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Asian Sex Diary review

Summary: Asian Sex Diary lets you follow the sexy adventures of one Mr Average white guy as he finds and fucks Asian babes from all over the place. It's a mix of travel blog and sex tapes, amateur, homemade, but decently filmed, and it's a site that adds a new piece of content every single day. It also comes in at a startlingly low price for all-exclusive content and comes with a loyalty bonus scheme for members. Mainly though, you're looking at a wide variety of Asian girls used and cum on in horny, POV, amateur hardcore movies.

Score 87 /100
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Luke, 2019-02-09

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Intro promises

100% amateur content
Self-shot Asian porn movies
Loyalty bonuses
Over 2,000 videos and galleries

First impression

The content at Asian Sex Diary is 100% exclusive, amateur and Asian, apart from the guy who does the filming who is white. The thing that grabbed me about this site was the mix of travel diary, blog and conquests. The guy, John, not only likes to travel, he likes to pick up and pay cute Asian babes along the way. He finds some online and others in bars, I guess, brings them back to his room and films them as they service his dick, and he their pussies, and then he uploads the content on a daily basis to his members' area. I also thought the price was excellent for such a lot of exclusive content.


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Our opinion

You find a lot of varied and cute girls appearing on this site, often for only one time. Our main man uploads something new every day, and a calendar of events shows you what's what. You can view the content by day or by month, and it's a mix. Sometimes it's a hardcore, self-shot amateur porn video, and at other times it's more personal, with stories of his travels, info about the places and, almost, holiday shots. His conquests, or trophies as he calls, them, come from all over the place, so I'm not sure if he lives in an Asian country or meets Asian girls in Europe, but some are from Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia, while others are from Canada and Europe. Either way, there are 145 girls featured in the trophy cabinet.

The site is a standalone one, but it offers a loyalty scheme. There are no bonus sites, but if you contribute, stay as a member for a length of time and generally support the site, then Asian Sex Diary will reward you with videos that only loyal members get to see. It's all explained on the 'Flight Club' page.

Just checking things out and I found 2,383 updates - some videos, some diary, some blog posts and G rated, it's a nice mix, and there were also 2,000 photo galleries mixed in. If you head to the monthly view page, you can start at the beginning of the blog in 2012 and work forwards. I have to say, updates are excellent. There were only a few days that had no content added, and I mean very few. Usually, you have something to check out every day.

The movies are streaming only, so there is no downloading and they are amateur, well shot, considering, and sometimes POV, you get a good mix of strips and poses, BJs, hardcore fucking, creampies and facials with a wide variety of Asian girls. Movies are shown at 1,920 x 1,080 these days and look fine; some have other streaming options too. They also run for around 20 minutes each, though aren't necessarily edited or looking professional - but then that's what we expect from an amateur site. Galleries hold roughly 50 pics each at 1,600 x 1,200 and also look good, but there are no zip files.

You'll find that Asian Sex Diary has a unique look, but then it's a unique site. It does look a bit homemade, 1990's style, but I liked that. There are adverts down one site and update news there too, but that doesn't detract from the main pages. The menu lets you view the updates by week or month, the 'My Conquests' area holds the 145 featured girls, and you can add clips and pics to a favourites area. Videos come with rates, and you can comment, there are good descriptions and details and a search box and a country lists also helps you filter your content.

I had no issues with navigation and found no technical problems.

I mentioned the only extra, the Flight Club. Like a bonus scheme for an airline, as you stay and travel through John's sexy Asian adventures, you can build up reward points for things like submitting content, staying around for a few months, making comments or whatever, and when you reach a total, you can cash the points in for some extras. These are also exclusive, it seems, and the site keeps back some content to show only to members who are in the flight club. It's a neat idea and personalises the site in a way that few other adult sites manage to do.


It's different, in fact, it's unique, and that's one of the things I loved about Asian Sex Diary. I've not seen anything like this before. The site combines horny amateur Asian porn movies, BJs, full-on fuck scenes, travel movies and information, a blog, images and more into one uniquely designed site that uploads something new every day. It's mainly about a white guy fucking Asian girls, some of whom have been paid, and it works brilliantly.


Asian Sex Diary is a unique site; I can't think of any others that combine a travel blog, and hardcore homemade movies like this one does. However, looking around for other amateur Asian sites/models I came up with a couple of ideas.

Crazy Asian GFs might be worth a look. This is one of those sites where they borrow content from tube sites and other self-submit sites. They then gather it together and present it in an easy to view way. There are loads of genuine home videos here, mainly with white guys banging Asian babes, and the site comes with network access. It's part of the GF Leaks network with over 1,000 videos and galleries, though not all are Asian themed.

DA GFs is similar in that it's amateur content, but it's also a huge network that has an Asian section. There are something like 3,000 + videos here and around the same amount of galleries in over 10 sites, though not all Asian.

You see? Asian Sex Diary is so unique it's hard to find anything to compare it to.


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