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If your idea of a strip club is going to the gym and checking out all of the body builders, you're going to love the hunks and muscle category. There are plenty of sexy gay hunks that strip, masturbate, and go all the way, or if you're into muscle worship you'll see gorgeous muscle bound body builders that do nothing but bulk up their bodies until they are built like gods.

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  • Now: $17.95 Was: $24.95
    Kristen Bjorn screenshot
    Kristen Bjorn
    Date: 2019-04-10

    Summary: Kristen Bjorn Productions has a variety of professionally produced gay porn on their site, from casting couch clips to authentically real couples fucking bareback. The quality is good, although not outstanding, and you get a lot of content. Overall it's a good site that could use a bit of an organizational adjustment.

  • Men at Play screenshot
    Men at Play
    Date: 2021-07-31

    Summary: Men At Play currently have 346 hunky guys in 836 movies, and many of these are in Full HD. They also have 612 high-resolution photo sets, and they continue adding new movies every week. They have added 90 movies since my last visit and there also some bonus scenes and BTS videos.

  • Butch Dixon screenshot
    Butch Dixon
    Date: 2021-01-26

    Summary: Butch Dixon is run by a webmaster/photographer who really knows his stuff. His men are muscle bound, hairy or both and the content quality is utterly breathtaking. You’re getting a lot of content in the main collection, frequent updates and one of the best muscle bound and bear sites around.

  • BelAmi Online screenshot
    BelAmi Online
    Date: 2018-10-11

    Summary: BelAmi is a studio that just gets what it takes to be successful online. There are many different user friendly features, as well as a collection that is growing at a rather steady pace. The HD videos are looking good, and even the photo sets are an excellent choice.

  • Next Door Buddies screenshot
    Next Door Buddies
    Date: 2021-01-25

    Summary: Next Door Buddies has apparently found a neighborhood filled with damn fine, toned men that are perfectly fine with sharing their fuck sessions on camera. This polished site has plenty to keep you busy with, and an extensive bonus network that brings you the best in gay porn.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Visconti Triplets screenshot
    Visconti Triplets
    Date: 2011-04-26

    Summary: You aren't seeing triplet – the Visconti Triplets are real gay triplets, stripping down and showing off their equally large cocks for the camera. This unique site stands out in the gay porn crowd, and a big collection and steady updates help it stay interesting. It could use a quality boost and some feature changes, but you'll get good mileage here.

  • Cock Sure Men screenshot
    Cock Sure Men
    Date: 2010-04-15

    Summary: Cock Sure Men might look like your standard hardcore gay site at first, but with Jake Cruise at its helm you are going to be getting real sexual chemistry, gorgeous amateurs ranging from 20 to 40, and great quality content that is much higher than what you might expect from your typical amateur site.

  • Now: $19.99 Was: $39.99
    Naked Kombat screenshot
    Naked Kombat
    Date: 2021-06-04

    Summary: Take muscular, well trained, and hunky guys, throw them into the ring at Kink, and what happens is Naked Kombat. These guys know how to wrestle, and the fact that they end up pretty much naked shows you just how erotic it can be. This is an incredibly well done site that offers superior quality and camera work, and plenty of updates to keep you hooked.

  • Now: $17.99 Was: $29.99
    Bromo screenshot
    Date: 2019-12-31

    Summary: Bromo offers you exclusive movies from top producers, all exclusive and all on a muscle man, hard-bodied, hunky-chunky guy theme, with the occasional smoother guy to balance against the hairy, tattooed hunks. It's condom-free, original, and updates once per week. Movies are HD with decent viewing options, there are some interactive functions and a VOD area. You also have a huge and free DVD theatre for variety and a discounted membership price. Gay porn just got better.

  • Falcon Studios screenshot
    Falcon Studios
    Date: 2021-07-31

    Summary: Falcon Studios features material by the same studio, along with several other studios that feature hunky, muscular gay pornstars. The collection is large, with frequent updates, and a streaming video focus that has many different formats. It's a solid site with DVDs that aren't all over other gay porn sites, and it has a solid layout that keeps everything user friendly.

  • Rod Daily screenshot
    Rod Daily
    Date: 2021-06-05

    Summary: Rod Daily is one hot hunk of man, and he's put together a new site that is going to show you just what this muscle man is capable of. He absolutely loves whipping his dick out for some tight ass, and most of the guys that he's getting with are as hunky as he is.

  • Marcus Mojo screenshot
    Marcus Mojo
    Date: 2021-06-05

    Summary: Marcus Mojo features the delectable hunk Marcus, and all of his sexual adventures that have his cock rock hard all the time. This is a newer site, so it's not particularly large yet, but a bonus network helps to smooth that out. The content quality could be better, but is generally entertaining.

  • Trystan Bull screenshot
    Trystan Bull
    Date: 2021-06-05

    Summary: Trystan Bull is as delicious as they come, but his site is a bit on the small side right now. The update schedule needs to be faster, although the network access is excellent and Trystan will appeal to all of the hunk lovers out there.

  • Alpha Male Fuckers screenshot
    Alpha Male Fuckers
    Date: 2020-06-23

    Summary: Alpha Male Fuckers is a great selection of hunky gay pornstars that really enjoy their work, and have no problem showing it. The video quality matches up to the quality of sex, and weekly updates keep this collection growing steady.

  • Colt Studio Group screenshot
    Colt Studio Group
    Date: 2016-06-01

    Summary: Take some of the sexiest gay pornstars around, get them into every sort of hardcore situation you can imagine, and put all the videos up on the studio site – that's about what Colt Studio Group has done here, featuring their own studio and a few others that offer great quality gay porn. It is streaming only, but they make it easy for you to enjoy yourself on their site, and the massive collection helps too.

