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Naked Kombat review

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Naked Kombat is a kinky looking site set against a black background which makes the thumbnails pop out. They have 305 films that last for around 40 minutes each, and they are mostly in HD. They seem to have stopped updating back in June 2017. But membership includes access to 6 bonus sites from the Kink Men network. This has over 1,450 videos spread out through sites such as Men On Edge and Bound Gods plus 4 other kinky sites.

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Summary: Take muscular, well trained, and hunky guys, throw them into the ring at Kink, and what happens is Naked Kombat. These guys know how to wrestle, and the fact that they end up pretty much naked shows you just how erotic it can be. This is an incredibly well done site that offers superior quality and camera work, and plenty of updates to keep you hooked.

Tiffany, 2018-05-13

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Intro promises

Weekly updates
Streaming and downloadable videos
HD videos
35+ shoots
1,700+ minutes of video

First impression

Naked Kombat is a Kink production, and they've always been spot on with pretty much every site and niche they've ever touched. The concept of Naked Kombat is pretty simple - you get two hot guys that are spoiling for a fight, strip them nearly naked, and them get them completely naked as the rounds go on. It sounds like a formula for a great evening of wankery, that's for sure.

Once you're inside Naked Kombat you'll see that it is identical to the tour - so if you're looking for one of the most thorough previews around, you're going to find it here. The design is rather basic - they just let the content speak for itself, and that it does. The main member's area is pretty much your listing page for the episodes - you'll see the latest and then just click through to the other pages for the rest. There are 56 in total.


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Our opinion

Naked Kombat is the kind of site that I live for - a great concept that is executed in a way that only Kink can pull off. Truth be told, I just fucking love everything that Kink does, especially since they have one of the most awesome locations in the porn industry to shoot at. That atmosphere adds so much to the fights and fucks at Naked Kombat that it would be pretty impossible for someone else to pull it off.

While Kink's member's areas look simple, there's nothing simple about the many options you get to view the site with. The video pages let you know the models that are getting naughty, the photos, videos, and streaming sections, and then the format options. You can pick between two MP4s and two WMVs, or wander over to the Flash page for a streaming option. With these you can choose clips or download the entire video all at once. The comments section is also pretty heated at times, which is fun if you want some random entertainment.

The best quality you'll have is with the first Mp4 selection. This is shown at 1280x720 and 4 mbps, and between the quality video production and the technical quality you are going to be in Heaven. The guys are all muscular as hell, and I could feel my jaw drop as I enjoyed their matches. The other MP4 is designed for Ipods, and is shown at 640x360 and 1 mbps. The two WMVs are given at 960x540 and 1 mbps and 1280x720 and 1.6 mbps. Not only do the videos look good, but they are fucking long at an hour a pop.

They don't skimp on the photos either. The sets are pretty big at around 200 photos per set. You get a basic gallery setup, but you'll find that they allow Pic Lens viewing. You can choose high or low resolution viewing, a zip download, and the ability to go through the different rounds. These are shown at 1200x675. Extras wise you're getting a pretty active forum.


If you love watching wrestling men do their thing, and finish off with some good old hardcore fucking, then you have got to check out Naked Kombat. Not only do these guys know how to fight, they are covered in muscles galore and captured in stunning HD. I know it's my personal favor for wrestling sites, that's for sure.


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