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Naked News review

- 1st revisit

Review Update

Naked News is huge with 2,214 videos mainly in Full HD, and they are still adding new content more or less every day. There are no photo sets, but all the content is exclusive, and with updates happening as much as this, you are on to a real bargain.

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Summary: Naked News brings you beautiful anchors who tell you the days deeds while taking off their clothes. All of them. The news programs are up to date and surprisingly informative - enough so that they can replace the blowhards at other major networks, and why watch them when you can see a pretty girl tell you the weather with her perky nipples out and her ass bare? The site lets you watch old broadcasts and segments from the last five years or so and also lets members check out all the amateur girls who come in an audition to be an anchor.

Jerry Fritz, 2018-12-03

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Intro promises

"The program with nothing to hide!"

- 6 New shows each week
- Amateur castings
- Gorgeous hosts

First impression

If you've ever watched any Fox News you've no doubt noticed the pretty blondes, short skirts, and tanned naked legs. But that's nothing next to Naked News, who wheel out gorgeous hosts that strip totally naked while giving you the day's important news. Besides several new segments in every day's show, the site also shares its amateur hosts casting calls, interviews with gorgeous models, and other content.


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Our opinion

In the age of the internet you really can find anything online. But watching beautiful women tell you the day's news while taking off their clothes as if that were a totally normal thing to do is not new to the world in 2016.

Naked News has been around since 1999, refining and improving the details and casting more and more beautiful anchors. The site focuses most of its energy on bringing you the day's news in a show that consists of six or seven segments. This is real world news, from the recent turmoil in the Chinese stock index to President Obama's executive order for gun reform. Only while these beautiful women are giving you a professional summary of what's happened, they're undressing themselves.

The camera shots are just like most news shows, only as the clothes come off they may pan up and down the naked anchor's legs and ass and up to her full round tits. The girls don't masturbate or anything. In fact, they give a very professional accounting of the news and wouldn't be out of place on a major network. At least when they have their clothes on!

You'll get a new show every day and you also get access to five years worth of past shows. On the side of all that are a large number of amateur castings and interviews. The former feature cute girls auditioning to be a hostess for the news, naked, and the latter often feature various models.

There isn't a ton of photography on the site but if you want to check out the anchor babes that host the various segments, they have profiles and some of the girls have a number of galleries there for you to browse through and enjoy.

The videos come in Full HD streams and downloads (1920x1080; 2.5 mbits) and you can also choose lower resolutions. You'll be able to save individual segments or entire shows.

The news is delivered every day of the week except for Saturdays, which is everyone's day off.


Naked News is a site that's eerily professional in its news delivery. The professional productions and gorgeous anchors stand out most of all for their fit bodies and full nudity, though. This is a fun and very large site that gives you something you've always day dreamed about: the news, naked.


There just isn't another porn site where you can have real news delivered by hot, naked women online. Instead, we'll share with you some other quirky sites and amateur collections that other people who liked Naked News Anchors also enjoyed. You can click on the site's name to read its review: Hot Talking, Educational Sex Series, Mr Skin.


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