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METCN review

Summary: METCN is an erotica porn site based in China and that works exclusively with amateur Chinese models. The quality of the photography here is high, but the site doesn't deliver on all of its promises. Most notable are its lack of daily updates and of high definition video. There is still a lot to make this site a quality pick and a good choice, though.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-01-13

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Intro promises

- "The most fruitful, freshest, classiest collection of nude art and fine photography in China."
- More than 15 thousand images
- Up to 6 updates daily
- Exclusive content
- Access to content from 4 bonus sites
- High resolution content

First impression

METCN borrows (apparently with permission) the MET brand name, and brings it to the land of China. The site promises unique China nude art, a porn that is definitely not easy to come by, let alone in highly artistic, quality erotica formats. The tour was reminiscent of the original MET, and the style of photography looks to be in the same line. METCN also looks to be as large, with promises of over 15 thousand exclusive pictures.

We signed up and created an account to see what a membership here can really offer.


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Our opinion

I have reviewed a huge diversity of adult porn sites over the last four years, but METCN is the first Chinese made site that I have stumbled upon. I have to admit that I had never imagined the first Chinese-made site would be such high quality. I suppose I associated China-Made to mean Knock-Off/Imitation. To some degree that rings true, but in terms of quality METCN does a pretty good job of handling itself.

If you are an avid fan of online erotica, then the 'MET' in the title and the style of the tour pages at METCN might have felt familiar. They borrow a lot from MET-Art, and apparently that is an authorized extension of the brand name. The 'CN' in the title stands for China. This is the MET-Art of China, then.

The name recognition is a huge bonus for METCN, but it also comes with a price: high expectations. The MET brand is synonymous with high quality erotica, beautiful amateur girls, and skilled photographers and artists. METCN works hard to capture that sort of mastery in its sets and videos.

The girls are very beautiful and exotic. They have soft, white porcelain skin, petite bodies and natural curves: soft haunches, plump round breasts with dark hard nipples. The photographers idolize and worship their bodies through imagery, shooting them as they pose in various outfits and stages of undress. They use light creatively to capture the shape and texture of the girls' flawless naked bodies. In other words, from a technical standpoint the artists really know what they are doing and live up well to the MET brand. The images are often full nude shots but not explicit or raunchy. I didn't see any penetration or even much touching. The girls always pose alone.

The strongest content comes in the image galleries. The sets aren't large, just about two dozen images in most, but they are super high resolution photographs. The size can vary. Most are over 2500x1400 pixels - but you have to download the zip files to get these original size pictures. You can browse through the galleries online and save the pictures you like best manually or download them in easy to grab zip files that are provided.

The videos weren't quite what were promised. The site says they will be 720p HD, but all downloads I tested were 640x480 pixels, which is DVD resolution (480i). They look very good, but aren't as big as I had hoped (and what was promised). You can download them in a single full length file. Each video has just one download, but the file type they choose varies. It is usually either QuickTime or Windows Media. Movies run a few minutes long and usually are behind-the-scenes footage during the photo shoot.

The bonus sites that they mentioned at sign up are integrated like categories in the site. They have the same style and high quality as the main categories. Litu features sets of a beautiful model posing by the sea side, in the shower, and in a luxury flat. Taboo-love has models in schoolgirl uniforms, lingerie and bondage. Ligui focuses on nylons and feet mostly. Beautyleg features leg fetish shots. The "bonus" sections aren't terribly large but together they add a lot of interest to METCN.

The daily promises for updates were inaccurate. Looking at the dates on the material show nothing new since mid-2010. That is about seven months prior to my visit. The site isn't growing in other words, and neither are the bonus sites.


METCN doesn't have the sort of polish you might expect from a MET-Art inspired site, but it's still a pretty solid site. Their Chinese girls are absolutely stunning and the photography is artistic and exactly what erotica should be. The videos weren't as large as I had hoped (or as what was promised), and the site doesn't update, but that doesn't mean there isn't enough here to make a month or a few months of membership worthwhile.


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