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Kristen Bjorn review

Summary: Kristen Bjorn Productions has a variety of professionally produced gay porn on their site, from casting couch clips to authentically real couples fucking bareback. The quality is good, although not outstanding, and you get a lot of content. Overall it's a good site that could use a bit of an organizational adjustment.

Score 70.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-09-17

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Intro promises

Uncompromising quality and eroticism
Hundreds of exclusive online videos and photo galleries
Updates several times weekly

First impression

Kristen Bjorn looks to have a fascinating site right from the get go. The tagline of uncompromising quality and eroticism drew my eyes, and the featured sections look to have a good variety of styles. Plus they're talking about their behind the scenes clips right on the tour, and I am such a sucker for those.

The home page is incredibly busy, and you're going to be taking a bit of time to get used to the way things are set up here. There are overall sections at the top of the page, small links to their extras style sections, and a search box to make it easier to get around. The latest content is displayed down the middle, and there is a lot of information given. First there's the latest films section that shows full DVDs. Following that up is the new web videos section, movie scenes, movie stills, and group model layouts. Continuing down the page we have the model profiles at the bottom of the page. The sidebar has a few advertisements for their mailing list, VOD service, and stores, along with a link to the most popular videos. This layout could probably use a bit of cleaning up.


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Our opinion

Now it's time to start poking around the site to see what we're getting. The web videos section is home to 6 different sections. Casting Couch has audition videos, Lovers Lane has real couples barebacking, movie scenes gives free full scenes from their VOD selections, Makin' It has behind the scenes, Bare to the Bone has feature video trailers, and there's a Ipod download section. There are 362 web videos. The photo section has four different categories. Solo model layouts feature the sexy Kristen Bjorn models stripping down, showing off their hot bodies, and masturbating. Group model layouts are the hardcore shots, movie stills contains stills, and there's another behind the scenes section. There are 449 photo sets in total. None of this content is dated, so it is very hard to determine their update schedule. A forum response indicates that there are three to four updates per week.

The video pages have a pretty simple layout with the title, rating, and viewing options. There are two bitrates of Flash streaming, and a WMV download. The model listings are at the bottom of the listing page. The Flash videos open up in a lightbox and both 700 kbps and 300 kbps bitrate buffers quickly. The video playback is smooth, and you have basic video controls on the player. The quality is average, and not really anything you'd want to write home about. The content itself is pretty hot though, with good production value. The downloads are protected by DRM, and it requires your username and password before accessing each video. It also wanted me to run an Active X control prior to allowing me to log in. The downloads are given at 640x480 and 1 mbps, and look much better than the Flash. Length varies greatly depending on what's going on in the scene.

Now to the galleries! Like the videos, the pictures open up in lightboxes. However they are very small pictures this way, without any way to expand them from the box. If you open up the picture in a new tab or window, you will get to enjoy the 512x768 average photos. There are no slideshows or zip downloads, and set size varies from set to set.

The VOD section is a completely different area, but I'll go over it quickly if you were interested in exploring more of this studio's productions. There are three different ways to get the content over here there are download options, rental options, and full DVD purchases. Kristen Bjorn and Sarava Productions are represented here with 182 videos in total.

After I was done slobbering over the two Behind the Scenes sections, I noticed that they had a few more extras. There is a small forum which covers sexual topics and support, and a blog that mostly talks about the video updates at Kristen Bjorn.


Kristen Bjorn Productions has a solid setup for their site, and a lot of content offered in their membership area. Usually when a site offers membership and VOD, all of the good content is over in VOD land. That's not the case with KB, and they make sure to give you a lot for your money. I'm not really a fan of the DRM method, and the main member's area could use a bit of a layout spruce up.


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