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The innocent and fragile appearances don't tell the whole story of the demure and soft skinned beauties from the Far East. In fact, these nude Asian girls enjoy some of the most extreme and bizarre sex on the planet. Watch petite Japanese babes covered in cum at bukkake parties. Delicate and pale limbed Asian teens are stripped and their soft petals spread for multiple men, who lustfully thrust their hard cocks deep into those tight wet holes. You'll even see fantasies where devices freeze time and leave horny men free to strip total strangers naked in public, squeezing and sucking their perky Asian tits and fucking their pussies while the world stand stills! And it doesn't end there. Shibari bondage, nylon fetishes, anal sex, these delicate Asian beauties do it all!

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  • »JAV HD - 13 sites with uncensored Japanese porn. Each site has a different theme.
  • »Asia Movie Pass - Large collection of especially Japanese movies with sometimes twisted action.
  • »ATK Exotics - Many Asian amateur models in frequently updated videos and photos.

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  • Asia Movie Pass screenshot
    Asia Movie Pass
    Date: 2016-11-21

    Summary: If you're after Asian porn in quantity, and Japanese porn in particular, then Asia Movie Pass is about as good as it gets. This is a genuine mega site with over a dozen DVD updates every day. They cover it all, from live action tentacle sex to bukkake parties to schoolgirl fantasies. It doesn't get much better than Asia Movie Pass in this niche.

  • JAV HD screenshot
    JAV HD
    Date: 2018-04-01

    Summary: JAV HD has an uncensored library of hardcore Japanese porn. The network is made up of 15 sites with bukkake gang bangs, MILFs, schoolgirls, massages, blow jobs, bondage and a number of other fantasies. They update a few times every day and have more than 2,729 movies to download and stream right now!

  • Zenra screenshot
    Date: 2018-04-02

    Summary: Japanese porn offers a dimension and excitement that you just don't find in content produced anywhere else. They've got some crazy fantasies: freezing time, cumming on female newscaster's faces while they read the top stories, renting AV models as sex dolls to fuck as you like, and many many others that range from very hot to very weird - but always sexy. Zenra has a huge library of these full length films with English subtitles, and adds more regularly.

  • All Japanese Pass screenshot
    All Japanese Pass
    Date: 2017-05-04

    Summary: Top notch porn from Japan can often be a hassle to get your hands on but thankfully, All Japanese Pass exists to make the task as simple as possible. This site currently contains well over 8,000 exclusive scenes that showcase the best of Asian girls in heat. Access over 20 bonus sites when you join today and see why so many guys go to Japanese girls for the best Asian porn videos around.

  • Asian Fever screenshot
    Asian Fever
    Date: 2018-04-01

    Summary: If you're temperature rises around hot Asian girls then you're cued up for a meltdown at Asian Fever. These exotic porn star babes do a lot of big-dick sucking and fucking with big dicks in a library that offers lots of fantasies, from interracial with big black cocks to blow-bangs and hardcore anal. The library draws from the hundreds of Asian-themed Hustler DVDs and updates each week with new HD episodes. A Hustlers MegaPass is included to enjoy the rest of the network sites as a bonus.

  • Idols 69 screenshot
    Idols 69
    Date: 2018-04-01

    Summary: Everyone loves Asian porn, and everyone who loves Asian porn is going to adore Idols 69. 1080p HD scenes are provided here multiple times per week to give you a good look at what goes on all over Japan with the horniest and most attractive ladies around having orgasms for your exclusive pleasure. When you join Idols 69 today, you're also getting free access to 20+ bonus sites operated by the All Japanese Pass network. This is one deal that any fan of Asian porn will want to get his hands on as soon as possible!