  • Bang Bang Boys screenshot
    Bang Bang Boys
    Date: 2010-03-11

    Summary: Bang Bang Boys brings you hunky jocks that are in the mood for a bit of fun in the bedroom, or wherever else they can whip their dicks out at. There is a good sized collection, great quality video, and plenty of updates that will keep you checking back to see what's new.

  • Next Door Male screenshot
    Next Door Male
    Date: 2020-06-25

    Summary: Next Door Male has straight men galore, and they're intent on getting their dicks out for the camera. They really want to whack it long and hard, and the HD video captures those cocks spurting out tons of cum. You get a decent update schedule and collection size, along with a bonus network that rocks.

  • World of Men screenshot
    World of Men
    Date: 2010-09-17

    Summary: World of Men features the sexual exploits and filming by Collin O'Neal, a gay pornstar. He seems to particularly love well built, slightly hairy men and finds this body type all over the world. He's been on almost every continent to find the guys that he likes and being able to search country by country is a real draw here. The content could look better but it has a really enthusiastic energy to it. The bonuses are good and the updates are often, making this a good choice.

  • Gemini Men screenshot
    Gemini Men
    Date: 2010-09-03

    Summary: Gemini Men has recently started to offer downloadable videos, making this a large and enticing collection of first time amateurs. Mr. Gemini takes them in hand, directing them during the scenes and making sure that they're showing off their hot asses to good effect. He has a variety of men from twinks to bears coming through his door. They are in the middle of an extensive redesign, so you might run into errors – I did. It's well worth dealing with to see this extensive collection, though.

  • Big Cocks and Jocks screenshot
    Big Cocks and Jocks
    Date: 2010-04-13

    Summary: This newer big dick hunk site features over 60 different pornstars (or gaystars, as the network refers to them) and they already have a good sized collection. There are multiple viewing options which is great, but the porn itself falls a bit flat of where it needs to be. You do get a good network as a bonus prize with your membership.

  • Hunk Exclusives screenshot
    Hunk Exclusives
    Date: 2010-02-10

    Summary: If you love hunks, you're going to get a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of Exclusive Hunks. It is a very good choice for enjoying all sorts of hunks, and weekly updates allow you to truly indulge in your masculine men loving sensibilities.

  • Top Shelf Studs screenshot
    Top Shelf Studs
    Date: 2009-06-30

    Summary: Top Shelf Studs has gotten their hands on plenty of sexy studs for an all exclusive HD gay porn site, but without frequent updates this collection ends up being only as strong as its network. It does have a good selection of gay porn bonus sites with even more HD videos, but if you want the studs and that's it, you'll be better off going elsewhere.

  • Tommy D XXX screenshot
    Tommy D XXX
    Date: 2020-01-04

    Summary: Tommy D & Friends shows off this marvelous man's sexual appetites, and he's certainly happy to bring his friends over for a good time too. There's nothing quite like seeing him as he pounds his way through all of his lovers. While the collection is large, it has not been recently updated, so you may need to take a look at the bonus network for satisfaction after awhile.

  • Hot Muscle Dudes screenshot
    Hot Muscle Dudes
    Date: 2011-04-12

    Summary: Hot Muscle Dudes presents plenty of sexy, tight bodied guys that want to do nothing more than show off their delicious muscles before they start pounding on each other. The HD quality videos look pretty good, and the site has undergone a redesign as well as a start up of new updates.

  • Swift Maverick screenshot
    Swift Maverick
    Date: 2011-04-07

    Summary: Swift Maverick shows the adventures of Swift and Maverick, two hunky, horny gay guys who are looking for plenty of meat. The site has recently begun updating once again, and a redesign has freshened it up quite a bit, although it does still feel like a network site instead of its own entity.

  • Big Muscles Big Cocks screenshot
    Big Muscles Big Cocks
    Date: 2010-08-16

    Summary: Big Muscles Big Cocks features hunky guys that are packing plenty of heat down below. The site misses the niche a little bit, since a more bodybuilder physique sounds like it could have worked out a bit better for the site theme, and these guys were just nicely trimmed and built. The content is non-exclusive and there's an extensive set of bonuses that might appeal to some. Overall it's just a weak site, however.

  • Male Corps screenshot
    Male Corps
    Date: 2010-09-28

    Summary: Male Corps gives you every fantasy you've ever had about men in uniform, blue color men, and sexy athletes. Their trim and muscular bodies are simply incredible to behold, and they're more than ready to show you just how high their sex drive is. The site does have a few issues – the layout is odd, the sole format choice is odder, and the video quality could be much better. It's worth a look if you like the niche, but otherwise you'll probably want to wander elsewhere.

  • All American Heroes screenshot
    All American Heroes
    Date: 2020-06-23

    Summary: All American Heroes will get your dick nice and hard if you get off on blue collar men getting nasty after they strip out of their uniforms. Lifeguards, EMTs, Miliary men – it doesn't matter what they do, if they're hunky and in uniform they end up here. This is a large exclusive collection in an underserved niche, so you'll definitely want to check it out.

  • Toddy Live screenshot
    Toddy Live
    Date: 2010-02-17

    Summary: Toddy Live features a cute hunk amateur named Toddy that spends plenty of time in front of his webcam. Although the live shows are offsite, you get hundreds of his videos featuring cum shots, workouts, and more. Better yet, many of the videos are in HD and they look fucking incredible. Add to that the Bad Puppy network and you aren't going to mind the small problems here and there.

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Total 29 reviews