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Male Corps review

Summary: Male Corps gives you every fantasy you've ever had about men in uniform, blue color men, and sexy athletes. Their trim and muscular bodies are simply incredible to behold, and they're more than ready to show you just how high their sex drive is. The site does have a few issues the layout is odd, the sole format choice is odder, and the video quality could be much better. It's worth a look if you like the niche, but otherwise you'll probably want to wander elsewhere.

Score 50.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-09-28

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gay blue collar workers, gay masculine men, gay military

Intro promises

Warriors, workers, and athletes
91 videos
166 models
39,934 pictures

First impression

There isn't much of a tour to Male Corps. What they present to you is a fully explorable version of the member's area, ready for your curiosity to see what's inside. The site is divided up into three major sections: The Warriors, the Workers, and the Athletes. Each contains a collection of themed sets that give you an insight into these extremely masculine men. The understated tour does a lot to show off the site's features, and I never complain when they freely share the setup of their member's area.

When you log in, you will be presented with the three categories. Clicking on one of them will reveal two drop down menus. The first allows you to select specific photo sub categories, while the second is for videos. It's a somewhat convoluted design, but you're getting 91 videos and 320 + photo sets. The content is not dated, so it's hard to say how often they update.


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Our opinion

I'm not too worried about the whole updating thing, given how unique this site is. I would like for a more standard navigation you see that the sub category pages offers a kind of breadcrumb navigation, but you can't find breakdown pages with this option.

I'll start with the videos. The videos do not have their own episode pages, so you really don't get any sort of background with the scenes. That's a bit annoying, as it seems like some of these guys would have one hell of a background. You'll find that there is an advanced search box down at the bottom of the page. The videos are given in real media format, which is a very odd format choice and one that I pretty much hate. The video size is very small at 320x240, and bitrate varies at the age of the videos. Older videos are around 400 kbps, while newer videos are holding at 1.5 mbps. There's a good bit of variety in the action you get to enjoy, with these super muscular men. The small size is going to hamper your enjoyment of it, and I am really not sure why someone would have such a small resolution in this day and age.

The photo galleries have very basic layouts, with a plain and straightforward approach to setup. There are no zip downloads or slideshow options, leaving you with a basic gallery indeed. The sets vary in size, but tend to average around 100 pictures per set. They are shown at an average of 800x500, and they are good amateur quality.


Male Corps is a very straightforward site when it comes to layout and features, but the content given is very arousing. These are hard working men of all types, sporting rippling muscles, sexy bodies, and more than enough of a sex drive. The site is hampered by an uncertain update schedule, very small size videos, and an odd format choice.


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