  • CKE18 screenshot
    Date: 2013-02-06

    Summary: CKE18 is an erotic site starring 18 year old bikini models from Japan who tread the fine line between babe and pornstar. The girls pose in bikinis and never get totally nude, but are groped and masturbated beneath their clothes and pose for closeups of all kinds with nothing but the tiny thongs to hide their private parts. The site is put together very well, offers HD streaming videos and high resolution galleries, and updates every day. If you're looking for a truly erotic Japanese model site, give CKE18 a go. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • TukTuk Patrol screenshot
    TukTuk Patrol
    Date: 2018-09-16

    Summary: Asian babes are known to be cute and slinky, sexy and charming, and they are also known to put out for a few dollars; apologies for the generalisation there. Over at Tuk Tuk Patrol, you can travel the streets of Thailand with the guys picking up Thai babes and paying them for sex back at your hotel. This site offers exclusive videos, galleries and some Asian bonus movies for a decent price, and it's all reality, amateur, Asian themed from start to finish,

  • Asian Sex Diary screenshot
    Asian Sex Diary
    Date: 2018-09-09

    Summary: Asian sites often offer us Asian looking girls from the USA or the UK, but at Asian Sex Diary we have the real deal. Here, a guy called John travels looking for sex with 18 + Asian teens, babes and sometimes chubbies. He films his conquests and shares them with his members, giving us 100% unique content, now in HD and with daily updates. There's no other site like it for genuine, Amateur Asian hardcore.

  • Hairy AV screenshot
    Hairy AV
    Date: 2018-01-04

    Summary: Hairy is as hairy does. I have no idea what that means either, but I do have Hairy on my mind. That's because I've just come from a great Asian site, Hairy AV, one of the AV Japanese sites in a network that, although not cheap, sure gives you loads to see. In particular, Hairy AV is all about girls who don't shave their pussies or even trim them. It's pure Japanese solo and hardcore action, with all the fuzz left on, but with nothing fuzzing out the pussies, as you so often see in Japanese porn. Uncensored, unshaved, unmown, this is all about natural Japanese hairy happenings.

  • Ferame screenshot
    Date: 2017-12-10

    Summary: Asian guys are not known for the length of their dicks; sorry, but it's true. But not in every case. I have just been to Ferame and there the guys are Japanese, as are the girls, and some of them have more to offer than the girls expect. It's all about hardcore and dick sucking at that site, with HD and uncensored Japanese porn. There is access to 15 other sites in the all-Japanese network, and the content comes via JAV HD - Japanese Adult Video, so it stays on theme throughout.

  • All Gravure screenshot
    All Gravure
    Date: 2018-04-01

    Summary: All Gravure stars a mix of gorgeous Japanese models in a library of softcore and hardcore videos and pictures. The galleries tend towards being non-nude and erotic, but a large chunk of the video library features very explicit hardcore: bukkake, gang bangs, cosplay and much more. The site promised HD and High Resolutions but unfortunately you the quality of downloads here is noticeably less in quality. The site is very large though, and offers a really exciting mix of content that gets updated every day with new galleries and videos.

  • Big Tits Tokyo screenshot
    Big Tits Tokyo
    Date: 2017-05-16

    Summary: Don't waste your time with small-breasted Asians when there are some fat tits ready for you to enjoy! Signing up to Big Tits Tokyo will show you the hottest Japanese women with nice tits that bounce all day long while they get fucked. Featuring over 300 clips, three weekly updates and a whole host of bonus sites on the All Japanese Pass network, there are very few reasons not to like the look of Big Tits Tokyo and its membership features.

  • Milfs in Japan screenshot
    Milfs in Japan
    Date: 2014-07-15

    Summary: Milfs in Japan brings you an exclusive collection of moms who love to cum and eat cum. The streaming HD movies here let you watch Asian moms stroke their pussies, suck big cocks, hook up with other moms and even get gang banged and covered in multiple cum shots. The library updates multiple times every week and you get a lot of great bonus porn at a no extra cost.

  • Ura Bukkake screenshot
    Ura Bukkake
    Date: 2012-07-26

    Summary: Ura Bukkake stars hot Japanese models in true Bukkake party action. The girls are stripped, fondled an fucked by groups of 10+ guys that all end up cumming on her. At the end these pretty girls are sticky, covered in a film of cum that pastes their eyes shut and fills their grinning mouths. You'll be able to watch the movies in 720p HD and view pictures in high resolutions in the members area, but only while streaming - no downloads are allowed. The site is also very slow to update.

