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Asia Movie Pass review

Summary: Asia Movie Pass is an extensive collection of Japanese porn with an emphasis on bukkake scenes. The site has been online for 10 years (!) which ensures quite an archive. Navigation could do with some categorization.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-08-18

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Intro promises

- High speed movies updated 5 days a week!
- Bukkake from producers straight out of Japan.
- Download and keep a collection of your favorite movies.
- 2 Super Fast T3 fed servers for optimal downloads.
- Unlimited access, download up to 50 movies at once!

First impression

Though this site is called Asia Movie Pass, most of the videos here come from the Land of the Rising Sun, thus Asia Movie Pass should probably be called Japanese Movie Pass or Godzilla Girls instead. Asia Movie Pass give its members a glimpse of Japanese culture, which is endlessly fascinating. From their obsession with electronic gadgets to their unfortunate custom of offing themselves in record numbers (the Japanese suicide rate is the highest among industrialized countries), the people of Japan are an interesting bunch. Best of all, the Japanese make some pretty darn quirky pornography when they’re not busy killing themselves and the finest filth that Japan has to offer is up for grabs on Asia Movie Pass, which has been online for over ten years now.


$29.95: 30 days (recurring)
$59.95: 90 days (recurring)

Our opinion

Asia Movie Pass specializes in bukkake films, you know, those sunny little movies in which groups of grimy men stand around a young woman (who is usually tied up and oftentimes fully clothed) and ejaculate on her face. In a puzzling twist of fate, all of the extremely twisted videos on Asia Movie Pass have been censored — for some reason all of the male and female private parts on this site have been pixilated. Bizarrely enough, you get to see reams of reproductive goo soar through the air, but you won’t see a single penis or vagina on Asia Movie Pass. As disturbing as these images of women drenched in sperm are (and they are plenty disturbing), it’s certainly odd that these visions of flying jism have gone uncensored while depictions of commonplace body parts have been suppressed. Sure, it’s cool to show teaming throngs of men blowing countless loads of spunk all over unhappy women, but God forbid anyone should have to see these guys’ members whilst they are ejaculating! Like I said earlier, the Japanese are a fascinating bunch.

Bukkake is only the tip of the iceberg at Asia Movie Pass — this site is a treasure trove of filth, most of which centers around humiliating young women. Watch men line up to cum on a girl’s face while she’s being fucked by an anonymous man. Watch girls drink martini glasses full of sperm. Watch girls suck cocks and then spit the blown loads into other girls’ mouths. Watch scripted movies in which female newscasters are raped at knifepoint. Watch it all and then take a nice long shower afterwards — trust me, you’ll need it after you see some of this shit.

The movies are broken up into ten to twenty minute clips that can be played with Windows Media Player and are available for download in two formats: low and high. The high quality videos look great — big and clear. The low quality videos are just as clear, but are displayed in a much smaller box that loads slightly faster than the larger box that shows the high quality videos. Though downloading the high quality videos can be a little slow, they only take a little while longer to load than the somewhat inferior low quality videos, thus they’re your best bet here.

Asia Movie Pass is updated five days a week with new videos that have been imported from Japan. I have no idea how many video clips are on Asia Movie Pass, but there’s gotta be thousands of ‘em available for download. No wonder Asia Movie Pass has been online for ten years — it would take at least a decade to download all of these clips.

Asia Movie Pass is fairly easy to navigate, though I didn’t see a single search engine anywhere on the site. Basically, the member is encouraged to dig through the archives ‘n’ updates and download whatever random clip that catches his eye. Granted, categories for the videos would make things much easier, but it’s kinda fun to see what you can find by randomly clicking through the clips.


Asia Movie Pass is a mesmerizing peak into the psyche of a culture which encourages men to kill themselves when they lose their jobs. From a sociological standpoint, Asia Movie Pass is a gold mine! Oh, and some of this smut is pretty hot to boot.

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