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Sachiko Mclean review

Summary: Sachiko Mclean is a soft-core personal/amateur site that holds Asian content. They claim to be a small site, but they hold 1,200+ hi-quality pics, adding 100+ each month and there are, video clips in QuickTime.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Mads, 2004-02-16

Asian, Amateur, Personal-Amateur, Softcore, Sologirls


Intro promises

- 1200+ HQ pictures and adding 100+ each month
- We will also be adding several video clips each month
- As we are so small, every one of our customers is important to us - you'll never be treated as 'just another member' here!
- Get to know me personally. Plus you can talk to other fans as well as me personally in my Yahoo messenger group.
- As I am a professional singer, pianist, belly dancer and stripper, you can even book me for a performance

First impression

You’re confronted with Sachiko instantly when visiting ‘’ as she poses on the front page. If you’re into large-breasted Asian models this picture will certainly provide you some genuine satisfaction, however once inside it seems that this is just the beginning.


One month – $14.99 (recurring or one-time)
Three months - $39.99 (recurring or one-time)

Payment by credit card or online check

[Prices and scores have been edited 2004-08-27. Overall score was raised from 6.5 to 7.5]

Our opinion

The graphical design of the site is quite subtle and kept in discrete grey colours, which makes the pictures of Sachiko come forward as rather colourful. In particular this goes for the pictures of Sachiko posing in the wonderful nature of Southern Australia.

The really good thing about this site is the transparency. ‘What you see is what you get’ is the basic principle which means that you can make a fair opinion of the site content yourself before joining.

Some of the issues which unfortunately makes this site come forward as a bit too laissez-faire in spite of a well-crafted technical standard, is the fact that it’s a bit hard to figure out what Sachiko really wants to offer… sure here’s plenty of beautiful HQ pictures of Sachiko in the great and fascinating Australian outdoors and this is definitely the main reason why you should pay a visit. However, the intropage says it all… Sachi is a classical singer, a pop singer, a nude model, a classically trained pianist and an erotic belly dancer. Personally I think it’s great that Sachi actually has talent but to be honest it seems a strange combination of skills to promote at the same place. The personal approach is a great idea, but personally I would be hesitant to book a performer I’d never actually SEEN perform before (whether it was for stripping or singing). At Sachi’s website you’re offered some mp3 samples as well as some still pictures but hardly enough to make an overall impression of her as a performer… and in the end I’m a bit confused as to what Sachi really wants to BE. Consequently I find it questionable to pay $25 for an autographed picture… whether it’s A3 and digital quality or not. But, hey, if you enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the picture (and the nature shoots are great indeed) I guess that justifies it.

As I’ve emphasized so far the pictures are the greatest asset of this site in terms of the material. They are all softcore which is fine and Sachi makes some great poses. Unfortunately the videos do not live up to the pictures, neither aesthetically or in technical terms. The format of the video-clips is quick-time by default and the resolution is poor when you try to full-size the clips. The clips are very short (max. a minute) and the content reflects little ingenuity and in fact it simply becomes boring after a short while. Consequently, the video section has a great potential for improvement.


‘Sachi’ has put a personal touch to her website which is fine. Even though it’s obvious that she wants to show herself from as many angles as possible, it becomes clear after a while that the basic treat of the site is a great HQ photo section. In spite of the fact that photos alone hardly suffice these days, I must emphasize that the setting of some of the shots is exceptionally beautiful, and furthermore the technical standard of the shots is great (resolution spanning from 576x768 to 1024x768 pixel) thus making the exclusive picture content even better.

Still it’s difficult to make out what Sachi wants her site to be. Fact is that Sachi makes approaches in several directions without truly finding or SHOWING her niche. Hence instead of getting the opportunity of going in-depth with either Sachi’s musical skills or her erotic performances one frankly gets stuck in the middle with a feeling of indifference, because the site currently doesn’t bet on any horses.

I’d recommend Sachiko Mclean for a great and highly exclusive softcore picture collection, and I’ll wish Sachi the best of luck in the future as her site clearly has potential... she just needs to realize where it is.

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