  • Forbidden East screenshot
    Forbidden East
    Date: 2010-08-10

    Summary: Forbidden East features Japanese BDSM and bondage porn produced in the late 90s and early 2000s. You're expecting intricate and hot bondage scenarios and you'll get that. Forbidden East goes above and beyond to make this an experience that anyone enjoying Asian porn, BDSM, or bondage needs to take a look at.

  • Trike Patrol screenshot
    Trike Patrol
    Date: 2018-09-27

    Summary: Asian babes don't have to come from one place, you can have Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese… the list rolls on until you get to the Philippines in which case, you need to take a night out with the Trike Patrol. These guys go out and about to find hot Asian hookers to chat to, pay and take back to their hotel rooms. After that it's anything goes as the girls get paid to perform and we get realistic, reality, hardcore movies that are exclusive and decent quality. Well worth checking out.

  • JP Shavers screenshot
    JP Shavers
    Date: 2018-08-23

    Summary: If you fancy some Asian babes with no hair between their legs, then JP Shavers is a place to go. It's an extensive DVD site with non-exclusive Japanese porn from released DVDs, and there are over 355 full DVDs to browse. This also comes with access to the All Japanese Pass network of 22 sites, and a vast collection of over 14,400 scenes on a wide range of subjects, not all girls are shaved, but they are all Asian, in this case, Japanese. Be aware that it's censored content and you might not get to see as much shaved flesh as you want.

  • J School Girls screenshot
    J School Girls
    Date: 2018-06-28

    Summary: Asian girls are cute and hot, dinky, often shaved and youthful looking and always very naughty. If you fancy some Japanese schoolgirl fun within the Asian niche, then you need to try out J Schoolgirls. This site (that we've just reviewed) comes from the All Japanese Pass network of 22 sites, where all the non-exclusive content comes directly from Japan. It's a vast DVD network with 14,000 + scenes, and in the naughty schoolgirls section they have over 789 movies now. All Asian, all Japanese, and all horny check out our review of J Schoolgirls for the latest news.

  • 18 Tokyo screenshot
    18 Tokyo
    Date: 2018-06-10

    Summary: Asian porn is a wide heading, I mean, whereabouts in Asia do you mean? But, within it, we have Japanese porn, and there is no better network for genuine porn from Japan (censorship and all) than the All Japanese Pass. If you want to get one of these passes, they come in at $49.99 per month, but we have a discount offer where you can get access via 18 Tokyo for less than half price. The girls here are cute 18 + teens, they ball and bang with cute, smooth Japanese guys and some older studly men, and the site is huge. What's more, there are 22 Japanese sites included with this discounted offer.

  • Japan Lust screenshot
    Japan Lust
    Date: 2018-01-13

    Summary: The Asian niche covers a wide area in general porn terms, but we can narrow it down to Asian countries. In this case, it should really be called Oriental as the site I just found under 'Asian Porn' was Japan Lust and it all happens in Japan. Here the guys find real amateur girls aged 18 to cougar and they interview them, take them home and then do wonderfully unspeakable things with them; fingers and fucking play a part. It's a great little and new Asian/Japanese site.

  • Asian FF screenshot
    Asian FF
    Date: 2018-09-12

    Summary: Asian girls go wild for hardcore sex, well, they do at Asian Fuck Friends where the amateur, ordinary, teens, babes and Milfs get down and dirty in home-shot movies. This is content like you find on those adult tube sites except here you don't have restrictions such as 'you have to pay for amateur videos' and the quality tends to be better. You sign up, for sure, but after that, over 900 genuine amateur videos are yours to stream and download, and some are in HD.

  • Office Sex JP screenshot
    Office Sex JP
    Date: 2018-08-14

    Summary: Asian babes are known to be cute and petite, like the girls at Office Sex JP. This is an Asian site that's part of a network (the All Japanese Pass network of 22 Japanese porn sites). Here you find a heap of cute Asian babes in the office as that's the fantasy theme of the site. They are used, willingly abused, paid and played with in a variety of scenes. Stripping the manager, blowing the mail boy, you name it, the girls get up to naughty things on office time. It's a cute site with non-exclusive, but original Japanese DVDs and there's a special sign-up offer right now offering network access for a huge discount.

