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Laughing Asians review

Summary: Laughing Asians combines Asians of all shapes and sizes, tickling, and gay foot fetish to provide a unique, refreshing, and arousing experience that is truly unlike anything I've ever seen before. This is a must for tickling and foot fetish lovers, and if you're an Asian chaser that's the cherry on top.

Score 85.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-10-30

Amateur, Asian, Fetish

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Intro promises

Ticklish Asian guys
Exclusive videos
Updates twice a week
208 videos

First impression

Laughing Asians is one of the most unique porn sites that I think I have ever seen. Not only are tickling sites few and far between, whether in gay or straight porn, but to then have it specifically be all Asians. I don't know about you, but that's just wild to think about. The Asian guys certainly seem to be super ticklish, and there's a fair amount of other fetishes worked in with the tickling. The most prominent of these is foot fetish, although if you're a fan of Asian guys that aren't all twinks, you're going to be thrilled as well.

When I log in to Laughing Asians, I'm greeted by a very basic and simple design. It might not be a flashy design, but just a glance over the site makes me believe that this is run by a passionate gay tickle fetish and foot fetish lover. You don't see too many sites being run by true enthusiasts, so it's certainly an exciting thought.


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Our opinion

Laughing Asians might be a bit on the simple side, but one look at its update schedule will have your dick dancing in your pants. Mike is getting new videos up every three days or so, which certainly sounds like it's going to be great. You also get to read a little bit about why this site was made Mike, the owner, has an intense love for Asian feet, and tickling worked right in there.

There are 208 videos and 24 model photos, just like what was said on the tour. The video pages give you a preview thumb, a description, and three different viewing options. The first is a streaming WMV that is shown at 720x480 and 967 kbps. It's a smooth stream and pretty good quality. The other WMV is a full scene DRM free download, and this is shown at 720x480 and 2.26 mbps. This is the best quality version offered, and it certainly shows plenty of passion for the subject. I do have a few nit picks the camera work is a little bit less steady than I would have liked, and although this is a foot fetish based site a lot of time the tickler's head gets cut off for extended periods of time. It doesn't necessarily detract from my enjoyment of the very passionate and arousing tickling and foot fetish action, but it's something that caught my attention after the first few times it happened. The third version is a MP4 that you can use in your portable devices, and it is shown at 320x180 and 500 kbps.

Although I do have those camera work nitpicks, this is a true representation of the tickling and foot fetish niches. There's also bondage from time to time, as a few of the ticklees like getting tied down for the action. On top of that, I don't think I've seen this many different Asians ever. The typical Asian twink is very overexposed in Asian gay porn, so seeing some husky and body builder types really tickled my fancy. The highest quality videos can take some time to download, so you might want to glance through the screencap section while you're hanging out waiting for a download. These are usually added a day after the video is, and they are shown in sets of anywhere from 20 to over 50 caps per set. These are good quality caps at 640x360, and are enticing enough that you might want to save some for future wank sessions.

There is also the aforementioned photo section. These are showcases of the models that you will see in the videos, and these show off the Asian guys' feet like nothing else. I do love video, but when I'm getting my solo foot fetish on I love staring at a good quality photo with those feet pointed right at the camera, toes curling just a little bit. Before I get completely off into a random tangent, the photo sets are around 50 photos large, and the pics themselves are shown at 750x1000. These are good amateur quality, and there are no slideshows or zip downloads.

Laughing Asians is one of those sites that really doesn't need bonuses. It's an incredibly unique and enjoyable gay porn site that has to rank among my new personal favorites. They go ahead and give you some bonuses anyway. The first is a membership to one of the other sites that they run, called Gay Asian Twinkz. It's not foot fetish or tickling, but if you need to see more Asians they have them in droves here. The other bonus section is the bonus DVD section, which has 25 third party feeds in various gay niches, with a heavy focus on twinks.


Laughing Asians is one of the most original gay porn sites that I have ever come across, or came to, and I'm loving every second of it. The only problems I have with it are purely nitpick reasons, and the content is incredibly enjoyable and good quality on top of it. If you love Asians, tickling, foot fetish, or you just want something out of the box, you need to check this out.


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