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J School Girls Review

Summary: Horny youthful Japanese school, girls (and boys) are the stars of this huge collection of Japanese DVDs. It's hardcore and horny for sure, but it is censored and non-exclusive. It's great value at the moment, but usually, it's a really high price. It's adding content, and there are over 14,000 scenes in the 22-site network that's included. Up for naughty classroom sex with young Japanese girls? Here's your chance.

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Luke, 2018-06-28

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Japanese porn DVDs
22 site network with 14,000 + movies
Cute Japanese schoolgirl fantasies
Streams, downloads and screencaps

First impression

Just because a girl wears a school uniform and looks cute and innocent doesn't mean she is. It doesn't mean she's going to be wearing that uniform for very long either, not if she goes to these Japanese schools. J Schoolgirls gives you censored, Japanese DVD material featuring a bevy of horny Asian babes in school outfits, doing all kinds of hot hardcore with guys and other girls. You have streams, downloads, full DVDs and 21 bonus sites, all currently at a reduced price.


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Our opinion

What you see on the tour at J Schoolgirls is what you will find inside. It's one site in a large network, the All Japanese Pass, and there are over 14,000 scenes promised across 22 sites. Many of them contain censored material, the genitals are all fuzzed out, leaving quite a bit to your imagination. The site is also a non-exclusive collection, and the content tends to go around in circles, being updated as if newly uploaded, but it has also been growing in size as new DVDs and their scene are added.

The models are, of course, youthful and young looking, dressed in their uniforms and ready for anything. There's a lot of hardcore, and roleplaying and fantasy scenes, with girls, held down and given a magic wand treatment on their pussies by bullying boys, and loving all of it. There are student group scenes, intimate duos, threesomes and more, and every scene I saw here featured at least one cute 18 + teen in a school uniform, often with equally smooth and good looking Asian guys.

One year ago, J Schoolgirls held 642 scenes, now they have 789, which is an update schedule of twice per week. That's just from this one site. Your bonus content works in the same way in that you have streams in Flash and downloads in Mp4, though nothing in HD as yet. They are all DVD quality scenes though because they come from released DVDs. Although this means they are not exclusive, unless you have seen all 295 DVDs no this one site alone, you're not going to have seen all this content before. The quality is fine, the girls are hot and cute, the sex is well captured, and there's plenty of it.

Viewing is easy enough. Click to a scene from one of the sample shots on the many index pages, and you find a streaming screen. This will go full size, movies are now available in high, medium and lower quality, and scenes run for around 20 minutes. The top resolution these days is 720 x 408, and you can download movies in Mp4 at this size and in two lower quality versions, including 640 x 362. Movies come with sets of screencaps that can be taken in zip files or viewed online where you can take them one at a time. It's a simple set up to get you straight to hot content that, as far as I can see, only has two downsides; the censorship and the lack of subtitles.

Considering you're in such a big network when you sign into J Schoolgirls, you have no hassle finding what you want to see. The latest scenes are there on the home page, there are pages of DVDs where you can select a title and then see the full thing arranged by scenes, or you can pick a random scene. There's also a great filter tool which lets you really get specific on what you want to view, and there are various ways to arrange the content. A keyword search box helps too, but the category drop-down is another excellent tool for searching for your kind of content. I had no issues with navigation and found no technical issues. The site has a very user-friendly design.

A model index with 208 hot chicks is another way to navigate, although this only gives you links and adverts to other sites. Rather than any details about the models and their sample shots are scenes from DVDs, so you don't always know which model you're talking about.

But as for the bonuses… You have 22 sites in this one network, and your membership gets you into all of them. You will find a page showing you how many scenes per site, and there are over 14,000 included in the whole group. It's not all Japanese schoolgirl sex, you also have Japanese Matures and JP Milfs, plus other fantasy scenario sites such as JP Nurse, Japanese Office Sex and Japanese Cosplay. You find the sites easily enough, and every scene/DVD works in the same way as you're already used to, so it's no hassle.

There are a couple of sign-up things to watch out for. Two cross sales on the join page, the trial offer which comes back at the usual price of $49.99 per month - and that is the standard price for this site/network, so grab the current offer before things revert to normal.


J Schoolgirls does give you what the tour shows you: cute and youthful Japanese girls in classroom hardcore sex scenarios with smooth Asian boys, but it has some drawbacks: no subtitles, non-exclusive and censorship around the parts you want to see most. But it is a large site, with DVDs and bonuses and it's currently on offer for a reduced rate. Whichever way you look at it, it lets you into a large Asian network with over 14,000 DVD scenes, and that can't be bad.


You have to watch out when looking around for alternative Japanese hardcore sites because many of the ones you find advertised are actually part of the All Japanese Pass - and that's what you get when you join J Schoolgirls. But, type 'Japanese' into our search box, and you'll find plenty to choose from. Here is my favourite:

Ferame has over 2,000 Japanese videos and the best thing? They are uncensored, unlike the content at J Schoolgirls. That's the number of networked videos, as you're also signing up to a network site here, but in Ferame itself there were 646 movies at the last count. You do have high-resolution vids here at 1,920 x 1,080 and other sizes, and the quality is a little better than the DVD releases as J Schoolgirls. This site is part of the Japanese AV Network which also offers variety with Milfs and other niches, but all within the Japanese genre.


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