  • Japanese Slurp screenshot
    Japanese Slurp
    Date: 2018-08-05

    Summary: Asian porn is varied. I mean the continent is so huge Japan fits into it, and at Japanese Slurp we have Asian babes (Japanese) in porn videos that have been released in that country. It's not exclusive content, but there's a lot of it with 860 full DVD at the moment and 1,303 scenes where cute young Japanese babes blow dinky Asian boy dicks, and some bigger ones, in DVD released movies. The site is on offer at the moment but still includes full access to all the bonuses for over 14,480 Asian hardcore scenes.

  • Japanese Matures screenshot
    Japanese Matures
    Date: 2018-07-29

    Summary: We include Japanese Milfs in our Asian category, and Japanese Matures is just one of the sites you will find here. I just looked at this site and found over 860 videos and their screen caps with decent DVD release quality scenes and DVDs, plus easy access to the other 20 + sites in the network, All Japanese Pass. It's also up there for a discounted memberships price at the moment, so is worth checking out if you don't mind censored videos.

  • JP Milfs screenshot
    JP Milfs
    Date: 2018-07-02

    Summary: Think of Asian porn, and you tend to think of Thailand, but what about Japan? Or should that be Oriental porn? Whatever, there's a load of it for you with an All Japanese Pass network, and one way into that is to sign-up to JP Milfs. I was doing just that just now and found a site with over 526 DVDs and their scenes, screencaps, some HD downloads, mobile files and streams, plus loads of variety. If you want a change from the usual Asian hardcore, try JP Milfs and its bonuses.

  • AV 69 screenshot
    AV 69
    Date: 2017-12-24

    Summary: There are loads of Asian sites, but surprisingly few specialise in one country. In fact, 'Asian porn' is understood to be porn from anywhere between India and Japan, but for the real deal, you want to try AV 69. That's for the real Japanese deal I mean. And the dal is, this uncensored Japanese (only) porn, with cute bunnies and bonuses. You could call it Oriental perhaps, but it's 100% Japanese and boy, do they make a lot of it! The network you access has over 7,000 videos so far and just keeps getting bigger while staying in its niche.

  • Shiofuky screenshot
    Date: 2017-12-07

    Summary: Asian porn is one thing, Japanese porn is another and often comes at you with the hardcore censored out. Not so at Shiofuky and the network it belongs to. Here, at this solo masturbation site, you have uncensored Japanese solos and squirting. And your bonuses are not censored either.

  • Crazy Asian GFs screenshot
    Crazy Asian GFs
    Date: 2017-11-25

    Summary: The Asian niche is a big one, and it's hard to pull out any one site as being the best. But I was hankering for some amateur Asian babes the other day and came across Crazy Asian Gfs. This is a small site, and it's got movies that are professionally shot, but the girls there are sweet, cute, Asian lovelies who live to worship cock. I was impressed by the POV style of movies, which really put me in the video with these dick slurping lovelies; it's well worth a visit.

  • Japan HD XXX screenshot
    Japan HD XXX
    Date: 2018-04-01

    Summary: Enjoy your Japanese porn in full HD and uncensored at Japan HD XXX. These DVDs are full of shy Japanese beauties lending their bodies to horny men to fondle, finger, fuck hard and cum in. You'll find some hot threesomes, forced orgasms, cum play, creampies and more in this distinctly Japanese library of exciting sex.

  • Asian Deepthroat screenshot
    Asian Deepthroat
    Date: 2015-03-30

    Summary: Melissa Deep loves wrapping her lips around big cock. She doesn’t just suck, either; she swallows every inch until she gags, deepthroating these studs until they fill her face and mouth with their hot cum. The site features her and other amateur ladies sucking cock, getting fucked and gang banged, and hooking up with each other, too.

