locker room shots. It's a rather mixed bag, and that variety (as well as the gigantic collection) gives it enough to look past the oddly sparse layout.

Since the video sources are all over the place, the video quality has a similar range. With celebrity and athlete focused sites I'm not really expecting super high quality but their highest quality videos actually look fairly good at 640x360 and 2 mbps. On the other hand, you also have videos that come in at around 360x240. And of course, everything in between. Eric Deman is not exactly somewhere you go to for consistency, but I don't know of many other sites with the sheer amount of content that they have here.

There is a specific picture section, but most of the pictures are provided alongside the videos. They're usually paparazzi pictures or screencaps, and once again there is a large spread of quality and set quantity. There are some sets that just have links out to a handful of pictures, while others have properly large sets. Some of the smaller caps are 500x390, but these are offset by gigantic 3000x2000 photos that are just stunning. It's a potluck as to what you get, but that's starting to almost be charming at Eric Deman.


Eric Deman might be a bit of a cluster when it comes to getting around the site, and you won't find a simpler layout anywhere else. They make up for that with constant updates, one of the biggest repositories of naked athletes, celebs, and every day guys, and a solid search feature.


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2016-07-26 20:58:23

Price is too high for what they offer. Poorly organized website with no search function. Lots of crap videos not worth watching. You can find much of their content reposted on other websites and via torrent. Save your $$$