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Asian Fever review

Summary: Asian Fever is a site made by Hustler. Unfortunately it disappoints by having very little focus on actual Asian girls. The content featuring Asians is quite sparse and quality is below average. Not a site that is worthy as stand-alone site.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-05-31

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Intro promises

- Enjoy ASIAN FEVERíS enormous collection of streaming video clips and downloadable movies.
- Surf thousands of hi-rez photos of amazing ASIAN models in explicit XXX action!
- Join now and receive bonus pictorials from HUSTLER, BARELY LEGAL and TABOO Magazines.

First impression

I once had Asian fever, but a shot of penicillin cleared it right up. Anyway, Asian Fever is Hustlerís entry into the already oversaturated Asian porn marketplace. Though Hustler calls Asian Fever ďAmericaís Number One Asian Site,Ē it looks to me to be just like every other Asian site on the planet. Adding insult to injury, a fair amount of the content displayed on Asian Feverís main members page isnít even Asian-related (Britney Skye, for example, is most certainly not Asian)! My guess is that most if not all of the content on Asian Fever is shared with other Hustler sites, meaning none of the content on any of these Hustler sites is exclusive. Regardless, is Asian Fever worth making yourself sick over? Letís find out.


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Our opinion

The main members area of Asian Fever clearly displays all of the siteís content, making it relatively easy to navigate. Asian Fever has a very convenient sidebar on the left side of the page that gives members access to XXX movies, photo galleries, bonus galleries, live action and extras. Again, most of the stuff on display here, like Larryís Daily Babes and Larryís Picks, doesnít even feature any Asians in it, leading me to believe that all Hustler sites have the same exact members area. For example, none of the recent DVDs added to the site under the banner of Asian Fever Hot Flicks actually stars Asian women! For shame, Hustler!

The photo galleries on Asian Fever are broken up into categories: ďAsian galleriesĒ and ďall galleries.Ē ďAsian galleriesĒ actually feature Asian women in Ďem, God bless Ďem, while ďall galleriesĒ contain an assortment of completely random material from Hustlerís army of smut sites and dirty magazines. Currently, there are only twenty-five Asian galleries on Asian Fever. I know. The galleries are a real mixed bag as well, with some containing as few as ten photos and all containing average-resolution photos. Blah.

The movies on Asian Fever fare much better than the photos. First off, there are a lot of Ďem, over four hundred if Asian Feverís tour is to be believed (Iím guessing that most if not all of Hustlerís DVD releases can be downloaded with a membership to any one of their sites). Granted, most of these movies have nothing to do with Asians, but there are plenty of Asian flicks to be found, a fact you will learn to be true by browsing the Asian category (members can also browse movies by star, title, recently added and most popular), which houses thirty-seven movies at the present time. Okay, so thatís not a lot of Asian material, but itíll have to do. The movies on Asian Fever are cut up into clips that can be downloaded or streamed in an embedded player in three formats (Windows Media, RealPlayer and QuickTime) and three speeds (low, medium and high). Unfortunately all downloaded movies are protected using DRM. The movies look decent though despite only being 320x240 pixels large and all DVDs available for download on Asian Fever are also available for purchase if you really like what you see here (call me cynical if you must, but I get the distinct impression that all of these Hustler sites exist solely to sell DVDs to their members). End of story.

Extras include access to Hustler World, Hustler humor, Hustler mobile (Hustler on your cell phone!), dating and personals, links, and bonus videos. Oh, and donít forget the links to live video chat and phone sex ó maybe you can get an actual Asian girl on the horn? Wouldnít that be something?


If Asian Fever really is Americaís Number One Asian Site, then America is even more fucked than I already thought it was. Seriously, itís no wonder the terrorists hate us if this is what we as a country choose to jack off to! At best, Asian Fever is Americaís Number One Average Asian Site with Wholly Unremarkable Content, Most of Which Doesnít Even Feature Any Asian Women in It. I guess Asian Fever would make a decent bonus site if you got free access to it with membership to another site that didnít totally suck ass, but Asian Fever just canít stand on its own.

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