  • Asian 1 on 1 screenshot
    Asian 1 on 1
    Date: 2011-08-29

    Summary: Asian 1 on 1 was very active in 2006/2007, but has come back to life in mid-2011. Will it return to glory? They are on a good start. New updates are in the high definition formats used by the rest of the Naughty America network, all of which is included as a bonus for joining Asian 1 on 1. This is a great place for 1 on 1 POV porn movies, but this is the only site with Asian girls in the network.

  • Lulu Sex Bomb screenshot
    Lulu Sex Bomb
    Date: 2010-04-26

    Summary: Lulu Sex Bomb is a 26 year old amateur girl from Thailand with a huge set of Silicone boobs on her slender figure. On her solo site she shows off her amazing dark skinned body and how she masturbates using fingers and occasionally toys. Apart from the average video quality, the site delivers what it promises and is updated with two photo sets and two videos per week.

  • Creampie Thais screenshot
    Creampie Thais
    Date: 2008-08-12

    Summary: Creampie Thais features cute Asian girls having hardcore sex ending with a creampie. The girls are cute and the content is exclusive and not seen elsewhere. Biggest problem is that videos are only available in relatively poor quality.

  • Horiental screenshot
    Date: 2007-10-03

    Summary: Horiental delivers hardcore videos featuring Asian babes. The content is pretty hot - video quality is medium and there's no pictures offered. Horiental is part of Reel Pass site network with 18 exclusive sites in various niches.

  • Fuck That Asian screenshot
    Fuck That Asian
    Date: 2006-02-08

    Summary: On Fuck That Asian it's all about getting it on with asian chicks. The video content is pretty standard, so this is for Asian lovers only. It is part of a large network of sites though.

  • Sachiko Mclean screenshot
    Sachiko Mclean
    Date: 2004-02-16

    Summary: Sachiko Mclean is a soft-core personal/amateur site that holds Asian content. They claim to be a small site, but they hold 1,200+ hi-quality pics, adding 100+ each month and there are, video clips in QuickTime.

  • Club Katsuni screenshot
    Club Katsuni
    Date: 2012-08-13

    Summary: Club Katsuni stars the beautiful French-Vietnamese porn star of the same name. The beautiful and adventurous porn star offers a unique pool of content here with lots of backstage video and pictures to go with her hardcore and lesbian sex scenes, a few of which include anal or fetishes. The site isn't very large though, and doesn't update regularly. The download options are also limited and not the best quality. You do get access to an entire network of porn star sites, though, which certainly perks things up.

  • Hardcore Punishments screenshot
    Hardcore Punishments
    Date: 2011-06-27

    Summary: If you have a scream fetish, you're going to love Hardcore Punishments. You'll also find some good stuff here if you like suspended Japanese girls being forced to orgasm through use of sex toys. If you're a traditional BDSM fan, this site will leave you flat due to its constantly screaming women (not necessarily being in pain), limited archive, and navigation that needs tweaking. It's a site that definitely has its audience though.

  • The Tigers Den screenshot
    The Tigers Den
    Date: 2003-02-14

    Summary: The Tigers Den is an Asian personal/amateur site. There are 120 image series and videos that are in .MOV format with content being exclusive.

  • Teens from Tokyo screenshot
    Teens from Tokyo
    Date: 2007-03-15

    Summary: Teens from Tokyo features uncensored Japanese hardcore movies. The girls are teens (18+) and seem to be authentic Japanese girls masturbating and being fucked by their fellow country men. Overall picture and video quality is good without impressing.

  • Asian Parade screenshot
    Asian Parade
    Date: 2007-05-11

    Summary: Asian Parade is a standard run-of-the-mill site that contains streaming-only video clips of Asian chicks banging white guys. The action is okay, but both price and the no-download option, suggests that you should look elsewhere for a good Asian site.

  • Asian Chicks White Dicks screenshot
    Asian Chicks White Dicks
    Date: 2006-11-30

    Summary: Asian Chicks White Dicks promises that Once You Go Asian You'll Never Go Back. Well I don't know if I'm convinced. It contains 30 video scenes with Asian chicks, which feature semi-known Asian pornstars. Video quality is mediocre.

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Total 43 reviews