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Toddy Live review

Summary: Toddy Live features a cute hunk amateur named Toddy that spends plenty of time in front of his webcam. Although the live shows are offsite, you get hundreds of his videos featuring cum shots, workouts, and more. Better yet, many of the videos are in HD and they look fucking incredible. Add to that the Bad Puppy network and you aren't going to mind the small problems here and there.

Score 90.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-02-17

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Intro promises

HD videos
Bad Puppy access

First impression

Toddy Live doesn't have a tour at all - the main page looks to be his blog, which starts off with a rather enticing entry about a massive dildo that looks like it's going to wreck havoc on someone's ass very soon.

The member's area is identical to the tour, and it still has that very odd blog setup. Navigation is taken care of through the sidebar, with HD media and Live shows being the main sections, and bonuses at the bottom. It doesn't look like a bad setup, just one that you really need to let grow on you, I suppose.


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Our opinion

Toddy Live is definitely an unconventional setup, and it doesn't really give you much of an idea of what to expect from the site itself. Unfortunately, the actual 1 on 1 live shows are pay shows, done through the iFriendsV2 system. It does seem to indicate that public chat shouldn't incur additional costs, however, although a cam schedule would have been very helpful to have on site.

The HD Media section is where all of the content is contained, and it seems to be one hell of a mismash. I'm having a lot of speed problems with this site, where it just tends to hang a lot as I'm browsing around the various sections. This is rather annoying after awhile, since it didn't just happen once or twice.

The videos have different categories like cumshot, freeplays, and the bench, giving you a pretty interesting variety in videos to explore. There are 476 videos and 16 photo sets. Both types are all about Toddy and his sexy hunk body, and there aren't just the hardcore type of nude cams that you might be thinking. There's an entire area showing off his work out sessions if you love watching a hot and sweaty amateur, and others that show off various types of underwear and boxers that he's showing off. It's the type of thing that you would expect from a very active amateur site, and I'm enjoying it for sure. Updates go when Toddy decides they should, and you usually get two or three updates a month.

Since this is a site based off live cam action, I'm not really expecting super high quality out of the videos. I'm not a big fan of the way the sets are laid out on most of the episode pages - you go through a few different levels of drop downs to get to the videos, and you're not getting a description or anything when you get down there. WMV is the format of the hour here, and all three qualities are available in it. This is full scene action only for most, although some longer videos do look to be offered in parts.

Quality for the latest updates are shown at 1280x720 and 5 mbps, 856x480 and 3mbps, and 482x240 and 500 kbps. Older videos range back as far as 2004, and those usually only offer the TV quality WMV and are shown at 320x240 and 200 kbps. Needless to say, you can color me surprised at the beautiful HD videos shown here. The videos do tend to be pretty short, but with a camshow centric setup that's to be expected.

The photo sets have a very odd Flash gallery setup that gets in the way more than it helps out with your viewing. The galleries are on the small side with under 10 pictures per set, but they are much higher quality than I was expecting. The photos themselves are only shown at 700x500, but it seems to work out for Toddy. There is a slideshow feature, but no way to download the photos, whether via right click or zip download.

Extras wise, you get a full membership to the best gay megasite around, Bad Puppy. This is a pornsite and gay community all rolled into one, and it's a truly incredible experience. Plus they have daily updates over there, so if you need something to do in between Toddy Live updates this is going to be it.


Toddy Live might look a bit strange at first, and not having his webcam schedule right on the site is frustrating, but overall you're going to be happy with your experience here. There is a massive variety in the videos, and Toddy's personality is fucking incredible and comes through clearly. It just needs a bit more polish on the layout side to really make this a better experience, but it's pretty damn good already.


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