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Forbidden East review

Summary: Forbidden East features Japanese BDSM and bondage porn produced in the late 90s and early 2000s. You're expecting intricate and hot bondage scenarios and you'll get that. Forbidden East goes above and beyond to make this an experience that anyone enjoying Asian porn, BDSM, or bondage needs to take a look at.

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Tiffany, 2010-08-10

Asian, 18-23, Fetish, Movies, Videos

BDSM, bondage, Japanese models, Japanese porn, Shibari

Intro promises

Art of shibari
All forms of Asian rope bondage
Hentai collection
Weekly updates
Magazine quality photos

First impression

Oh. My. God. If there is one thing hotter than a tight pussy Asian girl wrapped up in Shibari bondage I don't know what it is. The ropes biting into her flesh, the intricate knots both beautiful and strong, and the teasing torment that comes once her Master arrives to take his prize...that's what Forbidden East is all about.

The member's area has a bright header that contrasts with the foreboding atmosphere of the rest of the layout. There are tabs running across the top of the page for the model directories and archives, the latest updates running blog style down the middle with pages leading you to the rest of the collection, categories, archived categories, a keyword search and a video format guide down the sidebar. It's not a flashy layout, and there may be a few too many sections that don't immediately make sense.


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Our opinion

To say that I'm excited to be checking out Forbidden East and all of its BDSM and bondage Asians is an understatement. I am fucking ecstatic at the thought of it. You get 67 Japanese BDSM movies, 15 BDSM themed hentai movies, 178 photo sets and 18 BDSM DVDs. Much of the content originated in the 90s and early 21st century according to the introduction blurb. The content was shot in Japan and is all exclusive to the Forbidden East collection. While the 90s weren't all that long ago it does tickle my retro porn button and taking a look through each section just heightens my enjoyment of this unique set of porn. It does look like the hentai and BDSM DVDs are licensed but I know I have not seen them before.

Now a quick word of warning. This is authentic Japanese porn, so you are going to see that many of the videos have the pussies pixelated out. If you have any experience with Japanese porn you probably already knew this, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned it so no one ends up highly confused. The video pages have 3 different video listings on a page. The video block starts off with a streaming Flash video you don't have to wait to check out. The Flash player has your standard options on it and buffers quickly. Underneath that you have WMV and MP4 for both PC and for mobile. The WMV and MP4 are given in small clip downloads while you can download the full version with the MP4 mobile video. The videos are shown at 720x480 or 640x480 and 1.3 mbps. Since they're older videos the quality isn't going to be super crisp but there's an allure to them that more than makes up for it.

I love bondage so seeing all of the different bondage videos was spectacular and there's a ton of dominance and submission themes in this collection as well. I have to admit that the area I was most impressed with were the photos. The feel of these older photos really adds in to the atmosphere and there's a lot of really cool photo styles that hit it out of the park. I think my favorites are probably the underwater photos. There's more of a mix of fetish, glamour, and bondage instead of just bondage and BDSM like the video section. The photo galleries have a pretty basic layout and the photo quality and size varies based on the source. The pictures are generally big, crisp and clear and I really got a kick out of variety of Asians featured here. There are no slideshows or zip downloads.

The Hentai and BDSM DVDs are divided into several different clips so you aren't downloading a full 90 minute DVD all at once. The formats and viewing options are limited to WMV downloads and streaming. Both sections are spot on in hitting the bondage and BDSM theme, although the BDSM DVD section is not limited to Japanese women (or even just Asian women).

There is also a bit of archived content split off from the main collection. There are 92 bondage galleries adding to the overall collection. There are a number of interesting extras for you to explore. A big section of Hentai flash games starts you off but the most interesting bonus for me is the instructional articles. Bondage, especially shibari bondage and other types of Japanese bondage are incredibly intricate and require a lot of practice and knowledge before you can do it yourself. Forbidden East has a remarkably thorough instruction area that is worth the cost of admission on its own. You also have a story section if you're wanting some hot erotica. Finally there's 2 third party Asian and BDSM feeds.


If you are turned on by kinky Japanese porn at all, you need to sign up for Forbidden East. It's not going to have the highest of qualities or the biggest resolution, but it has an erotic and arousing collection that is incredibly unique, absolutely breathtaking, and authentically Japanese.


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