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Tokyo Whores review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: Tokyo Whores features unusual Japanese and Asian bdsm and fetish porn. The content can be mild and softcore to very intense and extreme bondage videos. The site isn't updated as often as other porn sites, with a weekly rotating gallery, monthly images update and one video episode uploaded per month, but includes a good amount of hard to find Shibari rope bondage and other specific fetishes.

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Tamesin, 2009-11-10

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Asian porn, bondage, shibari rope bondage, urabon

Intro promises

- Over 15000 Asian photos, mostly of semi-exclusive Shibari bondage
- Over 125 exclusive Japanese videos over 5 minutes long
- Over 120 viewable full length DVDs
- Live streaming Asian webcams
- Video on Demand
- Java puzzles

First impression

If you're looking for Asian babes put into all sorts of Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage, then take a peek at Tokyo Whores. This site also features hardcore URABON uncensored pictures from the back alleys of Japan, as well as some fetish and other bdsm pictures.


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Our opinion

Navigation requires you to get an overview first. The categories are listed underneath each other with small preview thumbs. These categories include: All Shibari Bondage (about 50 galleries), Exclusive Bondage Flixx, Fetish Costumes, Glamour Shots, Hardcore, Thai Beauties, Korean Sluts, and Asian Cams. Below these categories is the bonus content mentioned on the tour page.

All Shibari Bondage features a weekly rotating gallery containing 25 pictures. These opened to 1552x2160 pixels and were usually of good quality. Additionally, other galleries were listed, and there was usually one update per month (90 pics per update in average). (At the beginning of the year, there were two updates per month; towards the end of the year, just one update per month). For the year 2009, these galleries contained beween 33 to 127 pictures. These pictures opened in various sizes, such as 1760x2160, 2202x1424, etc. The galleries, unfortunately, are not zip downloadable. This is a drawback because I know how many people are fans of Shibari bondage, and this site has some great pictures of it.

The category "Exclusive Bondage Flixx" is the only category to contain videos. These are usually around 5 minutes in length in Windows Media. The videos I watched opened to a 640x480 (approx. 1.51 Mbps) sized screen and were pretty good quality. They can be streamed or downloaded. Buffering never froze up for me, which is very nice! There are around 100 such videos in the archives, with one new episode being uploaded every month. Unfortunately the naughty parts are blurred, i.e., censored, out. This is due to the unusual Japanese laws about porn and something you frequently see for Japanese movies. Each of the video episodes have around 10 or 20 screen caps that open to 640x480 pixels. There is only one new update per month.

The fetish gallery pictures open to various sizes, such as 422x600 and 644x427 pixels. There are over 100 pictures and are a hodge podge collection of various, and mostly unrelated, poses. There are around 150 glamour shots, though I wouldn't call these glamour (i.e., none of those fancy clothes and special lighting). Instead, you'll see various Asian women doing softcore posing.

Hardcore is where you'll actually see penetration. You'll have your choice of Amateur Hardcore (10+ galleries), Pornstar Hardcore (around 5), Hardcore Body Parts (20+), and Urabon Hardcore (20). These photos open to various sizes, such as 970x1450, 1200x832, etc. The galleries usually have between 50 to 100 pictures in each.

Rounding out the offerings are Thai Beauties with over 20 galleries revolving around hardcore, lesbian, masturbation, and bdsm; Korean Sluts with around 15 galleries, revolving around hardcore, lesbian, plushies and feet; and Asian Cams, featuring live streaming webcams and chat.

The Exclusive Bondage Flixx can be pretty intense, even by bdsm standards. I watched an episode entitled "Here Girl! Woof Woof!" (which, by the way, you can stream or download in two parts or stream in its entirety in a much smaller screen). The premise consists of a Japanese woman who is treated as a pet, replete with collar, chain leash and a shibari harness. A ballgag is quickly inserted into her mouth, which makes her drool like a dog. She's led around a lot and is berated by her master in Japanese. She's made to lift her leg and pee like a dog, which further humiliates her. She's even shown with tears coming out of her eyes. When her master tries to get her to eat gross looking slop, she refuses, which makes her master really angry. She's then further disciplined, which elicits screams from her.

There are less extreme videos, such as "Mean Lesbian Girls." This is a series that is to be continued, although the first parts were uploaded 3 months ago. Hopefully, they'll put the rest of the parts up soon. (A new video update is uploadeed around the 15th of every month). At any rate, the mean lesbian girls have two women handcuffed and topless. With one of the handcuffed women, they insert cherry tomatoes, a bundle of asparagas, and a cucumber in her vagina. Of course, you won't see any insertion, despite the closeups, because vaginas are censored out in these clips; thus it'll take away from your enjoyment.

In addition to the content on the site itself, there is access to a DVD archive with around 120+ Asian DVDs available.


Tokyo Whores is definitely different from your usual porn site. They have regular hardcore sex, mixed in with bdsm and fetish content. Bear in mind that some of the bondage and fetish content is censored, so you'll just see a blur when it comes to insertion or penetration. The content can be mild and softcore, such as the fetish and glamour shots, to very intense and extreme exclusive bondage videos.

The site isn't updated as often as other porn sites, with a weekly rotating gallery, monthly galleries and one full video episode uploaded per month. However, you have access to a collection of Asian DVDs. The content, aside from the censoring in the bondage videos, is usually good.


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