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Gay Blind Date Sex review

Summary: Gay Blind Date Sex under delivers in every aspect, from video quality to misleading tour claims. If you're looking to get into the bonus network you should stop by, but if you're just after the content from this site, you should look elsewhere.

Score 40.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-07-28

Amateur, Bisexual

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Intro promises

Over 60 full length gay blind date episodes inside
New episode is added regularly
Downloadable movies are inside
Access to 10+ reality sites
WMV, Flash, and Quicktime formats

First impression

Gay Blind Date Sex hooks up gay and bi guys to see whether sparks fly, and they put out on the first date. There are plenty of lusty men that seem to be putting out on the first date right on the tour, with a variety that gives it a nice amateur feel. The main member's area looks very well put together, with plenty of helpful features to get you on your way to gay sex fun. The latest updates and featured episodes are right in the middle, with a link to the full list, and most of the other navigation options are geared towards the bonuses you get with your membership.


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Our opinion

Gay Blind Date Sex features a variety of sexy gay and bi guys who might not have known what they were getting into at the start, but they certainly seem to be happy once they see their dates. There is no overall look to the guys some are twinkish, some are total hunks, and there are all sorts of in between guys. It's just what you would expect out of real amateur guys.

There are 62 episodes that have a 30 minute video and 150 photo set. The style of shooting is very reality style, and although this can be distracting at times as far as the lighting and steadiness of the cam goes, it does add to the amateur feel. It looks like they have mostly picked up guys right off the street at the very least they aren't on every gay pornsite that you can shake a dick at.

When I got into the episode section though, I did discover a rather annoying fact about the site they haven't updated it in three years. Sometimes tells me they aren't going to randomly get the urge to start back up either, so Gay Blind Date Sex will have to stand on the merit of its current collection, which is honestly a bit on the small side.

Although the tour does promise WMV, Quicktime, and Flash formats, there are only the first two available here. Chances are we'll find all three within network sites, but that's not what the claim insinuated. Looking at the video page, there's yet one more thing that they aren't too straightforward about the downloadability of the videos. You can certainly download videos on the network sites that I'll get to in a little bit, but again, it sounded like you were going to get downloads at Gay Blind Date Sex, and all you can do here is stream. The disappointments are piling up on top of each other, and I haven't even had a chance to watch a video yet. That's usually not a good sign.

For what it's worth, the video pages are laid out nicely, with the video options (format/quality and clip selection) at the top, and the photo gallery at the bottom. The three different sizes you can select are broadband, DSL, and dial up. Broadband is shown at 320x40 and 500 kbps, DSL is 320x240 and 151 kbps, and dial up shows at a cute little postage stamp sized 160x120 and 42 kbps. I probably don't need to say that these are very poor qualities, even if you wanted to compare them to 2006 standards.

Things are a little bit better in photo land. They are shown at 800x536 and are good amateur quality. One very interesting feature that the photo sets have is the fact that they are enabled for Pic Lens. This is a nifty application that gives you many different visualization features as you browse through galleries, and it's an option that I'm seeing on more and more porn sites. There is also the standard zip download if you'd rather go for that.

The base site of Gay Blind Date Sex is below average in pretty much all respects, but the bonus network does make up for it a bit. The nine exclusive sites that you get access to are almost all updated, and there are a fair amount of HD quality videos that you can, indeed, download. The sites that you get access to are: His First Gay Sex, Gay College Sex Parties, His First Huge Cock, Twinks for Cash, Hot Muscle Dudes, Swift Maverick, Top Shelf Studs, and His First Facial. They generally go for amateur talent, so if you're lusting for fresh faced guys you are still going to be in luck. There are also 9 third party bonus feeds.


There isn't any redeeming qualities other than the bonus network that makes Gay Blind Date Sex worth buying. The video quality is painfully below average, the collection is on the small side, the videos aren't downloadable, and there are no updates. If it wasn't for the great bonus network it wouldn't be worth even a first look.


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