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JP Shavers review

Summary: If you like your girls youthful and shaved, dressed as schoolgirls, masturbating with toys and being used by Asian men, then you will like JP Shavers to a point; the scenes are censored. They all come from released Japanese DVDs and are authentic, but not exclusive. The site is large and updates, there are 22 sites in total with over 14,000 scenes on various themes and all of them from Japan.

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Luke, 2018-08-23

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Intro promises

"Hottest shaved Japanese pussy porn"
22 sites with one membership
Huge library of Japanese DVDs
Regular updates

First impression

On the face of it, it looks like you're in for some hot and cute shaved Japanese pussy as JP Shavers, and in some scenes you are, but in many, it's all censored out, and you can't actually see the shaved parts you wanted to. That was my first thought after viewing the site where there are over 743 scenes taken from 355 released Japanese porn DVDs. The sex and set-ups are fine, but you will miss some of the more intimate moments of each movie. It's a shame as this is otherwise a well-priced membership to over 20 Japanese sites all featuring a large set of authentic Japanese porn movies.


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Our opinion

What's sexier than a shaved pussy? How about a shaved pussy on an innocent Japanese babe in school uniform, playing with herself, using a toy, and then being fingered and fucked by a cute Japanese boy? That's what the content is like at JP Shavers where they have taken 355 released DVDs and present them with their scenes for members to enjoy. Sounds good? It is, but the content is also censored. Basically, this is a collection of non-exclusive but real Japanese porn videos, which are sold censored in Japan anyway, and it's given to you with loads of others. There are 22 sites in the All Japanese Pass Network, this is one of them, and when you enter here, you get to access them all.

Everything at JP Shavers comes from DVDs, and there are over 800 of them in the full network. They've filtered out those that have scenes with shaved girls and put them in one place, your site. This means that the scenarios are different, but there is a lot of schoolgirl fantasy porn here. Often a girl in uniform is set upon by two guys, force masturbated with a wand, and when she's completely fired up, her undies are off, and the boys are licking her out. Then she's sucking them, and finally, they're fucking her. (There are other kinds of scenes too.) It's all well and good apart from that damn censorship.

The 743 movies can be streamed in Flash at high, normal or low resolution, but the high one is only at 720 x 400, though that looks fine at full screen. You can also download as much as you want in the same three sizes, and in Mp4, so the lower res one should be fine for your phones. Movie scenes run for around 20 minutes, and there are no subtitles. There are descriptions, and you can rate them. They also come with sets of screencaps mainly to show you what happens in the scene, but you can take these in a zip file if you want.

Moving around the site is fine, and it's easy to jump between sites in the network. You can also see all content listed in one huge list if you want. Use the handy Network page to find the All Japanese Pass sites and home hub, and there you get over 14,487 scenes. Updates are coming in though there's some suspicion that the sites rotate their content and some of it is probably shared with other networked sites.

A model list, a category page and a list of tag words also aid navigation. I found no technical issues, but there are a couple of things to watch out for. The trial price is a good one, but it comes back at nearly $50.00 per month, and there are two cross sales on the join page to un-check if you don't want two more recurring memberships.

You have 22 sites in the All Japanese Pass network offering you over 14,400 scenes from a vast set of released, non-exclusive Japanese DVDs. That's a massive collection, and the quality of them all is DVD standard. There may even be some that are not censored. You will find all kinds of hot categories in these sites, JP Nurse, Japanese Matures, Japanese Office Sex, Cosplay, more schoolgirls, Japanese Teachers, Milfs… it's a massive collection of all things horny and Japanese.


JP Shaves holds a nice amount of non-exclusive Japanese porn from released DVDs that you can buy in stores in Japan. Because of that, it's censored porn, and you don't actually get to see much shaved pussy. What you do get is a lot of scenes and full DVDs, 22 sites in one go and over 14,000 movies, plus updates, none of which are exclusive. It's not a costly membership so as long as you don't mind the fuzzing out of the best bits, it's a decent deal on a large stock of authentic Japanese porn.


There are quite a few Japanese porn sites around, you'd be surprised, and some have exclusive content and no censorship.

Shiofuky is part of the JAV HD network with 15 Japanese sites, exclusive content, HD streams and downloads and you get to see everything. There are over 130 scenes in this one site alone, and although I'm not sure what the title means, it's got the word 'fucky' in it so we can guess.

Check our search box and category list for more Japanese sites, but be aware that many starting with JP are already in the All Japanese Pass network and many with AV are already in the AV network, like Shiofuky. There are several I've not seen for a while, but which were doing really well, such as Legs Japan, CKE 18 with Chakuero models in bikinis and a little bit soft/erotic, and then Japan Lust, Handjob Japan and Idols 69. There's loads of Japanese porn to be had out there.


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