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Fuck That Asian review

Summary: On Fuck That Asian it's all about getting it on with asian chicks. The video content is pretty standard, so this is for Asian lovers only. It is part of a large network of sites though.

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J., 2006-02-08

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Intro promises

-"This site is about really hot asian girls, sucking, fucking, taking it up the ass and doing all the dirty things you've been wanting to see asian girls do! They're hungry for cock and they all get their innocent faces covered in cum! This site is the best 24 Hour asian buffet with nothing but pussy on the menu!"

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First impression

Well, that lengthy description above pretty much says all you can about this one. It's even got the stereotypical "Asian Font" to go with it! Anyway, on the intro page you get a ton of thumbnail images of the girls on their site and, yes, they're all Asian (or at least partially Asian) and yes, they're all sucking cock and drinking cum. So I guess you're getting what they claim right from the get go! The layout is professional enough, despite the somewhat offensive bows to stereotypes. However, if you're on a site called "Fuck That Asian" my guess is that the ethnical integrity of the Asian people is not your primary concern. So be it, but just this once I'd like to see a Russian chick on an Asian Website with a caption that just says, "Yeah, Russia's in Asia, not Europe... what, you didn't know that?"


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Our opinion

This is one of the many sites on the BrainPass Network - the people who bring you Peter North and Lex Steele's personal sites, along with a bevy of girls' personal sites (Busty Christy, Christine Young, etc.) so the content and delivery format is all pretty much standard here. As with most BrainPass sites, the first page you see after signing in is the network's update page. Here you get a nicely organized listing of that past few days' updates (with now 30 site network, there are indeed updates daily) and previews of the next few days' as well. My only complaint with this system is that there's no archive to look back on in case you missed a couple of weeks in a row. A nice calender system would be helpful here but, for the most part, their system works just fine.

From there you can go into FuckThatAsian's main members' page via a button on the top of the page. Here you get a header with a navigation bar and a poll question up top (this week it's "How do you like your Asian(s)?" with answers that are actually Asian spices... very clever). Below that are a thumbnail and link for each of the 4 latest video updates, including a title, a short description and total length information.

Going into the Videos page, I get a nice clean-looking listing of the videos available on the site. 8 thumbnails per video grace this page, along with a full description, listing of actors, length, and links to the high and low speed videos. There are also pictures available for each set, but these are just vidcaps and shouldn't really be considered anything but supplementary to the vids. Each video, as expected, has at least one Asian chick in it and the content is pretty standard fare within those boundaries: Lots of fucking, sucking and facials with the ocassional girl/girl or threesome clip thrown in for good measure. There's plenty of the Asian school girl type of thing on here but, for the most part this is just porn that happens to include Asian chicks, so if you were looking for something particularly "Asian" about the content other than the actresses, you might be disappointed. I don't know what exactly would constitute something of that sort though... maybe she'd quote Sun Tzu or make anime references or sing that jingle from the Simpsons when Homer's image gets co-opted in a Japanese commercial. You know. Whatever.

Each video is seperated into clips of about 5 minutes a piece which is fine except that there's no option to download an entire scene. That's a problem if you're the spidering type- BrainPass sites don't allow download resuming which means most download managers aren't able to queue up a bunch of stuff to download while you're sleeping. So you're stuck downloading two clips at a time unless you're smarter than me and can figure out a way to work around that.

The production quality of the videos is pretty normal by today's professional adult video standards: nothing fancy in terms of lighting or location, but you don't often see some random dude sitting in the corner or an empty bag of chips on the bed or anything. The video is mostly gonzo and maybe some tripod stuff and off-camera sound equipment would help round it out a little better, but overall there are few complaints. As with other Brainpass sites, there are six total video quality options: 2 high speed and 3 low speed. The high speed formats include a WMV 228kbps (352x240 resolution), an MPG 650k (352x240) and a WMV 700kbps (480x360) version. The smaller WMV looks decent at its natural size and is acceptable when blown up a little bit and the MPG version is equally viewable, with little comrpession artifacting at smaller sizes. But for my money, it's the WMV700 format you should stick with for full-screen viewing- it's really quite nice looking and only incurs minor to moderate pixelization at full screen. Of course, you have to wait much longer for it to buffer or download, but if you're an archiver, this is your format. The low speed formats are about what you would expect. A WMV56k version that looks like a stamp-sized (240x180) animated .GIF with a slightly better framerate, a WMV128k version of the same size with a little less compression, and an MPG350 at 240x160 with a slightly better framerate than the previous two. The low speed versions are what I would consider emergency only formats in general. And if you need to view the low speed ones full time, maybe you should invest in some high speed internet. As usual, the photos are simply screencaps from the videos. Good pretty much only for extensive thumbnailing and sending as greeting cards via e-mail.

Apart from the FuckThatAsian content there is, of course, the 29 other sites full of content on the network. I won't include a full listing of sites here, but let's just say that, with the new additions of "More Than a Girl" and "Feet Frenzy" that there's just about something here for everyone. Apart from that there's an extensive collection of third party content available- from Lesbo101 and BrunoB to Holio and Hustler. You won't get bored sifting through that stuff for a while.


As another flavor of the BrainPass brand, Fuck That Asian both succeeds and fails where others in the network do. The frequent network updates and quality content are guaranteed and well worth the price of admission, but if all you're into are Asians, there are better sites to go to since this one will probably only hit its place in the update roation a couple times a month. Think of the BrainPass specialty sites as those Chinese buffets. Yeah, you'll get full and they're cheap, but if you want real Chinese food you're gonna have to make the trip to Chinatown. So think of this as the General Tso's Chicken of Asian porn sites. It tastes good and it's Chinese enough for we Americans, but the true conneisseur knows that an American invented that dish and just gave it a Chinese-sounding name. Okay, enough analogies.

What I'm trying to say is that there are Asian specialty sites that will dish up more frequent updates and more content specifically geared towards that fetish. This one's fine if you're a big porn fan because you get all the other sites in the network to go with it. But if Asian is the only thing you ever crave, there are better places to get your fill.

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