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Bruno B Reloaded review

Summary: Bruno B is back! Not much has changed since the original Bruno B site, but maybe that's a good thing. Pick up the hottest girls, fuck them and film them. The original reality POV site once again delivers new episodes to its fans if they are up for it.

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Joseph, 2007-02-25

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Intro promises

“Hey! I’m BrunoB and I’m back to bring you all new hardcore adventures.”

First impression

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Bruno B is the self-described “luckiest guy in the world.” Years ago, our hero grew tired of trying to pick up chicks at bars and decided to start paying them to have sex with him on camera for his BrunoB website. BrunoB filmed his pornographic adventures in the famous blue bedroom in his apartment, where he fucked some of the hottest chicks in and around Montreal. Sadly, BrunoB’s original site, which made him world-famous, is no longer being updated; happily, our man has taken his fucking to BrunoB Reloaded. BrunoB has moved out of his infamous blue bedroom and has a whole bunch of new places to fuck and a whole bunch of new babes to bang on BrunoB Reloaded.


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Our opinion

BrunoB Reloaded is part of the enormous Pornstar Network, thus you will encounter the sprawling members area of the Pornstar/Brainpass Network when you first log into this site. Though the Pornstar Network is teeming with content (current network stats: five thousand, six hundred and seven videos and six thousand, four hundred and five megabytes online), you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your way to BrunoB Reloaded, which is clearly linked at the top of the Pornstar Network members area along with the latest updates to other sites in the network, various categories for members to browse and the top twelve porn stars employed by the Pornstar Network, including Jill Kelly, Silvia Saint and Jenna Haze. As a part of the Pornstar Network, BrunoB Reloaded provides you with free access to dozens of different sites such as Annie Berry, Bang Me Boys, Cherry Potter, Deep In Cream, Feet Frenzie, Lex Steele and Peter North; all of these sites contain vast archives of content.

BrunoB Reloaded is allegedly updated weekly with a new episode, but none of the content on the site is date stamped, so I can’t confirm or deny this allegation. The videos are divided up into two sections: “videos” and “videos: French Canadian girls.” Currently, there are seventy-five episodes available — not bad for a site that’s been online for less than two months. The majority of these episodes — fifty-seven, to be specific — fall into the French Canadian girls section. All the content is exclusive BrunoB action, but many of the French Canadian scenes were brought over from the first BrunoB site, so it isn’t all exclusive to BrunoB Reloaded.

Each episode on BrunoB Reloaded comes with a set of crummy screen caps that can be downloaded one at a time or in a single ZIP file and a video. The videos average eighteen minutes in length and can be downloaded as a full scene or in multiple clips in two speeds (high and low) via Windows Media or QuickTime. The video quality is excellent.

There are also five photo galleries on BrunoB Reloaded. These galleries contain thirty to sixty average quality photos that can be downloaded one at a time or in a ZIP file. Four of the galleries depict hardcore fucking and one bafflingly documents BrunoB’s recent trip to Prague, as if anyone wants to see this guy’s vacation shots!


Although BrunoB has been dismissed by some as a grinning idiot with a stupid haircut, there is a hell of a lot more to him than you might initially believe. Just kidding — the dude’s a total fucking goofball. It’s difficult to understand why BrunoB decided to start up a new site — the type of action here doesn’t really differ from the action found on his previous site. Fortunately, though, the content on BrunoB Reloaded does appear to be just as good as the content on his first effort — hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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