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Hardcore Punishments review

Summary: If you have a scream fetish, you're going to love Hardcore Punishments. You'll also find some good stuff here if you like suspended Japanese girls being forced to orgasm through use of sex toys. If you're a traditional BDSM fan, this site will leave you flat due to its constantly screaming women (not necessarily being in pain), limited archive, and navigation that needs tweaking. It's a site that definitely has its audience though.

Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2011-06-27

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Asian girls, BDSM, bondage, forced orgasms, fucking machines, Japanese porn, rope bondage, rough sex, suspension bondage, vibrators

Intro promises

- 100% Authentic and Exclusive Japanese Bondage and Fetish Videos direct from the most extreme studios in all of Asia!
- A totally uncensored, rare and cruel library of extreme Japanese S&M films, never before seen outside of Japan.

"In a unique East-Meets-West "Reality Porn" film format, the ongoing series features three perverse Japanese young men that stalk girls on the streets of Tokyo, but rather than lure them into a bus and take them for a sex ride, they abduct them and take them to their dungeon where they subject them to some of the most depraved and perverse acts of Sado-Masochism ever filmed. this site is so extreme and unusual that it is sure to be a hit with your promotional efforts."

First impression

Hardcore Punishments definitely seems pretty hardcore with all kinds of Japanese girls being suspended and forced to orgasm through different kinds of sex toys and tools used as sex toys. This site offers uncensored bdsm porn so you won't see any of the private parts pixelated out like Japanese porn is otherwise know for.


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Our opinion

Hardcore Punishments offers its members a menu with links that include BDSM, Featured, Fucking Machines, Models, Rough Sex, and Photo Galleries. Most of these links are to the various categories within this site, though many seem to overlap. Currently there are six models in here under "Models." They star in several videos each, so click on their name and you'll see all the model's scenes. When you hold your mouse over "Photo Galleries, you get a whole lot more models to choose from - they each have a photo set of around 50-60 photos in good quality. You'll have to use the drop down menu that appears since when you just click photos, the page doesn't do anything - would be nice with a thumbnail from each photo set here.

Apparently each of these women has just one photo gallery since all you're shown is a gallery of her bdsm poses. The photos open to various sizes and are scaled to fit your screen. If you save them or view them directly, they enlarge to 1500x1180 and 1240x1500. There's unfortunately no zip download option. The photos show some very good intricate rope bondage, but sometimes they make you wonder when they show pictures of condoms on a woman's hands and she holds them up to her face. Is that supposed to be showing "hardcore punishments?" I'm not sure how often a new photo gallery is uploaded since there are no dates noted.

There are currently around 30 videos within Hardcore Punishments. I was hoping for more material, but the updates occur once weekly it appears.

You can stream the movies or download in Mp4 (640x480/ 786 kbps) and WMV (640x480/1592 Kbps). The time varies widely from around a few minutes in length to over 20 minutes. The quality of the videos is pretty good and, when streaming, it doesn't stop and freeze up. There are some very good extreme close ups that mostly retain their very good quality, though sometimes they get a little blurry. There's also some pretty good camera angles. The audio quality is very good as well, though I had to turn the sound off.

Why? Because most of the time I had no idea what the women were screaming about. Vibrator on their neck... scream and grimace. Vibrator on their stomach... scream and cry. Getting their pussy licked - the same kind of scream and grimace. I guess it's true that Asian women in porn scream at just about anything, so if you like a chick who screams just for the heck of it, you'll love this site. To me, it's off putting and not really what bdsm is all about. You really don't want a play partner that can't take any kind of touch, or just screams because s/he thinks that's what you want.

Additionally, aside from some rough sex and hot sauce on the pussy, I really didn't see anything all that extreme. Perhaps especially not since Japan is known for its bizarre porn, and certainly not by the standards of the usual bdsm porn sites that I've reviewed. Most, if not all, of the episodes revolve around the women having orgasms and a great deal of the time is spent making them scream in orgasm (which is pretty much all the time since they scream all the time). True, they're tied up, but I was disappointed in the lack of what I consider extreme hardcore bdsm pain.


If you are a fan of Japanese women in bondage, screaming and forced to orgasm, then you'll love Hardcore Punishments. If you're a regular fan of bdsm, chances are you're not going to enjoy this site because the over the top emotions are very off putting.

The site could use some tweaking for the navigation, and there isn't much in the way of archives built up. If, as I said, you're a fan of extremely emotional Japanese women in bondage and bdsm and you can't find any other site, then you'll scream with glee at this site.


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